Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

Oregon Live – by Les Zaitz

Update at 9:15 p.m.: Statement from Harney County Sheriff Dave Ward: “After the peaceful rally was completed today, a group of outside militants drove to the Malheur Wildlife Refuge, where they seized and occupied the refuge headquarters. A collective effort from multiple agencies is currently working on a solution. For the time being please stay away from that area. More information will be provided as it becomes available. Please maintain a peaceful and united front and allow us to work through this situation.”  

The Bundy family of Nevada joined with hard-core militiamen Saturday to take over the headquarters of the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, vowing to occupy the remote federal outpost 30 miles southeast of Burns for years.

The occupation came shortly after an estimated 300 marchers — militia and local citizens both — paraded through Burns to protest the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond, who are to report to prison on Monday.

Among the occupiers is Ammon Bundy, son of Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy, and two of his brothers. Militia members at the refuge claimed they had as many as 100 supporters with them. The refuge, federal property managed by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, was closed and unoccupied for the holiday weekend.

In phone interviews from inside the occupied building Saturday night, Ammon Bundy and his brother, Ryan Bundy, said they are not looking to hurt anyone. But they would not rule out violence if police tried to remove them, they said.

“The facility has been the tool to do all the tyranny that has been placed upon the Hammonds,” Ammon Bundy said.

“We’re planning on staying here for years, absolutely,” he added. “This is not a decision we’ve made at the last minute.”

Militia members outline their planMilitiamen discuss taking over the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters. Video courtesy of Sarah Dee Spurlock.

Neither man would say how many people are in the building or whether they are armed. Ryan Bundy said there were no hostages, but the group is demanding that the Hammonds be released and the federal government relinquish control of the Malheur National Forest.

He said many would be willing to fight — and die, if necessary — to defend what they see as constitutionally protected rights for states, counties and individuals to manage local lands.

“The best possible outcome is that the ranchers that have been kicked out of the area, then they will come back and reclaim their land, and the wildlife refuge will be shut down forever and the federal government will relinquish such control,” he said. “What we’re doing is not rebellious. What we’re doing is in accordance with the Constitution, which is the supreme law of the land.”

Government sources told The Oregonian/OregonLive that the militia also was planning to occupy a closed wildland fire station near the town of Frenchglen. The U.S. Bureau of Land Management posts crews there during the fire season.

Law enforcement officials so far have not commented on the situation. Oregon State Police, the Harney County Sheriff’s Office and the FBI were involved.

Ammon Bundy posted a video on his Facebook page calling on patriots from across the country to report to the refuge – with their weapons.

Pennies In ProtestMarchers pause outside the entrance to the Harney County Sheriff’s Office to toss pennies. The coins were meant to symbolize citizens buying back their government

The dramatic turn came after other militia groups had tried to dampen community concerns they meant trouble.

Brandon Curtiss, a militia leader from Idaho, told The Oregonian/OregonLive he knew nothing about the occupation. He helped organize Saturday’s protest and was at the Harney County Fairgrounds with dozens of other militia for a post-parade function. Another militia leader, BJ Soper, took to Facebook to denounce the occupation.

The occupation is being led by hard-core militia who adopted the Hammond cause as their own.

Ammon Bundy met with Dwight Hammond and his wife in November, seeking a way to keep the elderly rancher from having to surrender for prison. The Hammonds professed through their attorneys that they had no interest in ignoring the order to report for prison.

Ammon Bundy said the goal is to turn over federal land to local ranchers, loggers and miners. He said he met with 10 or so residents in Burns on Friday to try to recruit them, but they declined.

Burns ProtestMarchers including militia and local residents Saturday head for the Harney County Courthouse as part of a protest against government.

“We went to the local communities and presented it many times and to many different people,” he said. “They were not strong enough to make the stand. So many individuals across the United States and in Oregon are making this stand. We hope they will grab onto this and realize that it’s been happening.”

