The Late Jack Otto – Forbidden Knowledge

Published on Jul 10, 2012

A controversial talk by the late Jack Otto.

Opinions and views expressed in this upload are of Mr Otto and not necessarily of myself, the uploader.

I do believe that Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism and that opposing a political nationalistic ideology does not mean discrimination and/or hatred for any race, religion, colour or creed. Unfortunately, Nationalism by a religion is tantamount to racism in my opinion and should not be tolerated – along with persecution of any race or religion. I have uploaded this in its entirety for ‘education purposes’ and to encourage open public debate.

One thought on “The Late Jack Otto – Forbidden Knowledge

  1. I’m about 1/2 way through and will finish this. It is a great overview of the history of the jews. I believe I have enough now, however to write this comment, but will finish watching this vid immediately.

    1. His main point (which is BS) is that there is a good jew and a bad jew.

    The definition of “jew” is someone who rejected the christ.

    A good definition of the christ as a man or a metaphor may be:
    logos, natural order, law of the universe, natural law (this is what we argue here the Bill of Rights tried to enumerate and I believe this is so, though we don’t need the Bill of Rights we need the unwritten natural law of the universe or “the promotion of life/golden ratio/nature.”)

    jew=anti-christ period. The vast majority of them pay for hebrew school, to the synagogs, to isreal, jewish summer camps etc. They give their jewish friends that sweet government job with the pension. They owe allegiance to their nation 1st and foremost (not America or any other nation.) The group is kept together by fables of eternal suffering at the hands of their enemy: all non-jewish races. They are paying stolen money (through usury, the holohoax money, the BAR, insurance, gambling, slave trade, organ trade, etc,etc) to the central jewish authority.

    There is no such thing as a good or bad jew. Unfortunately, this guy could be an early agent because of his view on this matter and because he pushes it so intensely in this presentation. What is one word for a good jew? “A christian,” someone who lives by natural law.

    2. Though this is the history as he knew it from intense research pre-internet, we are now learning that ALL of history is a lie created by certified “authorities” from places like Harvard and Oxford.

    If you want to learn about those who are trying to reconstruct the true history without the iron hammer influence of these authorities here are a few resources in order of importance (imho.)

    Our true history is technologically advanced and magical (think huge stone structures.) The whole world, including America, was fully settled before America by the Tartarian race and other tribes. It appears that it is only in the last 400-500 years or so that governments have been imposed on us. Before that, we were free tribes. This is why as 108morris108 yt channel always discusses we are still attacking all tribes around the world with these “wars.” WWI, WWII, and the wars now and prior are all the same war that appears to have started a few hundred years ago. The Bolshevik revolution in Russia and the black plague were probably 2 of the largest victories of the enemy.

    a. Anatoly Fomenko
    b. NewEarth channel on youtube
    c. Gnostic Media channel on youtube

    Let’s figure this shit out and share it with the world!

    Thanks for the great post!

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