Zion in the US Implementing Old Strategies – No Sale

It is encouraging beyond words to see our people exiting the Matrix, literally in swarms across our country, and as sure as we can see this phenomenon, so can our enemies who are currently pushing to re-implement every facet of divide that has been used against us for the past hundred years.

It is crucial that we understand our enemy but we will not allow ourselves to be diverted through fanaticism that attempts to divide us through past conflicts of which we were not a party to.   

Was Hitler a Jew?   I really don’t give a shit.  He was a national socialist and ultimately a fascist dictator.  It is the system of fascism, along with that of communism, using the most effective control mechanisms of both which we now face under the label of ‘democracy’.

We know who sits at the top of the pyramid, thus who has financed the socialist insurgency into our country.  There can be no doubt that our enemies’ ideal contingency would be for us to attempt to dismantle their machine in reverse order of its construction.  But we are not going to take a hundred years to get our country back.

The system to be implemented is simple and deadly in its effectiveness, as every one of us will read, define, and understand our absolute rights and enforce them as individuals.

We don’t have to identify each act of oppression back to its inception, cross referencing all the way.  All we have to do is look at each present action being perpetrated and refuse to comply with any and all infringements.

I personally do not care how the infringement came about.  If we stop it we destroy it to its root and we do so very quickly as we enforce our law, absolute.

Do not be distracted by those who are trying to suck us into their divisive collectives.  We are the American nationals of the American race and we are of all pigments of skin.  All we have to do to be a united unstoppable force is to agree to enforce our individual rights as individuals.  We cannot be infiltrated and we cannot be dissuaded as we assert ourselves as the absolute sovereigns of this nation.

Stay on point and shun any and all who try to sway us from our course in present time by invoking Zionist created prejudices of the past.  We must put all our differences aside in order to retain our right to have differences.  Once we restore our Republic under our Bill of Rights and retrieve our wealth, I’m betting our actual differences will be minute, if even noticeable.

Together we stand.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

8 thoughts on “Zion in the US Implementing Old Strategies – No Sale

  1. “We must put all our differences aside in order to retain our right to have differences.”

    Very well put.

  2. You’re right, Henry. They continually divide and conquer and we have to remember not to fall for the same old tricks.

  3. We must throw off the collective passivity we have been accustomed to — depending on the other guy to do something about it — and for every time the term anti-semitic is used, respond a hundred times stronger with anti-gentile. The news from Texas about the Texas-Israel day is very disturbing to me, along with the interpretation by legislators of the Bible indicating the Zionists have rights to the Holy Land. The Bear is waking from his hibernation, and coming out of his cave more and more pissed off.

  4. We are being governed by immature schoolboy bullies, they always seem to work in gangs with a smug conceited arrogant look on their faces. Even when they appear on TV they surround themselves with soviet lackeys.

    The laws they write are always to protect themselves from the people by somehow portraying normal people as terrorists and useless eaters when these lying gangsters are the terrorists and useless eaters. Look at how CONgress is now seeking ways to legislate themselves out of Obamacare – one law to enrich themselves and the penal law to impoverish the good people.

    In essence they are criminal thugs that have hijacked us all.

    By the way if you do not like their sheeple poison GMO foods and wish to live without deliberate induced diseases then the solution is easy, simply buy their Kosher foods. Learn to love big brother. If all the sheeple do that then their GMO weapon of mass destruction project will have failed.

    Learn to think like them and understand the enemy, we can beat them if we think for ourselves.

  5. I just posted a comment on religion and find that the posting entirely disappeared.

    I think it is important to understand that the NWO seek A one world Government, A one world banking system and A one world religion as well as complete control over the food (Monsanto) and pharmaceutical (Obamacare) drug supplies to the people.

    The One World Religion is c o m m u n i s m and is taught not only in the state classrooms but day and night through the NWO Pulpit of TV and the main stream corporate media.

    Communism seeks to destroy the worker and distribute their wealth to the banker elite and their few chosen oligarchs (puppet corporations of the bankster elite) while creating a vast poor left utterly reliant on these scum for scraps to survive. 20% of the US are now completely reliant on Food Stamps, 65% of Greek Youth are totally unemployed – this is the new religion for the people of the world. Poverty (communism) you can believe in.

    Obama came out this week and addressed a group of University Kids saying that they should ignore the kooks that accuse the Government (the communists) of tyranny. Global religion courtesy of the NWO that you MUST blindly believe in.

    All the endless articles about “He said ,she said….he did they did……blah blah ,..let vote…lets go to court….abraham and hitler were jews…its bush’s fault…..and then the endless dribble by self righteous” Legal know it all’s” who speak of law cases about BS from 18an12 that no longer mean sheeeit today…these same ones who TELL US,…to go to court to fight and would never advocate picking up a gun……these same egg-head limp-wrist intellectuals who bog us down with BS…….CONTROLLED OPPOSITION!!!!!

    Yes Sir you are dayum right……and I dont care how many friggin nukes they have,(as one poster above stated)……..Lets git’er done!!! Today may well be a good DAY TO DIE!!!

    Thanx for cutting thru the Bovine excrement Sir!!


  7. “We must put all our differences aside in order to retain our right to have differences. Once we restore our Republic under our Bill of Rights and retrieve our wealth, I’m betting our actual differences will be minute, if even noticeable.

    Together we stand.”

    Hell, yeah! That’s what I’m talking about.

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