Netanyahu: I Will Not ‘Shut Up’ When Israel’s Interests Are At Stake

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Excerpted from JPOST: Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu stressed Sunday that he would not diverge from his warnings against Iran’s disputed nuclear ambitions.

In a trade of barbs with his predecessor Ehud Olmert over Israel’s approach to the Iran issue, Netanyahu said he would continue to defend Israeli interests.  

“In contrast to others, when I see that the vital security interests of Israeli citizens are at stake, I will not shut up,” he said following critical remarks made by Olmert. However, Netanyahu highlighted Israel’s relations with the US. “We always remember that the US has been, remains and always will be Israel’s greatest friend”.

“It is very easy to keep quiet. It is easy to receive pats on the shoulder from the international community, to bow one’s head, but I am committed to the security of my people,” he stated. “I am committed to the future of my country, and in contrast to periods in the past, we have a loud and clear voice among the nations and we will make it heard in order to warn – in time – against dangers”.

Earlier Sunday, Olmert lashed out at Netanyhau, accusing him of publicly attacking the US, and in particular President Barack Obama, over the American role in reaching an interim nuclear deal in Geneva last Sunday. Olmert compared Netanyahu’s criticism of the US to a declaration of war, and he suggested a different approach to Israel’s diplomatic role in preventing Iran from obtaining nuclear weapons.

“We have declared war on the US. That cannot be disputed,” he said, adding that Israel needs to be kept from anything that might be interpreted as a “fight” with its closest ally.

3 thoughts on “Netanyahu: I Will Not ‘Shut Up’ When Israel’s Interests Are At Stake

  1. My honest and sincere opinion is that Netanyahu and the Zionists have spent decades acting in the manner of cult leaders controlling the minds of their flock. They have maintained their position by filling their peoples minds full of tales of the Iranian bogeyman that lives outside the walls of their compound, keeping them living in constant fear in order to maintain their own position as saviour and deliverer from their illusory created potential destroyers. It`s the only way Netanyahu knows how to play, if he stopped doing it he would be utterly silent from lack of knowing what to do next.

    How many years have Netanyahu and the Zionists been telling them constantly that Iran is just weeks away from developing a nuclear device, how long have they been telling them they face another holocaust if that weapon is created, yet for all those years they have been saying that, the reality is that if they had been weeks away from making that nuclear device they would have had it already long ago.The fact that they don`t have it shows that this “weeks away from holocaust” scaremongering was and is a nonsense, it has the same validity as Blair`s “Saddam can hit the United Kingdom in 45 minutes”, none at all, but it doesn`t half work well in putting fear and panic into the minds of the populace though does it not.

    Why on earth would Iran launch a nuclear strike against Israel? They would know full well what you or I would too when we think logically about it, if Iran made such a strike Russia would not be able to condone or back their position at all, if they made that nuclear strike then the west would annihilate Iran in response, it is logically inconceivable that Iran would launch this nuclear strike that Netanyahu and the Zionists have dreamed up to drive fear into the minds of their people and maintain control with.

    Further also, given that the whole world knows that Israel has 200+ nuclear warheads and the apparatus to deliver them with, missiles and I believe 5 nuclear capable submarines too, that even makes it further inconceivable that they would and further makes Netanyahu and the Zionists claims even more ridiculous.

    When you dissect Netanyahu and the Zionists rhetoric of fear and destruction and the power base he has acquired through it…… He is the classic cult leader who maintains his flock in perpetual fear and anxiety in order to maintain his position through it, nothing more and nothing less.

    But yet at the same time Israel plays the perpetual game of the solitary oppressed martyr of the world, they have built up weapons of mass destruction to a level that is literally potentially whole world destroying.

    Let`s also not forget that Israel was certainly it would appear from the South African classified documents that emerged willing to sell its nuclear warheads to other regimes too, those documents certainly indicated that Israel was trying to sell such material to the South African regime. The fact that they continue to amass nuclear weapons and material unmonitored is frightening enough, the fact that they have shown themselves willing to sell it whilst being unmonitored, that willingness to sell it is terrifying because unless caught red handed we would not know whether they have sold and transferred any at all, we do not know what they have, accordingly how would we know if they passed any on to others?

    From every angle you look at this Israel is potentially a million times more dangerous than Iran ever could be. When will the world wake up and insist that Israel`s weapons of mass destruction be fully inspected, fully scrutinised and fully monitored?

  2. Nut-en-yahoo wants to attack Iran’s nuclear sites which would spread deadly radiation across the middle east and Europe and probably result in other Arab countries retaliating and bombing Israel’s nuclear sites spreading radiation across Tel Aviv. In Nut-en-yahoo’s thinking this is protecting Israel. If a country wants a former warmongering Army General as their president….just be careful who you choose.

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