Major East Coast HAARP Storm Brewing For March 6th & 7th

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Another HAARP Blizzard for the East Coast? First, from Accuweather: The eventual track from this potential atmospheric bomb will determine whether or not portions of the mid-Atlantic and southern New England have a foot or more of windswept snow, hurricane-force gusts, power outages, coastal flooding, flooding rain and travel mayhem with a storm hugging the coast or another non-event with the storm heading out to sea. (States on the bubble for a major storm or a near-miss include North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts, as well as the District of Columbia).

Is the Mid-Atlantic region and East Coast of America under HAARP attack once again? According to the latest graph from above, much of the region is now in the 6 to 8 frequency magnitude reading range. Coincidentally, or not, these very high HAARP frequency magnitude readings come just ahead of another potentially huge storm being forecast for the East coast of America for next week. From Accuweather.:

A wintry system that will make a cross-country tour this weekend has the potential to develop into a powerful and very disruptive storm along the East Coast next week.

Once the storm reaches the Atlantic coast Wednesday into Thursday (March 6-7), conditions at most levels in the nearby atmosphere and well away from the storm throughout North America could lead to rapid development near the coast. At this point, the storm could become a dangerous system for parts of the mid-Atlantic, leading to significant travel disruptions and severe coastal flooding from the Outer Banks to Atlantic City, N.J.

According to Chief Meteorologist Elliot Abrams, “There may be similarities to a storm which affected much of the same area around March 6, 1962.”

5 thoughts on “Major East Coast HAARP Storm Brewing For March 6th & 7th

  1. Should be a big nasty one…

    NWO Hatr I’d have to say its 99% accurate.
    During the Sandy storm..It showed the area heated up by HAARP for several days ahead of time . and so far its been a tale-tell sign of their criminal activities of weather manipulation for the past few winter storms.

    A week ago on friday we enjoyed 70 degrees ( normal temp should be in the low 60’s) in the Mt. Region of South Carolina……the HAARP watch site showed we were being heated up to 8-9 on the scale…….Saturday around lunch time it snowed!! just 4 inches….not rare for S.C…..but not normal either. It rained most of this week and last night we had sleet with snow mixed in….this morning its down to 23* F. Bad sh*t for sure! I already have seedlings sprouted (green house) for the spring planting and had intended on breaking the fields today or monday so as to fold in the Nitrogen and the Soda. Now the ground is soggy wet and the base temp. is too low. Looks like the spring planting will be a couple weeks late this year. (hopefully just a few weeks).

    It shows how they can make or break the food supply chain here in our nation at their whim……last year it was with drought for the midwest,…who will be the target this coming season?

    Another good site to consider is

  2. I hear you man. I feel the same way – which region of the country are THEY
    going for next. How about mutiny of HAARP? Destroy the country without
    firing a shot. Worthless hyenas

  3. Well, HAARP may be focusing the East Coast right now, but they started chemtrailing the snot out of us again yesterday.

    I REALLY hate that sh#t.

  4. Hey NWO Hatr…that web link for HARRP also has a Chem trail incident report on their site if you are interested………..I look up and see the pale sky at times and then go check it… rings true..

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