Obama Forms New Gang

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, CIA Director General David Petraeus , Attorney General Eric Holder, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, and Press Secretary Jay Carney, the top echelon of the US criminal cabal, in just four short years have proven the unbridled power the international corporate mafia wields within the United States.  They have been so corrupt in fact that they all are getting ready to resign, which leads one to wonder if those who lost the contracting war, which was in reality the 2012 election, are preparing to take revenge through a rash of investigations.

So how does a soviet premier deal with such matters?  Well in the interests of the country and the people, he of course gives a blanket pardon to all his criminal underlings and declares them off limits to any questioning under the guise of national security.  Problem solved.

Premier Soretoro is getting ready to start exercising all that unconstitutional authority he has been plugging in for the last four years and his authority must be unquestionable.  He and Biden have managed to insulate themselves from the treachery they have been orchestrating from the top by putting forth the illusion that their lieutenants have been running rogue agencies.  Bull.  The command and control is and has always been right at the top.  And I do not mean the office of the President or the Vice President, but rather the office of the Premier of Israel, King Netanyahu.

The Presidency of the United States has become nothing more than an insulator between the power structure in Tel Aviv and the Zionist insurgents in the Cabinet positions, the House, and the Senate that control the United States for Israel.  And the same can be said to be true of the Governors of every state in the Union.  This power structure cannot be attacked by those who would seek to break the Zionist stranglehold, as the worst case scenario would be resignations followed by pardons.

These people commit racketeering, fraud, and murder on an international scale and the worst they can expect is to be elevated to a higher paying position in another sect of the syndicate.  They will be replaced by a new batch of traitors who will commit new crimes which are actually just a furtherance of the old.  But this will give the international socialist insurgency a fresh starting point for their very short drive to a totalitarian military dictatorship in the United States as a part of the one world government, owned and controlled by Zion.

More outrages are on the way as the ultimate destruction of our Republic and our people looms on the horizon.  We the American nationals will now fight, not just for our ideals, but literally to survive.  All along the task has been at hand and in ignoring our responsibility we have allowed the problem to compound to the point that our actions will now be dictated through the necessity to survive.  We have done one thing right though, we have armed to the teeth and possess what is necessary to destroy our enemies.

Everyone should be prepared as the international elite can only spare a small amount of time before launching their next attack.  Housing prices are falling and the unemployment rate, even in the false reality, is headed up during the time of year that our economy is at its best with the harvest and Christmas season.  The dollar cannot survive much longer and when it collapses the world collapses with it.

These psychopaths will implement World War III in an attempt to keep all they have stolen.  We must reject their every action as illegitimate because it is.  They no longer represent we the people, hence we must let them know that they no longer wield the power of our nation.  It is time to refuse with force.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

18 thoughts on “Obama Forms New Gang

  1. My question has been, Why have we allowed this to go on? The power only come’s from, We the People, instead we have let this BS to prevail in this way. Murder that has been coming out of our government has been on going, especially from this administration. It is time, I feel that we the people is finally starting to open up their eyes, and I hope they are as ready as I have been. The Republic is calling the American people to Fight, and to Fight for God, Country, and Righteousness, and to fight with all the gumption of our Forefathers who provided the Best Country in the World, instead we have allowed this administration, plus former administration to usurp unrighteousness, corruption, lies, hatred, Racism, and murder, I could go on and on. What we have now is Not America, what we have now is the evil from the pit of hell. This has All got to STOP, so where do I sign, I am ready to follow, or to Lead, I am Ready for the sake of all.

  2. Michael I understand your frustration……..BUT,..way too many sheep are still asleep….and most will never wake up

    1. Hi Oldvet,

      I completely agree with you. Most people truly are the Sheeple-Masses.

      I am often astounded at peoples attitudes to ACCEPT the crimes of this cabel, these wanton displays of treason and outright destruction of this country,.. but that doesn’t mean that everyone is so accommodating.

      There are many who are simply waiting in the wings, biding their time, waiting for someone who can display effective leadership to come out, and give a rallying call to all Patriots.

      There are thousands, if not tens or even hundreds of thousands of Americans willing, able and ready to fight to retake our country,.. if only their was effective organization.

      The “lone Fighter” or “leaderless fighters” is wonderful concept, but it is the best kind of reaction this criminal gov’t could hope for, as it will allow them to pick Patriots off as they identify themselves.

      This doesn’t mean small bands of “leaderless” fighters are wholly ineffective,…. it just means they best serve the notion of trying to restore this country wiith their methods, in conjunction with an organized movement.

      This notion is similar to the partisan fighters during the Russian Revolution. Small independent bands of rogue fighters did proivide some usefulness,.. but it was really the organized elements that did the heavy lifting, and provided the real force of change,.. as always.

      So I pose the same question to you that I did to Michael above, and extend the same offer.

      If not interested,.. then you need do nothing.

      If you are,.. it starts off with contacting each other.

