More strange fibers rain down from sky onto populace, samples taken

Intellihub – by Shepard Ambellas

COTTONWOOD, Ariz. (INTELLIHUB) — R. Dyved, a local FedEx driver, submitted the following information to Intellihub, including several photographs which show spiderweb-like fibrous strands that Dyved spotted himself falling from the sky which he later “managed” to collect samples of, putting them in a jar:  


“I was doing some research about this exact very article you posted on December 5, 2014. Well, I think this has happened again on Friday. About 11:00 a.m. or there about I saw three large military aircraft fly westbound over Cottonwood. I drive for FedEx and I was then making a delivery. Very unusual. Didn’t think much of it later. Well after around 3:00 p.m. I started noticing web like strands in the air and also all over plants and trees along 89-A from Sedona to Cottonwood. I also later in between these times heard a lone helicopter and spotted it very high up flying west to east. Not sure if this is related, but since it was very high up and made sound it must have been a big one. Your article was almost a mirror incident on what happened today. As well as just about a year later. Strange indeed.”


“So I woke up this morning to take my cats out in the fenced back yard. I believe I found some fibers on our tile. I grabbed some tweezers to collect it and tried to place it in a small baby food jar. Gosh, was it difficult to get off the tweezers and very small crochet hook. Managed. So I can see as any animal, human walking along can get this on them thinking it was a mere spider web. Not easy to get off once it is on something. It felt sort of like plastic and was very strong. […] Very disturbing indeed.”

Shockingly, just as Dyved pointed out, this very same thing occurred back in December of 2014 and was even covered up by the local mainline media. An article titled C-130 aircraft caught dropping massive ‘raindrop shaped fibers’ onto populace, lab tests confirm “metals” details the actual events.

17 thoughts on “More strange fibers rain down from sky onto populace, samples taken

  1. ive seen predator drones. ive seen other drones. one above us in the clouds hiding. one just the other night flying over that you would swear was a helicopter, then a plane, then behaved like i a dying star and the crazy thing was, i saw two falling stars (?) in the time i was keeping an eye on this thing. i also heard a helicopter in the distance and it definitely wasnt that. wrong direction. plus, a family member told me a huge party and i mean huge party across the street from her was busted. no one had lived in that house for months. it was a foreclosure. needless to say i was amused. anywho, i called a friend to check it out and he said it was a drone. i may have also seen a drone detecting bird. i’ve also seen this white cotton candy looking crap floating thru the air and thinking to myself, if that’s a spider web, i’d hate to run into that spider.

    1. i’ve also seen two white orb looking things darting up and thru a chemtrail.
      i’m guessing these drones can be made to sound like something they are not and use lights to make it appear as if there are wings where there isn’t.
      i’ve seen a lot of strange things in my time and had i told this to anyone ten fifteen years ago no one would have believed it.

      1. in arizona past tests showed aluminum barium and strontium. perhaps thats all they were testing for at that time. and for some of you calling people freaks or freaks of nature need to pull your head out of your ass because this and many other reasons why this is happening. for f#@ sake they convinced us to inject ourselves and our kids with god knows what. were a neurological mess. i have a feeling they could care less that we sit here and talk about it because they know its too late for us to do anything to stop it. has it slowed down in the least? with all the radiation circling the globe, its any wonder there aren’t more hermaphrodites running around. give it time. and all these food borne illnesses popping up or rare diseases reemerging and were all pointing at the illegal immigrants pouring into this country. i suspect thats only part of it. take a step back and look at all of it. not just what you want to see that fits your beliefs or prejudices. thats my take on it. fire away.

  2. I guess the chemtrailers think we need more “fibers” in our diet.
    Not enough fiber isn’t good for your colon.
    Yeah and why don’t they put Bruce Jenner back on the Wheaties box.
    Sorry I mean Caitlyn. .. fkng freaks…
    Like George Carlin said…
    It’s a freak show and in America you get a front row seat.

  3. Morgellans material.

    Sh#t like this is the reason I avoid going out in the rain as much as possible.

    Unfortunately, it’s much harder to avoid now that I live where there actually IS rain.

    1. I’m pretty sure this sh#t is being visited upon us even when it is not raining, #1. We simply don’t see it as easily during dry weather, because it doesn’t usually clump, as is shown in the photo.

      In my opinion, and it’s just my opinion, 🙂 it is safer to be out in the rain than when it is dry. Your skin is more likely protected by layers of clothing and rain gear, and the fibers will likely be washed off your clothing by the rain.

      I’m more concerned about this stuff coming down in fine particles during warm, dry weather, where they will more easily be absorbed into open pores of exposed skin or worse… inhaled.

      That said, I sure would like to see a written lab analysis of those fibers.

      1. I started avoiding the rain (what little we were allowed in L.A.) after Fukushima, Dawn. Radiation will definitely come down in rain, as will chemtrail particulates, so it’s a triple whammy if you throw Morgellans into the mix, as far as I’m concerned. I do not like rain touching my skin anymore.

        Sad that it’s come to this. I used to love the rain.

        1. I would rather have the rain come and clump these particulates, along with the Fukushima radiation, than to have it baked into the open pores of my skin and breathing it in when it’s sunny, warm, and dry. When it’s raining, at least I have layers of protective clothing, and most of it will roll harmlessly off with the rain.

      1. When I was still working with the Pain Clinic, I encountered this “Morgellon’s” disease. It’s real, it’s painful, and, not recognized by the AMA. No insurance to treat unless your doctor is “creative” in his coding and billing practices. I suspect etiology to be that of the U.S. government, therefore, no cure will be possible through normal channels.

        1. “Like” things just don’t add up? I’ve noticed a lot of them. It’s like something ain’t quite right. It’s a feeling, nothing you can prove on a piece of paper, other than you feel that your half a bubble off. Strange, disorienting, and not normal. I suspect this is not natural. How long have they been spraying us like bugs? I’ve had my share. I can still think and shoot straight though. Can we end this soon or is more discussion necessary concerning the definitions of treason and sedition that we must wade through?

        2. This was a reply to a ghost comment, in case anyone is wondering.

          Wow, that’s bizarre. Can’t even reply directly to my reply to the ghost comment.

  4. Morgellons is cured with Ivermectin, Permathrin, Sulfer soap and clay baths. Take the iver (internal) and the perm (external lotion) and then don’t bath or change clothes for a few days, allowing it to seep into your clothing and bedsheets. After that smear clay all over and wait for it to dry and rub off like an exfoliation, everything will come out, bugs, fibers, eggs, legs and more! a few baths in a row might be needed, you won’t believe it. Scrub down with sulpher soap twice a day after that for a while. Do the iver and perm again 7 days later then stop for a month and monitor. The perm damages your skin and makes you think you still have it so you have to beat that feeling with your mind so you don’t overdue it. Too much Iver will make the joints sore and too much perm will give you headaches, other than that no side effects.

  5. For the past few weeks the skies have been nice, not super tracked, looking like a junky hazy day.

    Two days during the week [two weeks back] were the carppy type. All day at work (inside job) and into the night, I coughed like I had some lung disease / problem – it was bad and certainly no fun.

    Clear or better skies and I have been fine since, save one day the last week, where the sky was…the crappy hazy type we have all encountered.

    I am monitoring this for a trend.

    Anyone else notice like things?

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