Motorist assaulted by officer for not rolling his window “all the way” down

BreakingGlass-CopBlockCop Block – by Kevin Earl Wood

On September 4, 2013, University of Central Florida (UCF) college student Victoria King was pulled over by UCFPD Officer Timothy Isaacs for a minor traffic offense – a bad tail light. The officer became obsessed and incensed by Ms. King being reluctant to roll down her window “all the way” to receive her bad tail light ticket. The officer then escalated the traffic stop to violence, breaking out the car window, and charging Ms. King with two felonies and a misdemeanor. The two felonies have been abandoned by the state attorney. UCFPD is now covering up the officer’s misconduct. The details of the events can be found in the video below and in this article.  

Kevin Earl Wood

2 thoughts on “Motorist assaulted by officer for not rolling his window “all the way” down

  1. The cop says he needs her to roll down the window for HIS safety. I’m sorry, but HIS safety don’t mean shit. The number one priority is the national’s safety, NOT HIS safety.

    Then when she won’t roll down her window, he feels insecure and pulls the “step out of the vehicle” excuse in order to try and feel her up and show her who’s boss because he doesn’t want to make his ego look bad. What an ass.

    Then he says she was going to roll up the window on his fingers and that’s why he broke the window. If you look at the video, she didn’t even have her hands near the switch to roll it up. What a crock of made up bullshit!

    Then he says he was not violent. BAHAHAHAHA!! So if breaking a car window is not violent, then I don’t know what is.

    No one told her her rights and she was yelling about that and notice how they never read her her rights. I yelled and said the same thing to the Round Rock police after they arrested me for no reason which makes the arrest null and void according to the Constitution and Bill of Rights, but these F**KING BASTARDS keep getting away with it. The bastards NEVER read you your rights anymore because they know you did nothing wrong and have nothing on you and have to wait until they can come up with something 25 minutes later AFTER you have been arrested. It’s SICKENING and MADNESS!!!

  2. I challenge everyone to count the number of times this cop said to his fellow officer, “for MY safety”.

    Spoken like a true coward. This guy is absolutely pathetic. He knows he did wrong and that’s why he has to explain himself a hundred times to his fellow officers to cover up his insecurity and the belief that maybe his fellow officers will not believe him. And when you look at his fellow officer’s face, you can see they are laughing at him and not with him.

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