4 thoughts on “New Yorkers Throwing their Trash to Mayor DeBlasio Mansion Protest Against Vaccine Mandates

  1. This is the video I was referring to in my unity is a scam pt2 video. It doesn’t show what he says in this clip, but someone in the crowd tells him to calm down. He puts that f-ker in their place. He’s a business owner here in NYC. Macs bar, it’s on his shirt. I was there, like he said, from the beginning when we stood against these violations of our rights. I’m sick of people telling me to calm down, or take it to “legal” fights or “noncompliance”. And so is he. This was not a violent action, but it is a show of the frustration that in my opinion will lead to them. And I made that video after watching highimpactflix say “this is fruitless”. As if he felt what this guy felt when their business was shut down and they were fined. F-k the slackers and naysayers. The time to be calm is long long gone. And it’s not coming back.

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