2 thoughts on “Prisons

  1. Neo Con Republican Paradise ….Where “everything” is privatized (meaning all is owned by the rich). There would be 4 pictures….the first picture is of a long, long line at a bridge toll booth with a sign reading “$30 toll” because the bridge was bought by Donald Trump and sold by the city to pay a debt. The second picture is of a former public park now renamed Rockafeller Park with a “fee collection booth” and a armed guard. To use the park costs $20…kids under one month of age…free. The third picture is of thousands upon thousands of homeless people strewn across the sidewalks , hungry and desperate because our new Republican president Mr. Ryan took away food stamps, medicare, social security and public housing….it was costing our government to much money. And finally the last picture is of a privately owned prison. The more people that are incarcerated the more money Mr. Potter makes. Mr. Potter owns the prison you see and donates heavily to GOP political campaigns. In today’s new world the Republicans brought back “debtor prisons”…this really filled up the jails. They also copied what Mexico does and that’s tell the family members of the prisoner “if you want your son to eat send us money or bring the food into the prison yourself”. This saves Mr Potter a lot of money as he doesn’t have to worry about feeding his prisoners. So in a nutshell it’s “corporate welfare for the rich…and rugged individualism for everyone else…you are on your own.

    1. Excellent!
      Thank you, Joe in JT.

      And, Thank you, Henry Shively.
      Best skewering of both Left and Right “doctrine” I’ve seen.

      Must forward to friends and family.

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