Night before the Dawn

Once one puts the trails of thread together, it leads to the obvious. The destruction of our America has been in the works for quite some time. Our founding fathers warned us of these possibilities….but we fell asleep. We, as a nation, have put too much trust in our elected officials to protect us from evil. But how can a society protect itself from the “machine”?

When the machine continually turns out, and allows enemies to educate our children. Working covertly then, but now openly, against the well being of the family, and its core values. They know they can ultimately win….after several generations.  

The shot across our bow, was the removal of God from the public square. This was Americas’ warning shot, the takeover, was in motion. Then the enemies of America flooded into positions of influence, and began to poison our society, as they continue to do today and nothing much was done to oppose it.

We as a God fearing nation are in the dusk, and entering into the night. It is here, while in the night, the darkness covers the evils that abound. It is here that the enemy will seek to consume us. We have entered into the Spiritual and Physical, battle for Americas’ soul and our very existence as a Christian nation. But we can have victory! And enter into the dawn of a new day.

Peter writes in, 1 Peter 1.6, that Christians can rejoice, even though we’re going through difficult times. For it is only for a season, for the Christian, will be delivered .

In the following verse, v.7., Peter mentions that there are purposes for trials. It is to prove our faith. For this will strengthen us, and show our faith is genuine, so we can come forth like gold, after the dross is burned away, pure and clean.

Our nation is founded on Christian principles, but we have allowed them to become eroded, and replaced, with humanities failed ideologies.

America can have victory over the trials, and horrors, of the coming nightmare by returning to God, thru Jesus Christ. Our love for Christ, understanding all that went into the plan of restoration with God the father, the “grace” and “mercy” that has been bestowed upon mankind, the opportunity to be set free from slavery and oppression……those who choose to accept it.

Even though we don’t physically see Our Lord, now, He is there, working in our lives.  Our love for Him will allow us to endure whatever may come our way. Our belief in Christ, knowing He is there, seeing him working in our lives helps us to grow stronger, and increases our faith. By believing in Christ, and following Him, we’re doing as He instructs us…..Following His word.

This will allow us to stand firm, for His presence and power, will carry us through coming night.

What we’ve allowed the enemy to do to us is create a separation between God and us. But we are to blame as well. We’ve allowed them to isolate, attack, and diminish our core values.

If America was to return to God, through Christ, and follow the instruction that’s found in His word, we can enter into the dawn of a new day.

As George Washington has been purported to have said, “ It’s impossible to rightly govern a nation, without God and the Bible.”

If we as a nation sincerely return to God, we can avoid some of the coming chaos that’s encroaching upon us.

13 thoughts on “Night before the Dawn

  1. Hopefully we’re not going to enforce any religious beliefs on people, but instead allow people of faith to practice their religion as they see fit (as long as such practice doesn’t violate the rights of others), and allow non-believers to not believe it.
    And although this nation was founded on Christian principles, there’s also indication that some of our founding fathers paid lip service to Christianity without actually believing in it themselves. (I know I’ll be attacked for this, but there are quotes from both Ben Franklin and Thomas Jefferson that raise some doubt about their faith)
    Jesus Christ, or the various authors of the Bible, left us with an excellent moral code and behavioral examples for everyone to follow and encourage, but belief in any Gods should never be enforced by law, because doing so can easily turn Priests into Kings.

    1. I definitely agree with ya on that one, too, JR. We all need religion as it helps us grow morally and spiritually, otherwise we would be lost and without hope and be the confused sheeple that many people are now. However, we must also be careful not to enforce each other’s religion on others. Like everything else, it must be accepted by choice, not by force. We are human beings. God, no matter what faith you believe in, has given us the ability to choose and think for ourselves. We are each unique individuals created by God and given the ability to choose our own fate. No one else. That’s what makes us who we are and that’s the way God wants it. He wants us to choose his path and follow his ways, but will not force it on us. It’s called FREE WILL! That is how we should live. Not by the government. Not by some fool in power who thinks he’s god. But by our own individual choice and FREE WILL!

