New Glasses Will Trick Facial Recognition Technology And Protect Your Identity

True Activist – by John Vibes

Researchers have recently developed a visor that can actually block facial recognition technology. The new glasses called “Privacy Visor,” can trick facial recognition technology, and prevent cameras from tracing your identity.

The development took place at Japan’s National Institute of Informatics where researchers placed infrared LED’s inside of glasses so they would trick facial recognition cameras.  

privacy glasses“The Privacy Visor is the world’s first product with this technology. We are often told not to unveil our personal information to others, but our faces are also a type of an ID. There should be a way to protect that,” Professor Isao Echizen, one of the lead researchers told The Wall Street Journal.

The idea of the device came about as  Echizen discovered that Google face recognition technology was able to recognize individuals wearing five different types of sunglasses from various angles.

Face recognition technology is extensively used by law enforcement services, internet search engines and social networks. The technology also has been adopted by shops to collect statistical data about their customers for better marketing.

The Privacy Visor will be on sale in japan next summer for roughly $240.
This is just one of many creative ideas to avoid facial recognition technology. As we reported earlier this year, artist and activist Adam Harvey has intensively studied facial recognition software with the hopes of understanding how it can be undermined.  In his research, Harvey has discovered that people can trick facial recognition technology by adapting certain types of fashion trends that make their face asymmetrical and by covering certain key areas of the face that these programs are designed to detect.

John Vibes writes for True Activist and is an author, researcher and investigative journalist who takes a special interest in the counter culture and the drug war.

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6 thoughts on “New Glasses Will Trick Facial Recognition Technology And Protect Your Identity

  1. Looks like a Must Have….for most anywhere. Tired of all these Check-Out cams at Home Depot, etc., filming me, in my face.

  2. Go buy yourself a ball cap and get some IR(infrared) LED’s with a 9V battery and you will be set for much less than $250. Besides the cheaper price no one will notice if its done correctly. Another option is to purchase a ball cap that has the lights installed (on the bill of the hat) already for applications where a head lamp is needed or wanted. Just replace those bright LED’S for IR LED’S.

  3. Looks like another gadget that the elite can just counter attack by saying, “anyone wearing it is a potential terrorist” or just because the person looks strange and no one (who they consider to be normal) would wear such strange glasses unless they had something to hide.

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