OSHA to fine workplaces over $13,000 per violation of vaccine mandate

5 thoughts on “OSHA to fine workplaces over $13,000 per violation of vaccine mandate

  1. I’m not a numbers voodoo or numerology believer. But why are these fines such a bizarre amount? This is more propaganda Psyence BS.

  2. As more and more people realize the CDC, NIH, FDA, etc. changed the definition of a “vaccine” as per House Bill 1865 page 595 out of 700 plus pages (well before March 2020 BTW) in order to accommodate the mRNA synthetic spike proteins being made by Moderna etc. (aka Bill Gates) in order to commit genocide…. Rand Paul’s questioning of FRAUDci is just the tip of the iceberg… And how many OSHA employees are actually going to carry out this nonsense, let alone businesses willing to carry it out…. And finally, if this is some kind of emergency then why did Biden “mandate” this in early September only to move the perennial goldposts now to January 4? As more and more realize We the People will have to deal with this ourselves…screw the “Supremes” (with apologies to Diana Ross, etc.)!

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