  2. I stand with you on you’re comment JR.I have always tried to live by the ten commandments but my belief in God is my own.I will respect the belief of others as long as they respect mine.

  3. JR,
    I think both Jefferson and Franklin were believers. But these two men were also great thinkers and strove for deeper meaning in things. To speak of quotes that may be misconstrued, we must think in the mindset of the times to understand that they were looking for answers that seemed unanswerable.
    It’s the very clear and precise meaning of words that they used to form a Republic. We (collectively over the past 230 some years) failed to keep that. Republic until today and WE The People want it back!

    1. rhumstruck…this is not aimed at an attack on you brother….just shedding some lite here…
      Most fail to realize that they were NOT what we refer to as MainStream Christian Adherents. Like Thomas Paine,..they were Deists.

      This nation was founded on what seemed to be Christian concepts, but in reality was nothing short of French and ScottishRight Freemasonry where Lucifer( or the Light-Bearer) was their god.

      We cannot make the claim of Christian founding when its mans laws and not the CREATORS who are honored and Obeyed as Law of the Land. From the start even until today…

      Again…truth comes to light…we were sold a pig in the poke.

      If given the chance to start again……lets make sure its freedom “of” and not freedom “from”…..and for posterity alone lets make sure the STATE never sanctions any Religion.

  4. I will not continue this discussion, because at time like this, people of faith need their faith, and it would be wrong of me to say anything that causes them to question it (I’ve made that mistake in the past).

    I will however, express my hope that no “official religion” ever be established in this country, and that we instead follow the present constitutional practice of tolerating all religions, but not legally requiring people to practice or believe in any of them.
    People should be able to keep their religious beliefs, even if they choose not to believe. Punish crimes, and NOT thoughts.

  5. Communism is the religion that is being pushed day and night through the pulpit of TV and media. That is the one world religion of the NWO.

    Communism impoverishes the worker and redistributes that wealth to the elite bankers and their chosen few oligarchs while leaving a vast poor utterly relying on scraps from these scum to survive. Almost 20% of the population on Food Stamps in the USA. 65% of kids in Greece unemployed. This is evidence of the new religion for the masses.

    Obama told University students this week to overlook kooks that refer to Government (communist) tyranny. How is that for religion you can believe in.

  6. “If America was to return to God, through Christ, and follow the instruction that’s found in His word, we can enter into the dawn of a new day.”

    If Americans were to return to God, WITHOUT any middleman, by directly establishing themselves in the Pure Creative Intelligence that governs all the Laws of Nature, without some mind controlling priest/minister/rabbi/etc., ad naseum at the helm, then, and only then, will we see the Dawn of a new day.

    Otherwise, it’s “my religion is better than your religion, my God is better than your God, let’s fight over it if you don’t agree with Me”…back to square one. Besides, Christianity is a failed ideology. Don’t have to look far to see its massively negative side effects.

    (Just as every religion has good, wholesome individuals who see beyond the dogma created by selfishness and greed, Christianity has those who understand and truly live in accordance with the Laws of Creation. But sadly, they are few and far between.)

  7. Yes, America was founded on Christian principles.
    Some folks worship in many different ways…and that’s fine.
    But the religion being forced down this Republics throat, communism,
    must be stopped. For it truly is one of satans “many” religions.
    If a person acknowledges Jesus Christ as their Lord and Saviour.
    And His vicarious atonement for the sins of mankind by the shedding of His blood on the cross, His bodily resurrection from the tomb, the new birth through the regeneration by the Holy Spirit, and the gift of eternal life by the grace of God. One is truly born again in Christ.
    (If one chooses not to believe, that’s fine too.
    But I wouldn’t want to be him, for obvious reasons.)
    Christianity shouldn’t ever force their beliefs upon others, unlike other
    man made religions. If one lives their life, as encouraged by Our Lord,
    and being a GOOD testimony, living for the Lord. Others might come to desire that for their selves. That’s how Christianity works.
    When our founders used Christianity as a base model for our
    government,they new that it was the only standard that men could
    live by that would work.
    Only as long as GODLY men and women are involved in the
    roles of government, it will work as our founders intended.
    Ungodly men and women don’t live by standards, other than living
    for themselves. Selfishness, greed, covetousness, envy, and other dreadful actions eventually cause much unpleasantness.
    When corrupted thinking, and lost souls get in positions of power…..
    well, you see what we get. We get a rouge and undisciplined group of thugs. Just as we have now. Christianity revolves around the morals, standards, and conduct that Our Lord instructed us to live by.
    So all would be able to live on peace.
    And bring glory unto God in doing so.
    Others seeing this, would welcome the opportunity to receive
    Christ as well.

