‘Largest Satanic Gathering in History’ to Take Place in Boston

Gateway Pundit – by Cassandra Fairbanks

The Satanic Temple is promoting an upcoming convention as the “largest Satanic gathering in history.”

The gathering, called SatanCon, will be taking place in Boston from April 28 – 30th, 2023.

The convention will be celebrating the Satanic Temple’s tenth anniversary.

The Satanic Temple promises on its website that the convention will be “a weekend of blasphemy and remembrance in Boston.”

Though tickets are already on sale, the organization has not announced the location, vendors, or presenters.

However, when you click to book a hotel reservation, you are directed to book a room at the Boston Marriott Copley Place.

Tickets for the convention start at $95.00 and go up to $160.

Those who purchase the “Demon Circle” $160 tickets will receive access to the “Satanic Marketplace,” access to “on-site programming tracks,” an official TST SatanCon 2023 t-shirt, TST SatanCon 2023 stickers, and a SatanCon 2023 button.

Last year’s conference included presentations such as “Devil’s Food” with The Satanic Chef Adam Dodge, Abortion as a (Religious) Right with Mari Davis, and Raising Children in a Satanic Household with Melissa Morley.

The Satanic Temple made headlines last year for seeking a court declaration to allow abortions for their Texas members, claiming that the laws violate their “religious freedom” to perform “abortion rituals.”

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21 thoughts on “‘Largest Satanic Gathering in History’ to Take Place in Boston

  1. April 28-April 30, eh? Hmmmm….. around the time of Beltane, and will they do the “Beltane Walk”? And where will “Wicker Man” be? Bwahahahahahahahahahahahah!

    1. I don’t know what the Beltane Walk is.
      I don’t know if it’s the major one for the whole country, but there is a wicker man gathering every year out in the desert about 100 miles east of here.
      I believe these people are a tiny minority with a lot of money and power, which will become irrelevant when we stand up as a people and enforce that Bill of Rights.

  2. When I look at the production of this event what screams at me is that it’s VERY WELL FUNDED. They keep creating all kinds of sub-cultures. I don’t see any of these promoting The Bill of Rights. I’m all for freedom of religion but not if it infringes on inalienable rights in any way. I never looked into Satanism since all my life I’ve had a deep aversion to it that I could never overcome, and would never want to. Just thought that it was anti-love. I’ve read that it supposedly boasts freedom at its core. Out of curiosity I searched for its basic tenets. One jumped out:

    “Beliefs should conform to one’s best scientific understanding of the world. One should take care never to distort scientific facts to fit one’s beliefs.”

    Ain’t that another way of sayin’ “TRUST THE SCIENCE?!!” No thanks.



    1. Ha, yeah, and…: “Satancon attendees must be 18 or over and have proof of COVID vaccination. Attendees must wear an N-95, KN-95, or disposable surgical mask. Gaiters, bandanas, and cloth masks will not be allowed.”


        1. If this video is a display meant to indicate largeness, I’d have to call it a dismal failure.
          They are a bunch of f-king punks and will disappear when the people regain their rightful absolute control over this country.
          Morons, indeed.

  3. I think that they are in the wrong jurisdiction. It’s ironic how the jurisdiction they are under, is run by their own “religion!” Under the corporate admirality which we all know is infested with Satanists, their OWN freakin’ people, they can not get redress for their grievances, where they wish to exercise their “right” to abortion rituals! I know this is morbidly crazy, but if they all would come on over to the Trenches and learn “The Bill of Rights, Common Law Explained,” they might just get somewhere with it, and if they have enough of their abortion rituals, they would more than likely, abort themselves out of existence anyway. Maybe not. It could get really messy. My question is, under the Bill of Rights, who would ever want to be a Satanist in the first place? Sorry I am aways so long winded in my comments, but I couldn’t resist taking a “stab” at this one.

    1. Oh, but they are not under their own religion because their jurisdiction is a fraud. There is right and wrong and there is good and evil.
      The concepts that are created to label and identify these absolutes are not exclusive to any two human beings. Be it murder or theft or any other cause, as each person on this planet is different from the next person, there cannot be arbitrary rule. Each case in the common law is unique as the parties involved are unique. Case law cannot be used as you are getting the result of two other individuals in another trial in another venue where the people involved had different peers, because the litigants cannot be categorized and still have a lawful trial of their complaint by a jury of their own peers.
      An elected common law judge does not have the authority to decide what is evidence and what is not. You do not have a thirteenth super juror appointed by the corporation who absolutely is not your peer. You can’t have statutes because they allow predeterminations ahead of the movement of the court.
      As far as who would ever want to be satanist, well I most certainly would not. And the satanists, like the queers, inside their own castles can believe anything they want, but when they bring those beliefs out into the public square, they are subject to the fighting doctrine and force majeure. If they try to force their beliefs on someone and they get the shit stomped out of them, the person who did the stomping would be judged by a jury of his or her peers.
      The people for the jury are to be picked by the sheriff off the street at random, and they are expected to do their due diligence to the law.
      Again, I don’t understand why anyone would want to be a satanist as the whole concept is based on self destruction and misery. I believe if the people’s minds were free the largest majority would prefer to be happy and if these unhappy people screw with our happiness, that is infringement and we can prosecute them like anybody else.
      I truly believe that if all things were right with the world and we had our law firmly in place and our country which belongs to us and our wealth that belongs to us returned, again most people would want to live in peace and be happy and a whole lot fewer women would want to have abortions.
      It comes down to the subject matter and the individuality of the litigants which the jury must weigh against their own rights and they must stay within the bounds of the law. But it can’t work if the individuals are too cowardly to participate, that is to know the law and to know that when they are weighing their own rights against another’s they must be strictly within the law, and all must accept the verdict and move onward in peace.
      But none of this, including this article is relevant as we are failing to reinstitute our law and remove the arbitrary and capricious king charles law. I just wish we could get it done so everybody could sit and think about it as free individuals.
      The fact is as long as people are held as subject property, they have no say as they have no standing as even them selves cannot belong to them under the wrong of subjugation.

