Manhunt in Memphis Continues After Officer, 33, Fatally Shot

ABC News

A manhunt continued Sunday following the fatal shooting of a Memphis police officer who was killed the previous night during a traffic stop,Tennessee police officials said.

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong said during a news conference that police were alerted about 9:18 p.m. Saturday that an officer had been shot multiple times. Armstrong said the officer was transported in critical condition to a hospital, where he died.  

Officer Killed MemphisIn a statement Sunday morning, Memphis Police identified the slain officer as Sean Bolton, 33. Police also said that a civilian had used Bolton’s radio to notify police about the shooting. No further details were released.

Armstrong said police have not made an arrest and the suspect is on the run. He said police are using all available resources to find the shooter.

Armstrong said officers are grieving, adding that “this is just a reminder of how dangerous” the job is.

“Sadly to say, we’ve been here before,” he said.

Bolton is the third Memphis officer to be fatally shot in slightly more than four years. Officer Tim Warren was killed while responding to a shooting at a downtown Memphis hotel in July 2011. In December 2012, Officer Martoiya Lang was killed while serving a warrant.

Memphis Mayor A.C. Wharton Jr. said Bolton’s death “speaks volumes about the inherent danger of police work” and asked others to “pray for the family and pray for our city.”

“The men and women in blue have certain rules of engagement that they have to follow, but at any given minute in a 24-hour day they’re dealing with folks who have no rules of engagement.”

19 thoughts on “Manhunt in Memphis Continues After Officer, 33, Fatally Shot

  1. Dangerous? Try working construction or farming. Only job safer than being a cop is working in a women’s underwear factory.

    1. “third Memphis officer to be fatally shot in slightly more than four years”

      Exactly, Mr. Grump…. construction workers are counted in deaths per day, not per year. The “danger” of their doughnut-munching job is a media-created myth.

      1. beautifully said.

        yes they are supposed to be peace officers but theyr’e conditioned to be statutory code enforcers and most of them are too stupid to question this.
        anyway, lets forget about this maggot

  2. Another dead pig means fewer Americans being murdered, abused, robbed, and raped. And that’s ALL it means.

    Don’t cry for him. It’s no different than any other dangerous criminal being killed. This is something to celebrate.

    “third Memphis officer to be fatally shot in slightly more than four years”

    Three dead in four years is nothing, but their job was even safer than that (if it’s imaginable) before they embarked on their mission to enact the commie’s “reign of terror”.

    What goes around, comes around. How many innocent people did this stinking pig kill before he finally got what he deserved?

  3. As I work construction and try to follow basic safety am also sick of how dangerous their job is.I know folks maimed for life and one who died even though doing their job as safe as reasonably possible.Yes,am willing to live without police and dumb laws,rapists ect. will not last long in my idea of the world.I do appreciate fire folks and emt’s/paramedics,can live fine without the cops and the way things going in the world will soon get to test that idea,of course hope I am wrong as many innocent will suffer.

  4. Police officials are just pissed the guy got to his gun before the cop could shoot HIM for a routine stop…..

      1. From your link: “Bolton served as best man at his brother Brian’s wedding June 20 at Woodland Presbyterian Church. Less than two weeks after that wedding, Bolton’s father died on July 2, according to his Facebook page. In August 2011, Bolton found the body of his roommate, Jeff Klitzner, dead in their home. Klitzner was a local writer who had published the memoir, ‘Call Me Tennessee.’”

        Interesting excursion. Bolton’s father (Robert Bolton) was only 67 at death. Klitzner was Bolton’s “roommate and longtime friend” ( Definitely, Klitzner was the more interesting character ( Oddly (or not), Klitzner’s obit has been archived and is unavailable unless you want to shell out some zollars.

  5. Any & all government employees are on the opposite side of the taxpayer , because of the fact that parasite off of them ! During hurricane Katrina the fireman were armed & playing like they were pigs .

  6. There is NOTHING that is ROUTINE about stopping a someone. It is VIOLENCE. It is FORCE.

    Someone may have gotten tired of being set upon by UNIFORMED HIGHWAYMEN, BRIGANDS, AND TERRORISTS with uniforms and badges. They are PIRATES. Grubby little parasites. Nothing more. The sorry thing for them is that none of them are going to survive the war that is coming. Only reason for the UN soldiers and goon squads is to move in after they get chewed to bits in the first wave of the coming civil war.

    When the conflict starts it is imperative that anyone in the police or military break off from their commands and join us. If not you can’t save fools. and “Die’n aint much of a living” – Joesey Whales. 🙂

  7. “Police also said that a civilian had used Bolton’s radio to notify police about the shooting.”

    1. Since when does a “civilian” know how to use a police radio
    2. Even if a “civilian” is able to use a police radio, isn’t that against the law to touch police property? Isn’t that a felony or something. I mean touching a police dog or a police car these days is basically considered assaulting a police officer or tampering with police or government property. How come this guy wasn’t arrested for doing that? If you or I did that, we’d be put in jail.

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