Male, female shot at Grove 16 theater in Wesley Chapel; suspect in custody

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WESLEY CHAPEL, FLORIDA — Two people were shot early Monday afternoon at the Grove 16 movie theaters in Wesley Chapel, and a male suspect was taken into custody, the Pasco County Sheriff’s Office said.

The victims, a male and a female, were transported by helicopter to a local hospital, the sheriff’s office said. Their conditions were not immediately released.  

The theater was immedidately evacuated, closed and cordoned off. There was a large law enforcement presence at the theater just after 2 p.m.

Grove 16 is located off Interstate 75 and State Road 54 at 6333 Wesley Grove Blvd. It includes a restaurant theater called the CineBristo, but it isn’t clear where in the building the shooting took place.

More information will be released as it becomes available.

3 thoughts on “Male, female shot at Grove 16 theater in Wesley Chapel; suspect in custody

  1. What the heck is going on with all these shootings and bombings. People are shooting the wrong people seems to me. Even if ya do not like somebody then just stay away from them. Think about cops and others like those theiving bankers and govt. officials/employese for target practice instead.

    1. Like the cops, I guess these cowardly people like to shoot at people that don’t shoot back. Hence, why we all need to be armed. Then you’ll see all of this come to an abrupt halt in no time.

      1. Yep NC, I also think that that is what it will take. If we were all armed to the hilt then the scumbags like this and the cops and all would think twice. I do not advocate just going out and shooting people willy nilly, but then again It would put a damper on how people and cops have been acting lately over these many years.

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