MLB teams use TSA Precheck to spy on fans


Our march towards a total police is almost complete. Six days ago Major League Baseball (MLB) announced their partnership with CLEAR.

“By transforming everything in your wallet into a single biometric ID, CLEAR enables members to verify their identities with just the tap of a finger or blink of an eye.”

CLEAR is the same company that brought TSA Precheck to vehicles. CLEAR’s vehicle Precheck scans both drivers and passenger biometrics so they can get quick access to sports stadiums and airports. 

According to CLEAR Me Sports, at least nine MLB teams have begun using CLEAR Precheck to spy on sports fans.

New York Yankess
New York Mets
Colorado Rockies
Miami Marlins
San Francisco Giants
Detroit Tigers
Atlanta Braves
Seattle Mariners
Oakland Athletics

“We are excited to partner with these innovative teams to add a layer of security and improve the fan experience at the ballpark,” said Caryn Seidman Becker, chief executive of Clear.

Two weeks ago, I warned everyone that IDEMIA had created a trifecta in sport fan surveillance by infiltrating the NFL,NBA and the NHL.

With the addition of the MLB all that’s left is the NCAA and school sports leagues. FYI, it appears that the MLS has also begun using CLEAR Precheck to spy on fans.

Sports fans don’t seem to care that Big Brother is collecting their biometric data as long as they can get through lines FASTER.

If the TSA, sorry I meant CLEAR has its way their PreCheck kiosks will soon be more invasive than ever.

CLEAR scans fans faces to verify alcohol purchases

CLEAR’s Precheck will soon use fans faces and fingerprints to verify everyone’s age.

“CLEAR is also developing new biometric-powered stadium experiences, including ticketing and concessions, enabling fans at participating venues to enjoy a frictionless, personalized game day experience from security to their seat. Working with the State of Washington, CLEAR is paving the way for biometric age validation at WA-based venues this year, which can enable experiences such as frictionless alcohol sales and more.” 

Sending vendors your fingerprints and facial biometerics to order alcoholic beverages is a privacy nightmare waiting to happen.

Imagine going to a baseball game and ordering a beer from your seat. Now imagine stadium security (police) checking your face or scanning your fingerprint in real-time to verify your age.

That’s right, not only will sports owners know who you are, where you live and your age, now food and beverage vendors will to. What could possibly go wrong?

DHS is painting a grim future for privacy conscience Americans. Will sports fans be able to opt-out of TSA Precheck? Will sports teams scan fans Real-ID cards, and take a picture of their faces if they opt-out? Is law enforcement setting up shop at sports stadiums and arenas looking at everyone’s biometrics?

Why are sports owners installing TSA Precheck?

Because it will reduce their liability in case of a terrorist attack.

“The technology has improved as professional sports leagues come to terms with being terrorist targets. That prospect has left the NHL in recent weeks discussing a league-wide security review that would potentially help to limit the league’s financial exposure if terrorists targeted an NHL game.”

Billionaire team owners inviting the feds to spy on everyone’s faces to reduce liability is abhorrent.

With the implementation of Precheck, sports fans have a lot more to worry about than whether their favorite team wins a championship.

Sports teams will create secret fan watchlists

Last year, I warned everyone that sports teams will use Precheck to create secret fan watchlists.

“At the very least, Trepp said, NHL teams could follow FC Groningen’s lead and create their own database of troublemakers and banned spectators. Teams could also use facial biometrics to identify VIPs and season-ticket holders and fast-track their entry, he said.”

Leave it to DHS, to turn America’s obsession with sports against them.

America is fast becoming the land of secret watchlists.

3 thoughts on “MLB teams use TSA Precheck to spy on fans

  1. Can’t afford the price of an admission ticket, parking, eating anything or drinking even water.
    Can’t find the reason to give any attention to overpayed morons who play children’s games, either.
    If they start that surveillance crap for everyday life, where will we be safe from their security? Dead?

  2. Not mentioned in this article is the fact of most professional sports teams being owned by Zionists.

    They’re part of the circus in the “bread and circus” formula, so they’ll collect any data they can, and use it toward their destruction of America. They’re your enemy, so you shouldn’t be supporting them.

  3. Been to two “pro” ball games in my life..and it was when i was a child , and 1 Hockey game
    I dont waste my time or money on this crap
    I dont agree with the data mining of people who do , or the invasion of their privacy
    I wish they’d wake the hell up and flat out protest and never go support this crap again
    fat chance with the hordes of brainwashed and brain dead these days

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