Among those joining Bundy in the occupation are Ryan Payne,  U.S. Army veteran, and Blaine Cooper. Payne has claimed to have helped organize militia snipers to target federal agents in a standoff last year in Nevada. He told one news organization the federal agents would have been killed had they made the wrong move.

He has been a steady presence in Burns in recent weeks, questioning people who were critical of the militia’s presence. He typically had a holstered sidearm as he moved around the community.

At a community meeting in Burns Friday, Payne disavowed any ill intent.

“The agenda is to uphold the Constitution. That’s all,” he said.

Cooper, another militia leader, said at that meeting he participated in the Bundy standoff in Nevada.

“I went there to defend Cliven with my life,” Cooper said.

Ian K. Kullgren of The Oregonian/OregonLive contributed to this report. 

— Les Zaitz

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51 thoughts on “Militia takes over Malheur National Wildlife Refuge headquarters

  1. “Another militia leader, BJ Soper, took to Facebook to denounce the occupation.”

    I don’t know who BJ Soper is. I’ve never even heard of the guy, but I’m going to use his actions here to make a point. (a point possibly unrelated to the man himself)

    There will always be “militia leaders” denouncing every militia action, because you can bet your life that the Zionists have organized phoney “militias” just for this purpose, and also for the purpose of committing nefarious crimes that will be used to turn popular support against us (false-flags, with Patriots as the evil villains).

    You can defeat these tactics of deception by simply ignoring all media reports (it’s not as if they have any interest in telling the truth anyway), and stinking hard and fast to your own principles of restoring the Bill of Rights as an individual, regardless of what anyone else says or does.

    When the war actually begins in earnest, there will be endless media reports claiming “the militia has surrendered here”, and “the militia has been slaughtered there”, coupled with regular announcements and ‘expert opinions’ saying “the militia doesn’t stand a chance”, and “those fools don’t have a hope of winning anything”, etc. etc.

    Expect this now, so you’re not influenced by it later. The war propaganda will be in full swing, and if you’ve learned anything at all over the last few years, you’ll know enough to ignore every word of it.

    1. Excellent points that ought to be propagated far and wide.

      I suspect most militia groups are well-meaning, but there will undoubtedly be infiltrators. There’s no foolproof way to prevent that completely, but thorough background checks can help.

      As for “BJ,” I won’t judge the man without knowing more about him and his reasoning, but I do wonder (1) why he objects to this occupation and (2) under what sort of circumstances he would feel that action, as opposed to words, was warranted.

      Quite frankly, I’m (pleasantly) stunned that armed citizens have taken up arms to defend the Bundys and the Hammonds when they failed to do so over far broader assaults on our liberty (especially mass surveillance, which is at least as dangerous to freedom as gun control).

      1. you say
        “I’m (pleasantly) stunned that armed citizens have taken up arms to defend the Bundys and the Hammonds when they failed to do so over far broader assaults on our liberty”

        from where im standing…
        If you take 2 rich big families with their neighbors and friends. Add a few numb nut employees and a homeless vet they talked into going from the liqueur store, you end up with “300 militia members” to stage an assault on the government. Toss in 1 half said ‘militia’ namely the hosts, saying ‘we want a lawful resolution, please stay home’ and the other half, namely the friends with armed friends in trucks, saying ‘we want to control public land for our use in the name of… the people’, YEAH thats it, for tha mutha luvin peoples.

        Free ammo with every chicken dinner. My house. Bring your own beer and be ready to point guns at [fill the blank].

        Id get 10,000 people to show in this town of 9000. and I wouldnt need to print or net post 1 notice. 3 hours tops.

        That’s why.

  2. Now… on to the topic at hand…How can Patriots support this action?
    Where can people send stuff to help out?

    Can they arrive in person if they’re want to join the fight? Where would they go?

