Mother Charged with Negligent Homicide after Off-Duty Cop Kills Daughter

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The cop is charged with negligent homicide by crashing into her car at 94 miles per hour, but mom allegedly didn’t make sure she was strapped in correctly.

The mother isn’t being charged with negligent homicide for not using a seat belt for her baby daughter but merely for allegedly not making sure “the straps were adjusted correctly.” This accusation, made by the police, justifies charging the mother with the same crime as the police officer who smashed into her car at 94 miles per hour. 

Note that the cop was off-duty when he was speeding. And while the mother was immediately put in jail, the story says that the cop is on paid administrative leave.

The Miami Herald reports, “Baby died when speeding cop slammed into car, but her mom also faces homicide charge, La. police say.

It was October when Christopher Manuel crashed his Corvette into a Nissan while speeding at 94 miles per hour, police say.

Manuel is a 27-year-old officer with the Baton Rouge Police Department in Louisiana who was off duty at the time, according to WAFB. The crash killed 1-year-old Seyaira Stephens, and in mid-February the officer was charged with negligent homicide and speeding.

[…]Now Stephens is charged in the crash — the same count of negligent homicide given to Manuel, according to The Advocate. The mom allegedly failed to properly secure Seyaira’s car seat, police say, and didn’t ensure that the straps were adjusted correctly.

Police say those actions “show gross negligence” on the part of Stephens and were “a contributing factor in the (girl’s) death,” according to WBRZ. Stephens was booked into a local prison on Monday for a seat belt violation and the homicide charge.

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3 thoughts on “Mother Charged with Negligent Homicide after Off-Duty Cop Kills Daughter

  1. Stinking pig kills a baby so he tries to blame the mother.

    If there’s anyone besides low-life dirt bags and psychopaths doing that job we certainly never hear about them.

  2. Oh yes she’s there… Click on 2017 scroll down to October 22 LA is for Louisiana. All the deaths do not have to be on duty.

  3. Probably, the force of the impact loosened the straps. FN pigs ever think about that? 94mph? Oh, that’s right. They’re special. Murderer.

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