5 thoughts on “Lindsey Graham | NATO will provide Russian-made MIGs for Ukraine fighter pilots…

  1. 10 billion dollars in aid!

    I could use that money. Oh wait, I’m just an average American and not a foreigner. What was I thinking?

    Speaking of which, isn’t it amazing how the Covid propaganda has become almost extinct now that the Russia/Ukraine situation has taken center stage?

    I guess the flu season…er I mean Covid season is over now that the war season is starting. The media is so quick to change the topic. They’re like a retailer frantically working in the seasonal section of a store. Valentine’s Day is now over, onto St. Patrick’s Day and Easter! It never ends!

  2. How do you just hand over fighter jets? Don’t you need the crew to maintain the jet and also a guy that knows how to fly it?

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