    1. You’re so on point with your comments about the media. People need to ignore them. They are bought and paid for. As for militia groups being formed by zionists, you’re spot on. Everyone must realize there’s always a provocateur group that will go against the grain to attempt to make things fall apart, people turn against each other etc.
      As for where to go in Oregon, I know there are people around the Hammonds property. Not exactly sure where the refuge is that Bundy is at. But everyone in town would be able to tell you if you rolled out and went there

    2. “Ammon Bundy said the goal is to turn over federal land to local ranchers, loggers and miners.” The good ol’ boy Masonic dirty church cabal, who are the very collected forces that, through the financial control of the Oregon State Government, did secure the land for themselves and their profit at the expense of every other individual in this state in the first place.
      It is easy out here to tell where the public land meats the private multi-thousand acre ranch. You wade in cow shit up to your ankles to the bob wire fence with the postings, “No Hunting, No Fishing, No Trespassing, Violators will be Prosecuted.”
      The public land does not belong to the ranching, logging, or mining INDUSTRIES, no more than it belongs to the federal and state governments. It belongs to the American free national, individual, who here, as in every other instance, is not even acknowledged in the claim for the land. When the individual is ran off of the public land, it is perfectly okay with the elitist ranchers, miners, and loggers, as it makes their financial operations on our public lands more secure from theft or damage.
      Any of you who cannot see this are fools and are welcome to throw your lives to the defense of your old oppressors in lieu of the new commie in town. And never forget that if this good ol’ boy elite could have the ownership of the public lands for themselves, they would do it in a heartbeat, then they would have no problem fencing it and having you jailed if you dared tread upon that which they have always considered exclusively theirs. You see they have no problem paying fees to the state which they control in knowing that those fees will be used to bolster their unconstitutional power over the rest of us that they identify as commoners without rights.
      I don’t know, maybe to some of you the taste of that Masonic overlord’s cowboy boot tastes better than that wingtip the communist is wearing. I’ll have none of either, thank you very much.
      Wonder if old Cliven Bundy would be willing to go down to Fullerton, CA and confront the sons of bitches that beat Kelly Thomas to death. I’ll tell you the answer, the answer is no, and if they could have their elite status back, they would go right back to supporting the denial of every right of every one else who isn’t them.
      No sale here.

      1. I guess I’m just a dumb ass, where is the line?
        If the Bundys and Hammonds are part of the elite ruling cabal why are we even hearing about them, seems to me they would have got a buy, from the storm troopers ravaging the lands, are they part of a psi-op. (evidence)
        Do we rally when they come for Henry, and not until then?
        Will anyone come to my aid when the EPA comes to shuts down my expansive 3 acre mini farm because of a mud puddle, am I one of the cabal because I managed to buy 3 acres?
        It seems to me large property owners abusing neighbors is a separate issue from private property being allowed in the first place, that’s how I see this as an attack on property rights. One battle at a time!
        I guess I need it spelled out for me!
        With respect to Harney County is any part of this story true, from richest county to poorest for instance (who did this hurt the most, those evil rich bastards or the peeps, any winners besides fedgov)?
        Are you against all property ownership?
        Did you go to Fullerton?
        I can’t even begin to keep up with all of the affronts against US, let alone condemn someone else for not.
        This site is the first place I go everyday, for news that I found to be important, (seems at least 2+ years now), but it seems like I’m getting mixed messages.
        To quote Ben, if we don’t hang together we shall all hang separately!
        What am I missing?

        1. “Are you against all property ownership?”

          We’re all for it.

          The problem is, there is NO SUCH THING IN THIS COUNTRY TODAY! (UNLESS you have an allodial title).

          That said, I’ll let Henry address the rest of your questions.

          1. Fine, so aren’t these people (Hammonds) getting screwed just like the rest of us?
            It seems some want to pick and choose what property owners deserve support, if we’re all in the same boat, then we all will need help when the time comes.
            Unless you believe this all a psi-op or something then WTF (see my comment below), I’m having a hard time believing these folks are part of the ruling class, unless they just pissed someone off royally and needed to punished (late on dues to the lodge, what?)
            If Waco wasn’t proof that we’ll all just tune in on TV to watch Rome burn, then maybe Harney will.