  8. Faith is a difficult subject to approach without stepping on someone’s toes. I have tried it before and failed, but I will try it again. There is no doubt that the laws of this country were based on the Bible, and I believe most of the founding fathers were Christians. Someone made a comment earlier about a few of the founding fathers expressing doubt about God. Well, I believe every Christian experiences that. I have come back to Lord after a 20 year period of trying to do it myself and have been trying to serve Him now for 8 years. I feel am a fairly intelligent person, and it is hard to completely give yourself over to something that is based on faith when you had a science/math based mind. I love to see the proof of things. However, I have no doubt that God does exist and He is still active in this world. Also, I agree we need to work together in peace, regardless of our beliefs. Jesus did not come to this world to bully people into following Him, instead, he met them where they were in love. People would see that love and follow Him because of it. The only times He got upset, it was directed at so called Christians who weren’t following the Way. I believe that is where we fail most of the times as modern day Christians. We don’t go out enough in love and meet people where they are. Instead, we try to cram Jesus down their throats. We need to bring them to the Word, then get out of the Way and let the Holy Spirit handle it. And European American, Christianity is not a failed ideology, people have failed Christ. There will come a day when all will see that when He returns and all will answer for their lack of faith

  9. Yes, Living a life of faith is difficult, and it’s hard.
    “Christianity is not for sissies” as I like to say.
    But, as we earnestly seek, and then develop, a relationship
    with God, through His Son Jesus Christ, we will receive the
    mercy and grace that will help us to have victory.
    Remember also, Our Lord came into this world and lived in
    the flesh, like us. But unlike us, He lived a sinless life.
    All the same, He understands what we encounter in this
    realm, the hardships, disappointments, challenges, doubts,
    and temptations, etc.
    And when we fail He is there to comfort us.
    He is just, and forgives those who ask for forgiveness.
    When we do have victories, we grow stronger, and closer
    to Christ.
    You’re all invited to tune in to The Liberty Bible Hour
    Saturdays @ 5-6 pm
    We’re currently going through Matthew Chapter 5.
    A series I’ve entitled, “The True Disciple – Who Is He ?”
    The show is live at
    Click on streaming audio Live 365
    Previous shows of Liberty Bible Hour are archived at
    It’s true, that it’s hard to discuss these topics with out
    offending someone out there.
    We should never be pushy, or insistent, or over bearing
    when sharing our faith.
    If someone doesn’t want it, so be it. That’s their decision.
    God doesn’t throw people into hell, they place themselves
    there by rejecting the FREE gift of salvation.
    It’s usually pride and mans selfish sinful nature that causes
    self inflicted peer pressure upon themselves, to walk away.
    Given the opportunity, share Christ, with someone, by what
    He’s done in your life. When I do, I see their eyes light up.
    For when they hear about His hand moving in my life, they
    become interested……sometimes, they don’t want to hear it,
    that’s fine too. And leave it at that.
    But you can still pray that they might come to see the light.
    We all have friends and loved ones that we would enjoy
    having them to come to Christ. But some never do.
    All the same, always keep praying for them.
    Psalm 18.46 & 19.14

  10. I agree about the importance of faith with regards to our present situation.

    It’s the unshakable conviction with respect to knowing what is right, and that God is on your side in it, that makes the difference. A person such as this does not fall for bullshit, and they will not be denied, whether it means merely suffering in silence, or more active insistence.

    Generally speaking, this is what makes the difference.

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