Rhode Island mandates HPV vaccine for seventh-graders

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Seventh-graders in all public and private schools in Rhode Island are now required to get the HPV vaccine.

Starting this fall, seventh-graders who do not get the vaccine will not be allowed to attend school unless their parents seek an exemption for medical or religious reasons, the Providence Journal reported Tuesday.  

Gardasil is a vaccine against HPV.Tricia Washburn, chief of the office of immunization for the Rhode Island Department of Health, said the Centers for Disease Control found no safety concerns with the vaccine.

“The bottom line is that HPV is the most sexually transmitted disease in the U.S.” she said. “We are interested in protecting the public health. We feel it shouldn’t be treated any differently than any of the other vaccines recommended by the CDC.”

She said the Department of Health mandated the vaccine, unlike most states, because Rhode Island incorporates all CDC-recommended vaccines into the state’s school immunization regulations. Rhode Island joins Virginia and Washington, D.C. in requiring the vaccine.

The Kaiser Family Foundation, a nonprofit focusing on national health issues, said there are more than 14 million new infections every year. The virus is linked to genital cancers, particularly cervical cancer in women.

But Christy Ciesla, of Providence, a doctor of physical therapy who specializes in women’s health, said “there really isn’t any good data that this vaccine actually prevents cancer.”

In a study of 86,000 children, Ciesla said the research found the vaccine prevented some cervical abnormalities that could lead to cancer.

“If I knew this vaccine would prevent cancer,” she said, “I would definitely consider it.”

Some concerned parents have begun to petition repeal the regulation through a Facebook group called Rhode Islanders Against Mandated HPV Vaccinations.

The state will hold hearings in August to give parents information and answer their questions.


6 thoughts on “Rhode Island mandates HPV vaccine for seventh-graders

  1. “The bottom line is that HPV is the most sexually transmitted disease in the U.S.”

    Protect your OWN DAMNED KIDS !!!!!

  2. They are building up to something. The time will come in this progression that if you do now show proof of vaccination you will not be able to be hired for a job anywhere, buy goods you need, or engage in commerce.

    There will even come a time that you will be arrested, and put to death if you don’t have your vaccination papers.

    Do we have to wait until it actually gets that bad? That is where we are headed the longer we tolerate this.

    1. Let’s see…can’t buy or sell…something in Book of Revelation about that…or work or stay out of FEMA camps, whatever…there are those who think these vaccines mess with human DNA and are part of the elites’ plans to bring back the “days of Noah” (Matthew 24/25)…but that’s just Jesus Christ talking…nothing to see here…

      Just a thought as to why the criminal psychopathic elites are so dead set on forcing vaccinations on everybody (but themselves of course–they instead want to become part human, part transhuman)

      It’s getting to the point where maybe even homeschooling won’t be enough…colleges will also expect the full regimen of vaccines–even Christian ones! 501-c3 and all that…

      1. Gives us an pretty good picture of who and what we’re dealing with and eventually going to be fighting with does it not? 🙂

  3. There is a LOT of work to be done, to spread awareness. Here on FTTWR we are preaching to the choir. I have tried in many ways to broach this topic to my friends, loved ones, co-workers, and am met with staggering ignorance and apathy, as well as some very scary cheerleading for the pro-vaxx “team” (because yes, pitted one against the other, as in “teams” is yet another tactic for dividing and polarizing us).

    I do not know what the answer or approach should be. The mainstream media is deafening and relentless. Unless a person turns that off, I don’t know if there is any way of getting through to them.

    I have even tried with my liberal “pro choice” friends, the argument, “my body, my choice” and they look at me blankly.

    Please tell me I’m just living in a bubble, surrounded by zombies, but that there are awake and aware communities elsewhere. Hope is running out.

    I won’t give up, though these are strange and disturbing times.

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