            Thanks for the heads up on alloidial title, I looked it up and see all sorts of interesting links, of course I’m sure I just made it onto a new list yeehaaa!


      2. Henry, it sounds like you are trying to control the narrative here. Your points are valid but so are theirs. If you go to the Bundy Blog and read “Hammond Family Facts & Events” it will blow your mind what this poor family has gone through over the years fighting the Fed’s and trying to stay in business. Hundreds of people lost jobs when they put loggers out of business also, just like they have put these ranchers out of business. Their cause is righteous but you have reduced it to insignificance…why are you doing this? Bundy is Mormon but I do not believe the Hammonds are. What are you implying, you do not explain and use innuendos such as “The good ol’ boy Masonic dirty church cabal” ? Are the Hammonds Mormon? Is that why you slander the resistance. Please be more intelligent in your remarks because you have not made your case. Tell me where does the blow-back start? When you decide what is a righteous cause. Your remarks are not well thought out and you appear to want them to fail in Oregon. As for me, a veteran, I will pray for a peaceful resolution and that they succeed in helping the oppressed. May Jesus Christ grant them wisdom and leaders who are spirit filled with both feet planted well on the ground. It is the Lord who will determine the outcome. Even though men do not believe it, HE rules in the affairs of men. If the good old boy commie Church were behind this, Where Are They? I have always found that angry and prejudicial men have hidden dark agendas and somehow just gloss over facts. Good men are articulate and have a well thought out discourse. Righteous anger can only support Truth.

        1. Tell you what, Bill, I’ve never tried to tell others what to think or do, but I will tell you what I think and what I will do. If you choose to do otherwise, you do not need my acquiescence do you?
          I’ve lived here all my life and I understand how the socialism here works. I don’t know if the Hammonds are Masons or Mormons or not, but I do know they are of the very same self-serving ilk of those who sit on the jury in their so called court of law and after hearing the judge say that the Constitution was not recognized in the court, then on direction of and to please the man in the dress and the DA assisted in taking away my freedom and making me a political prisoner. I promise you I could prove this in a common law court. What these people are pissed about, like is the case in every case like this, is that their administrative hearing in an administrative court of admiralty, conducted by the State of Oregon, does not trump the administrative treasonous admiralty of the federal traitors.
          The 6th Article of the Articles of Conferation denied those without property any right. The rights were only for land owners, said land owners to be determined by the Masonic dirty church elite, installing a system of socialism both before and after the Revolution.
          The Hammonds have stated they don’t want anybody there and they don’t want any trouble. The reason I will not fight for the rich man’s right to the public property is because the rich man participated in removing my right.
          If you want to fight the BLM for the Bundys in the Bundy Militia with the Oathkeepers who didn’t keep their oath the first time and were actively working with the FBI over in Galice as proclaimed over the radio broadcasts, well you just have at it.
          If you don’t like me coming up on this site, speaking the truth as I see it, well, Bye. You people are in for a rude awakening, as we who have resisted this right down the line owe you nothing and you will never tell us what we should do and expect it to happen, as this is what we are fighting to end.
          I have fought and suffered for this Republic, earnestly, under the oath and I am beholden to no one, especially you and your opinion. These are the people who have walked on me all my life and I will be goddamned and go straight to hell before I’ll allow them to take control over me to fight for them. Ain’t gonna happen.

          1. And by the way, I have no expectation of anyone coming to my aid, as they never have in the past. Wonder if its because I don’t own a ranch or a mine or a logging company?

