Latino GOP Lawmakers Oppose Getting Strict on Immigration by Allan Wall

The Biden administration’s agenda to remake America through mass Third World immigration continues as we speak, while “opposition” Republicans aren’t doing much about it.
But even the little that congressional Republicans are doing, or just talking about, is too much for a couple of Latino GOP lawmakers quoted in a recent Associated Press (AP) article entitled, “Latino Republicans push back on party’s immigration agenda.”The piece begins by discussing Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

“More than half of the residents in the slice of Miami that includes Little Havana were born abroad. And when Republican U.S. Rep. Maria Elvira Salazar ran for reelection last year, she won by 15 percentage points.  The GOP’s dominance of Florida’s 27th congressional district is emblematic of the party’s inroads with Latino voters in recent years in much of the U.S. and especially in Florida. Those gains helped Gov. Ron DeSantis decisively win reelection last year and contributed to the GOP taking back control of the U.S. House.”

What’s the problem?

“That strong showing, however, is leading to some tension as the newly emboldened Republicans in Washington aim to launch an aggressive agenda, particularly around immigration policy.”

Really? Who are these “emboldened Republicans”? What is their “aggressive agenda”?

I wish somebody important did have an aggressive agenda to fix our border situation.

But even the little that is being done, or just talked about, is too much for some.

A bill submitted by Rep. Chip Roy of Texas “would require U.S. officials to automatically ban or detain asylum seekers while their claims are being considered. Right now, asylum seekers can be released with notices to appear in court and fight for asylum,” AP reports.

“The bill would also allow U.S. immigration officials to ban all migrants from entering if there is no ‘operational control’ at the U.S.-Mexico border.”

If this bill could actually pass, that would be great.  However, given that the Democrats control the Senate and the Biden administration controls the executive, I doubt it could become law or be enforced.

But even the existence of the Chip Roy bill is too much for these critics.

Salazar is among a handful of Republicans pushing back against a sweeping proposal being considered in the House that would restrict asylum at the U.S.-Mexico border.

“We understand that immigrants want to come and live in the promised land,’ Salazar said in a recent interview. “Orderly legal immigration is good for the country and good for District 27.”

Maybe Rep. Salazar, who received a C grade from Numbers USA, is not the most-qualified lawmaker to talk about what’s good for the country and not just her district.

Salazar has expressed support for a no-fly zone over Ukraine which would put our military into direct confrontation with Russia, which could result in nuclear war.

Granted, a nuclear war is not as objectionable as saying offensive things about immigration.

Rep. Salazar says she is for border security, but she also is pro-amnesty. That’s not a good combination.

The article quotes another Latino Republican lawmaker who thinks the GOP is going too far.

“Rep. Tony Gonzales of Texas, a Mexican American Republican whose district covers a long portion of the U.S-Mexico border from El Paso to San Antonio, has been even bolder, calling the legislation ‘anti-immigrant.’

Tony Gonzales also has a C grade from Numbers USA.

According to the article, the problem for the GOP is that “while some conservative Latinos support hard-line immigration policies, there’s a risk that the GOP could repel other persuadable Latinos by moving too far to the right on the issue.”

So there are “conservative Latinos” and “persuadable Latinos.”

If you get too tough on immigration, or appear to get too tough, or just talk tough, the party could lose the “persuadable Latinos” whose votes the party doesn’t have anyway. Got it.

Bizarrely, the article ends with advice to Congress on immigration policy, offered by none other than – I am not making this up – Rep. Eric Swalwell.

Yes, that Eric Swalwell, whose main squeeze a few years ago was Fang Fang, a female Chinese spy.

Why can’t Congress defend American sovereignty when dealing with immigration policy?

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3 thoughts on “Latino GOP Lawmakers Oppose Getting Strict on Immigration by Allan Wall

  1. ““The bill would also allow U.S. immigration officials to ban all migrants from entering if there is no ‘operational control’ at the U.S.-Mexico border.””

    Well this law already is unenforceable. What governor is going to say they have no operational control of the border even when there clearly is none?

    Again, find and exterminate the cartels, stop assisting illegal immigrants across the border and river, shoot warning shots at the motherf$&kers to get them the hell back and above all ENFORCE THE GODDAMN BORDER!!!!

  2. You know, I saw a bumper sticker on a parked car the other day that infuriated me.

    It said, “No one is illegal on stolen land”.


    I should have slashed his tires and scratched the car for starters.

    You truly can’t fix stupid.

  3. As soon as I saw the headline, “Latino GOP lawmakers…” I KNEW Gonzales was one of them! He’s the “representative” of my neck of the woods….

    And glad you’re posting stuff again, Henry!

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