      1. Henry, is the “fighting doctrine” you mention different than “The Fighting Words Doctrine?” I’m searchin’ but haven’t found that answer yet.


        1. Hello galen,

          I had to do quite a bit of scrolling to find the fighting doctrine. I’m just taking a swipe at this one with the understanding that the time for fighting words is over, and that all that is left is the 2nd Article which in my interpretation of it, IS the fighting doctrine.

      2. Henry, I got to thinking about everything you wrote today, and how much you packed into everything that went into it. I came back to read it all again because I don’t want to miss even one small detail. I live right on the border. All my life, I have looked across the Detroit River at the concrete jungle on the other side and wondered about my neighbours who live over there. This gift you freely give to anyone and everyone who cares about genuine American freedom is having a strong impact on my understanding of the difference between true law and arbitrary, open subject matter that masquerades as law. I watched a clip a few minutes ago, to test my understanding of what I have learned here as it pertains to Canadian law. We are supposed to have a Charter of Rights and Freedoms that is supposed to be based on the American Bill of Rights, but when the fat little old crone from jolly old England comes to Canada and signs it, to me, that is really just a slap in the face, not only to the people on this side of the border, but more so, to all people who genuinely value all those rights and freedoms which the Americans fought and died for to bring the Bill of Rights into being. Unlike the American Bill of Rights, the only absolute thing about our charter is that it is an absolute waste of ink on paper. I had to turn the video off and come back here to immerse myself in what I learned here today. One little clip I watched was done by some high school kids. They made paper cut outs to animate their presentation. The first cut out was the fat little crone. At the end of the presentation, they took a lighter and set that fat little crone cut out on fire. It turned into a black, sooty flake which the boy ever so satisfyingly pressed down into the surface of the wooden table with his fist, leaving its black, sooty remains. The end.

  4. This is what I have learned. They are not under their own religion because that particular “jurisdiction” is a fraud. Under the absolute, supreme, superior, unalienable jurisdictional authority outlined within the 10 Articles of the Bill of Rights, fully ratified by We, the people, for We, the people, no such “jurisdiction” can exist.

    Using free will as an example, the concepts that are created to label and identify this particular absolute is not exclusive to any two human beings. It is inherent in each and every one of us, equally. Therefore, only the absolutes which belong and apply to all of us equally, as embodied in our Law, which has been written down for all of us, equally, including our elected judge(s), to abide by with no exceptions, are what rule our behaviour and the subsequent consequences. No one or two people are above that law, as different as we are from eachother.

    Arbitrary rule of any kind, deviates from that law. Therefore, it does not, and it can not apply to Case law, where the peers of the people involved, are themselves, in violation of their own absolutes. Any jury in any case must be clear on what the law says and how it applies to everyone equally, no exceptions. The absolutes are what determine whether the “free will” is right or whether it is wrong. The corporation is absolutely not our peer because it is all a fraud. You can not have freedom and liberty under fraud. It is just not possible.

    1. Arbitrary means arbitrarily administered.
      True law consists of absolute facts and has no exceptions.
      The administrative admiralty is written in open subject matter, which allows corporate appointed star chamber judges to administer it arbitrarily.
      The elite are not subject to the laws that they try to inflict upon the rest of us, and the laws that they are inflicting upon us violate our supreme law. The administrative admiralty, the arbitrary law, is in violation of the highest law of this land.
      These bastards do not have authority over us, we have authority over them, and they answer to the same law as we do because it can only be interpreted one way and it does not allow any exceptions. It has to be absolute or it is not law, it is tyranny.

      1. I believe it couldn’t be made any clearer than this. It makes perfect sense to me. Although academically, in the indoctrination centers they call education, I was graded slightly above average, I can’t see this not making sense to everyone else. It is, as you always say, “plain and simple!”

    2. “…when they bring those beliefs out into the public square, they are subject to the fighting doctrine and force majeure. If they try to force their beliefs on someone and they get the shit stomped out of them, the person who did the stomping would be judged by a jury of his or her peers.”

      In my interpretation of this, everyone is free to be who they are in private under the law we are all subject to, equally, but when they come out into the public domain and come at anyone else to impose their will upon those who do not want it, the fighting doctrine applies because under the Law, no other has any authority to impose anything upon anyone else. Once the incident has occurred, this is when it it is brought into the Common Law Court to be settled by the common law jury and the common law judge.

  5. Boy, those satanists are so splashy. I bet Satan is gay, and Lucifer is a tranny, and Beelzebub’s non-binary, and Baal has no balls, and The Father of Lies lives with his mother.


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