          2. WOW sorry man! NEXT!
            I’ve struggled with the bigger picture for quite awhile, a dem I work with and have lively debates with calls me an articles of confederation guy, but I’m not sure, I think I could be ok with the Constitution if it were actually in effect, I don’t believe it is. The Republic is lost folks, and all gnashing of the teeth and beating of the chest ain’t gonna change that.
            In the mean time I guess it’s every man for himself.


          3. WT,
            Here in the State of Oregon it is every man for himself, unless you are a rancher, logger, or miner.
            By the way are they vetting the people who show up out there to make sure none of them are in violation of 1968 gun infringement act?

          4. I think you under estimate your following here in the trenches, unless they all feel as you, in which case I guess I’ve been over estimating them.
            In any case there will need to be much self policing, just like those two wack jobs from Reno getting ejected from Bundy’s
            First they came for the loggers, but I wasn’t a logger so I said nothing, then they came for the miners but I wasn’t a miner so I said nothing, then they came for the ranchers………
            How many of the folks that are involved do you think even have a clue as to the true depth and breath of the treason committed against US.
            Maybe it is a trap or whatever, so is the whole friggin country!

            I should just shut up, got any empty wood box to fill anyway.


          5. I never underestimate the people in the Trenches and I do not seek to control anyone. What I work for is people understanding what is wrong here and making their own decisions. This is why we are so dangerous, because we are individuals, no command structure to corrupt, no thousand dollar fee to join.
            No, it wasn’t first they came for the loggers. The first ones they came for are the first who figured it out, and as we shouted to our brethren across this country, we were murdered, beaten, and jailed, because everybody else was prospering through their cooperation with the tyranny and climbing the ladder to become ranchers, loggers, and miners. You know, corporations, and that is, by God, what we are talking about here. A ranch, a logging operation, a mine are incorporated entities, operating for profit. Do not try to equate them to a free American national, fighting for his rights. Apples and oranges with the corporate apples being poisoned by the evil queen.

          6. Nobody it seems is going to take this shit seriously until it effects them. Not everyone is aware, and if\when they become aware will they realize their part, will they embrace their crimes(if any depending on their station in life) or refute them, I guess I’m trying to say is that everyone is in a different place, lets not throw the baby out with the bath water.
            None of the people you mentioned were regular folk, everyone was a corporation, no independents no entrepreneurs, small land owners or diner owners or anything else that comes along with a free market, just corporations. Why would the corporations wage war on themselves, so in the end only the fedgov remained???
            Are you against free markets but somehow for private property, I’m sorry but I you’ve lost me.
            We can’t fix any problems if nothing is left.


    3. JR I miss-read your comment at first. Here is my answer to your question.

      Be ready!
      Dont bother sending anything as far as material support TO this location. Rather be ready to deploy material support locally[or within supply lines that share close combat support] so that IF this “stand off” was to go “hot” all the local freedom loving individuals nationwide can smack tyranny in their AO.

      This type of response will make a federal reaction force deployed to 1 central location [hammond arera] less effective and they will need to deploy and manage a larger AO with infinite fronts and with a myriad of fighting styles. Think of it as chess where you have 1 army and your opponent has 180,000 armies all striking with different techniques and abilities.

      If the news reports any extreme report of the events, plus or minus, deploy as trained.

  3. I think at some point you have to “pull the trigger” Henry and JR I err on the side of your knowledge and experience, but it appears to me that at some point we have to reach terminal velocity and up until that point we are all essentially waiting around boot licking. I see things from both Jr. And mr Shivley. I want to head out west being my gear and see what happens. On the same coin i will not use my personal resources to benefit some upper echelon thinking dirt licker. It’s tough but I guess what I’m saying is we all have the guy feeling of when “when” is and this doesn’t seem to be it….idk

    1. To follow up on my comments to Henry above and you here, one problem\battle at a time, property rights first, then I believe the problem of overbearing land owners, without the fedgov behind them will go away!

