MRAP vehicle in Plano, TX


Check out the MRAP vehicle that just happened to come out of nowhere and start driving down the road behind me heading South on Custer Rd and turning East on Legacy Dr. in Plano, TX. Don’t know what it was doing in the neighborhood and should have never been there. Wish it would have fallen in a ditch somewhere.


img_20160930_132848 img_20160930_133037


7 thoughts on “MRAP vehicle in Plano, TX

      1. Thanks, NC! Hopefully with enough viagara, steroids, enlargement products and gay porn, they will be too busy to unleash their inadequacies on the populace!

  1. Hi NC. I am from Plano, all of my family still lives there, and very close friends are PPD. Was there any departmental id anywhere on the vehicle? Where did it pull out from and where did it go? Thanks.

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