6 thoughts on “More Strange stuff going on at Walmart

  1. The Waltons know the economy is collapsing, and that’s why their shelves have been empty for years, but we were at a stage where “it could collapse anytime”. Now it looks like they have some inside knowledge that it’s going to happen on a given date (or something big is going to happen).

    They may have closed a bunch of stores just to avoid restocking them, and instead of buying more inventory, they’re consolidating their goods in fewer stores that get more customers as a way of cutting losses. The plumbing excuse may have been made to hide that operation, because they’re not going to sell anything anywhere if the entire population understood the economic situation.

    I think the economy is going to become unglued real soon, and troops are preparing for the resulting civil unrest. (and Walmart is preparing to reduce its resulting financial losses)

    1. that, and no one has any money to buy their useless crap,, because for some, the shit has already arrived at the doorstep

    2. We have a Wal-Mart in Pittston that was fairly new. They felt it wasn’t big enough, so less than a mile away they build a gigantic one like 10x the size and left the old one empty.

      SO…..my point is: are you buyin’ that they’re shutting these half dozen wal-marts due to “plumbing problems”, when I saw them build a WHOLE NEW STORE a half mile away and leave the old one empty just because they thought it wasn’t big enough?

  2. What did Walmart do during that time they were closed? What kind of retrofitting has taken place in the store to entrap the unsuspecting shopper?

    I make it a point to never set a foot in Walmart.
    . . .

  3. Sales are down so costs must be cut. The easiest way is to cut back on operating hours and thus labor costs. You’ll know it’s really bad when Walmart is only open from 10 AM to 8 PM and more stores close. I’m betting the ones closing for “6 months” will never re-open.

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