  4. I do find the timing of this event interesting…considering the ‘gun laws’ being enacted very soon by khazar decree…and it’s just in time to demonize the militias and any patriot before they attempt to enforce them.

    On the one hand, I feel yet another baiting taking place. On the other hand, it’s high time to take america away from the khazar ‘jews’ and return to a republic free of the parasitic banking system that ruined the nation.

    I just feel something’s about to snap and soon.


    1. I smell the bait too. Timing is key in promoting ideology as it forms a correlation in the people’s heads much easier. Getting the masses to put 3 events together and understanding the message trying to be conveyed is very difficult. That’s why so many people never see the truth of what’s going on. Media’s reporting on this will be used to influence perception and reaction regardless of intent of the groups involved, but there are questionable characters involved, to say the least.

    2. “I do find the timing of this event interesting…considering the ‘gun laws’ being enacted very soon by khazar decree…and it’s just in time to demonize the militias and any patriot before they attempt to enforce them.”

      Excellent point, Flek. I actually missed that one. Should have saw that one earlier. It’s definitely no coincidence on the timing of this and the gun control executive orders that they are about to throw our way. I can definitely see them using this event as an excuse to try and install them.

  5. I agree with Fleck, timing is everything and there is no such thing as coincidence in politics as JFK said. Barry Sotero is howling about executive order gun control while the elites bang the drums, suddenly there are mass shootings that divide the public farther… Then suddenly, out of the blue… The “militia” (whoever they really are matters not) goes on an UNARMED march to SEIZE a federal building… Then suddenly someone else claims they ARE armed… Back and forth and all at the same time, I am beyond paranoid about anything and everything anymore and this is all just too damn coincidental for my liking. ESPECIALLY since this is getting MEDIA ATTENTION, Yahoo had it up with color pictures on the front page. We know NOTHING gets reported anywhere unless the elite WANT it reported on. So who is playing whom here… I smell masons trying to stir things up and the elite applauding them since this plays into their hands. Seizing a federal building has no purpose but to isolate yourself and make it easier for someone to COME ROUND YOU UP!

    This whole this is ILLOGICAL and STINKS. I do not give a rats ass about who is who or whom is doing right, this whole situation is just too timely and stinks of bullshit. Period.

    1. I believe that too, for me it felt like a set-up from the first report. I can tell you one sure way (ha, ha) of finding out if it a FF. The man of MSM Alex Jones will tell you who’s who in the zoo today at 5:00 ET.

    2. I agree there is something that is not “clicking” in regard to these events. Till something plausible kicks off in my state or something kicks off in several states at the same time, I’ll continue to be skeptical because of all the goobermint propaganda. The truth remains: “Something wicked this way comes”.

    3. I’m the definition of paranoid, but even I refuse to believe that the fedgov is pulling all the strings, I’m sure they’re just sitting and waiting for someone to make the first move (while licking their chops), and it appears some-men have… and you can be sure fedgov has everything in place to maximize their mileage, so what, whats new, I don’t believe anything they say at this point….
      One thing I am sure of is that if these guys go down in flames it will make it easier for fedgov next time, if there is one….
      There will never be a situation that will make all the pats feel perfectly justified at the same time, and that it appears, will be our undoing!

  6. The one guy Ritzheimer was the guy who did the draw Muhammad thing in Az then apparently went into hiding afterwards.

  7. It seems some believe this is a trap, so be it, doesn’t that reveal their true objective in of itself.
    I’ll be your Huckleberry……

  8. “Ammon Bundy said the goal is to turn over federal land to local ranchers, loggers and miners.”

    But not to those who REALLY own it, and could make use of it… such as the dispossessed/homeless (many of whom USED to be middle class).

    What a great humanitarian.

    Kick rocks, Bundy.

  9. Henry is probably right, but I see this as a war that needs to kick off somewhere, after which it will spread across the country. An example of defiance needs to be set, kind of like everyone burning their concealed carry licenses. Let someone (anyone), somewhere, grab a piece of land from the Feds and hold it.

