Murdering Us From The Sky

Published on Mar 9, 2012 by Jeff Saxon

New Jersey singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Saxon,
known for his catchy, emotionally-gripping, straight-from-the-heart
songs, takes on the topic of chemtrails in “Murdering Us In The Sky”.
Saxon makes a stark and urgent plea to the chemtrails perpetrators;
to halt these senseless aerial assaults on humans worldwide.
The video, which also marks Saxon’s directorial debut, won the Best Music Video award at the Awareness Film Festival in Los Angeles in May 2012.

Simply, yet beautifully shot (by videographer, Seiichi Daimo),
the piece gets right to the point, interspersing informational text
to educate viewers about the dangers of chemtrails and also suggesting
ways to protest them. There are, however, a few humorous and cleverly
utilized doomsday-is-dawning props, which offer a nice respite from the
somber subject matter without undermining its seriousness.

The song, however, remains the centerpiece. And in creating it, Saxon
(and track producer, Michael McGregor) give this neo-protest song the
very contemporary musical framework it warranted. At its core, the jazz
and R&B threads in the song are much more akin to Marvin Gaye’s environmentally-themed classic, “Mercy, Mercy, Me” than to
the guitar and vocal protest song pioneers, Guthrie and Seeger.

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2 thoughts on “Murdering Us From The Sky

  1. I would have received the final message about activism better if the author(s) had not mentioned Elie Wiesel (He Lie Weasel).
    That zionist jew has been shown factually to be a faker and imposter.
    Otherwise, go for it, boys!

    Do the protest dance and pretend that there is ANYONE in the CORPORATE system who actually is interested in any sort of justice or fairness or rule of Law, or that anything you do short of shooting the criminals out of our country will have any real or lasting effect.
    I won’t be holding MY breath, except for a moment before I let half of it out in a relaxed breath and POP! go the weasels.

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