Majority Say Obama Incompetent; Untrustworthy And Dishonest

Published on Jan 23, 2014 – by 68Truthseeker

According to new polling from Quinnipiac, a majority of Americans view Obama’s White House as incompetent. In addition, a majority of Americans are still questioning Obama’s character and view him as dishonest and untrustworthy.

9 thoughts on “Majority Say Obama Incompetent; Untrustworthy And Dishonest

  1. Well this refutes my claim that “the majority” are a gang of idiots, but since we’ll never know how many people actually voted for him, the majority may have felt this way long before he was ever elected, and that’s probably the case.

    When the majority is actually in favor of a candidate, there’s no reason to rig the election, but as we haven’t had an honest election in this country since God only knows when, we won’t know what the majority really thinks until the heads start rolling, will we?

    You have to remember that 50% of the population doesn’t even vote, and apathy isn’t always the reason. That half of the population will express their dissatisfaction in much more dramatic ways than flipping a lever in a voting booth.

    1. With me it wasn’t apathy I got sick and tired of voting for the lessor of two evils. If you voted for a third party candidate it assured one of the two main winning. If you voted at all your vote could be stolen.

      So I ended the game. The best way to win is not to play the game. It isn’t apathy its anger pure and simple. Ask people they will tell you.

  2. Jolly. the way I see it and I could be wrong. Democrats, Republicans are one in the same. Both parties are run by AIPAC and ADL along with congress the house and senate. Voting for a candidate of choice is a waste of time. Look what they did to Ron Paul. I would like to see the real numbers on that race, not that Ron Paul was the answer. I say scrap the US Corporation and start over again. Elect Henry as President.

          1. Not to imply that Henry is the LEAST bit crazy, but I consider myself fairly sane, and there’s not enough gold (NO paper fiat cr@p would even be considered) in the whole world to get me to take on that massive headache. The stress alone would kill me within a year. No thanks.

            On the other hand, if Henry WERE to take on that massive headache (job), crime would be at an all-time record low, since it would be open/concealed carry for all, and it would be open season on criminals.

            THAT’S something to dream about. 🙂

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