    The Hammonds and Bundys may very well be fighting to reinstate the Masonic rule, and if that’s the case, they won’t succeed. (because they no longer have the advantage of secrecy) I don’t know how they got their land, and nor do I care. If they acquired it through theft of the American people, it might not be theirs anymore after the dust settles.

    One thing I do know about the Hammonds and Bundys is that right now, we share a common enemy. They may very well be fighting for the Masonic cabal and dirty church, but that’s NOT what I’m fighting for. If we’re shooting in the same direction, they’re on my side for now, and when we eradicate our common enemy, then we can decide whether or not we need to shoot at each other, too.

    We can’t be too picky about where this kicks off, or it may never happen. We’re always going to have our differences, and we need to put them aside and concentrate on defeating our common enemy. Decide later whether the differences are worth continuing the fight over, or whether compromises can be reached, or if someone has to hang. Just let the goddamn fight get started somewhere before we’re all trading in our rifles for canes and walkers.

    One thing is for sure is that there’s a huge opposing force, and we’re going to have to stick together to defeat them, at least for a little while.
    Your comrade is anyone shooting at the same people you are. When your common enemy is defeated, then you can decide whether or not you need to kill each other, too.

    One thing at a time. Let’s get rid of what’s an immediate threat to all of us, and worry about weeding out the lower-level masons and corrupt politicians later.

    1. This is not a ‘my enemy’s enemy is my friend’ situation. This is two powerful factions fighting over who is going to own me. I will aid neither side. Know in the end, both must be destroyed if there is to be freedom and liberty in this country.

      1. You’re not “probably right”; you’re definitely right, but you may never see this start how and where you want it to, and if it doesn’t start somewhere, we’re all screwed.

        The fight between the two powerful factions trying to control us is at Bundy Ranch, and/or the Hammond’s ranch, but that won’t be the fight in New jersey, Louisiana, or Utah, etc. etc.

        I think we need to see something successful or victorious that inspires others to move.

  10. WOW

    Im just going to drop my shekels worth and avoid 60 replies.

    It shocks me at some people’s disconnect on Freedom vs exceptable servitude. These Miners, loggers, etc are the ones getting paychecks while YOUR WEALTH is continuously being stolen WITHOUT CONSIDERATION. F THAT. AND I OPPOSE EVER ONE INVOLVED. INCLUDING THE IGNORANT.

    If you want to support these people, go, do it, by all means get out there and “do it to it”. In chess some pieces tend to go first. You can go with my blessing. what ever that’s worth.

    As for not supporting the Hammonds.
    I have heard video and read on more than one occasion where the Hammond family has requested, that they prefer a legal remedy in the courts, for a request to return to prison, for a conviction in a court they participated in.
    Now they want to participate again. IM THE F*CK OUT.

    If the feds said the Hammonds had to return to prison and the Hammonds said ‘suck it’ and this “support” was to keep the cuffs off, Id be there reporting from the frozen mud for FTTWR.
    But i wouldn’t send a penny taped to a stamp to help ANYONE retarded enough to willfully engage a legal system and then claim injustice when the paid off judge was paid by the “other enemy”.

    HERE’s one for ya!
    Dont register your car or have a permission slip (DL) and a cop tries to pull you over. You refuse to pull over and I will fight and die for you.
    Pull over and then pull out your secret-hidden, nobody knows you have one DL, and shiver in fear while the cop decides what you can be extorted for.
    Dont expect me to help him you OR him. Its your contract to be a b!tch.

    Im with you Henry and JD. It makes my jaw drop sometimes between the Trump Trump Trump, USA USA USA, Mason, dirty churches[ different than religion and has nothing to do with mormon religion] crowds. These people need something to get behind. BUT THEY TOSS YOU GUYS OUT like your bat shit crazy. Where is the material support for the only two in the patriot crowd that WONT STEP ON ANYONE ELSE.

    1. To condemn everyone who is not as up to speed as you (consider the immense effort to dumb us down, everything from chemicals to subliminals, let us not forget the recently legalized in your face propaganda) , is throwing the baby out with bath water.
      Believe me there’s plenty of blame to go around plenty!

      Didn’t someone fight to free themselves from the yolk, were they duped to do the founders dirty work, as some are suggesting about now? These folks were fully unsupported by a third of the population, another third couldn’t give rat either way, and the remainder might give assistance but nothing more. Sounds like an uphill battle to me, do you think they knew this going in?
      I’m pretty sure after that there were free men for a time…..
      As far as fighting the right to travel and the corrupt courts, the bastards will disappear, once they realize the gig is up.
      And it seems someone alluded to something about choosing your battles…
      Oh and for the record Phuck Trump, or anybody else banging the war drum for that matter!


    It’s Getting Real: Fully Armed FBI Agents En Route To Federal Building In Oregon
    after reading, check out the comments

  12. i too often wondered why were fighting for the same system that enslaves everyone to it.
    its like the controllers control the outcome every time.
    that’s what i hated about the freemasons.
    its like choosing one oppressive master over another.
    hoping their at least kind to us and allow us to live freely without feeling like pieces of shit.
    i long for a time i never even lived.
    i often wonder if the constitution isn’t just another set of laws.
    weren’t freemasons also the writers?
    like the bible, some things were censored.
    these are just things i think about.
    i certainly can’t put it into words like henry and jolly roger can.
    not even close.

    1. And this is why it is important to sterilize what we are truy talking about in the patriot community. Anarchy is not a dirty word. We do not want a democracy, a republic, and most certaintly not a democratic republic. We want liberty. We want to be left alone as long as we respect our neighbors. We do not need laws for liberty. Disrespect and natural consequences are self evident and don’t require the kings guard to execute the consequences. A community is fully capable of determining their own destiny and maintaining respect of everyone’s rights. We are not children and do not need daddy to tell us how to live nor spank us when we anger daddy. Anarchy does not equate to chaos. We need to start discussing anarchy and change the dialog.

      1. We want what this country was founded upon, a republic with and emphasis on the rights of the individual.

        We the people under common law, the laws of nature and of nature’s God, have the liberty and responsibility to solve our disputes with one another within our courts, 12 man jury of our peers, this is how we maintain respect of others rights, therefor eliminating the kings guard to execute consequences.

        “We do not need laws for liberty”, if you mean statutes, ordinances etc. posing as “law”, imposed by the international cabal, I agree. We do however have our ” lawful” laws as set forth in our Bill of Rights, 1st ten articles.

        I believe the original intent of the foundations of our country are about as close as you can get to anarchy (no govt) very limited govt.

        Within any realm of liberty, laws are a preceding factor, ex.- an individual must subject himself to the self imposed “laws” of self restraint when swinging his fist, so an not to inflict injury upon another mans physical property, his life/being( unless this is the intent).

        1. Ah, but we do not need laws. The bill of right are rights not laws. If a man wrongs another man the natural law of consequences will be enacted when the community decides that enough is enough. A moral society would not allow injustice. Of course there will always be pockets of those who will band with the acussed . We have this today. You simply move away from them. You don’t subject a whole nation to a system that is engineered for corruption.

          1. “when the community decides”(this statement is now dealing with the collective)

            Within our common law, it takes only 1 person to decide that their rights have been violated.

            Because of the innate nature of man, disputes will arise, and we have remedy for this, even if the community does not agree.

            Under your system, I think you’ll find yourself moving many times over, which requires time, finances, etc.. Not very efficient imo.

      2. AGREE!

        Id prefer a true anarchy but I will except the bill of rights as absolute. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

        Besides. 99% could not handle a true anarchy state where they are required to handle their own affairs and take accountability for their actions. Some peoples children.

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