      Organization is something that comes later on.

      JD – US Marines – looking for Real Americans, Real Patriots and people genuinely disgusted and appalled by what is happening to our country.

  3. I think part of the problem is our educational system. They no longer teach government or much, if any, history.

    So I think this might be what we are up against here. Just my guess.

    We knew all about the last set of players in our government. Now we have to get to know about the new players on the stage.

    1. Hi Cathleen,

      You are correct.

      Much of this destruction was done using Brynasian Conditioning Techniques, coupled with the Manchurian Characteristics that were instilled via Mass Media, and false paradigms. The same system used by Gobbels and Hitler, and later studied by the CIA under MK-Ultra, and then employed on Americans from the mid 1950’s on.

      Actually, it is a multifront effort via:

      1) The Education System: It is now nothing but indoctrination centers, molding and shaping the minds of our children to conform to a totalitarian system of enslavement. – A key component of a communist system.

      2) Mass Media: Our so called, “Free-Press” was converted to the American version of the Joseph Gobbells Ministry Of Propoganda long ago. – A key component of a communist system.

      3) Progressive Taxes: By extorting wealth from workers and savers via an illegal tax system, it gives the government the ability to convert a nation of hard working, entrepreneural spirited people, into a class of supplicants (“Entitement” junkies), and destroy the desire to produce. – A key component of the communist system.

      4) A Private Central Bank: The Federal Reserve is a cartel of private bankers at the heart of many of this country’s, and the worlds ills. The Federal Reserve is actually completely illegal under the requirements of the US Constitution that only Congress has the power to create and regulate the value of our money, instead of paying a bunch of private banks, run by complete pyschos and theives, charging us interest for the “privledge” of our own money. – A key component of communism.

      5) Dislocation Of Nationalism: This is the complete destruction of single ideal of what being an American is all about. It is the deliberate destruction of singular common history (European), and single language (english) or a single purpose (being,…American). Hence the wholesale invasion of illegals into this country,.. and Ocrapo’s “legalization” of these invaders.

      Destroy the ability of people to feel being part of a single group, and you have destroyed their ability to act in a unified manner. – A key component of communism.

      The above are for the most part, the Blood-Letting-Stones that this country has been destroyed on.

      Knowing HOW they have destroyed this country is helpful for when,….if,…. we decide to stop it.

      JD – US Marines – Disgusted with what has happened to this country.

      1. Outstanding assessment, JD.
        Ultimately though, let’s not overlook the true architects of this ‘New World Order’, those wannabe
        ‘Masters of the Universe’, the Zionist AshkeNAZI so-called ‘Jews’. Many of them hold high offices in this country, and many more are incognito, known as crypto-jews (those who change their names to non-‘Jewish’ sounding ones). I know that you already know this,JD, this is for Cathleen’s benefit (if she doesn’t already know).

        Our so-called ‘government’ is just a cog in that machine, albeit a major one.

        Excellent article, Henry.

    2. That was the whole idea from the get-go . If you go to a Catholic school , what will you be programmed with ? Devotion to Catholisism ……If you attend a Jewish school , you will be programmed in Judaism …….Therefore if your parents are stupid enough to send their precious offspring to a gov’t indoctrination center , w.t.f. are they going to be programmed with ? Dependence on gov’t !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And that’s the problem . Too many people have been brainwashed to have blind faith in gov’t .

      Blind faith in anything or anybody will get you killed .

      1. Blind ANYTHING will get your ticket punched. Add the informants, provocateurs and infiltrators that are currently being indoc’d & the odds don’t look good. That is why now is the time to I.D. these fellas & stay away from them. The freeloaders are being bought with bling right now.

  4. Violence is not the answer. If there is one thing the federal government excels at, it is killing human beings. Ubiquitous surveillance means that organizations are already infiltrated and co-opted.

    The revolution is one of the mind. Work toward building a reduced energy, self-sustainable community. Government institutions are crumbling and cannot be counted on. Get along with your neighbor and resist emotional investment in the political process.

    The paradigm shift brought about by ever more expensive energy (especially oil) is being managed supranationally and the past is no indication of the future.

    A hard rain gonna’ fall.

    1. Oh Yeah….hugging a friggin’ tree is going to restore Liberty.

      If you want Liberty, your going to have to take it back because they aren’t going to willingly give it back to you. Want Freedom to do the stuff you describe? You’ll have to fight for it.

      I can see you’re one of those “in the rear with the gear” types who ride the coatails of true Patriots. Damn carptbaggers. You tree hugging swammies preaching this “free to hug a tree” sh!t added debt to a already broke Nation. Repeating the same crap over & over again doesn’t make it better. Coddling the criminals isn’t an option either.

      1. Outstanding Bentspear!

        Spoken like a true American!

        Bravo! Thats the spirit!!

        JD – US Marines – Equally offended by cowards, traitors and people unwilling to fight for their own preservation.

        1. Pisse me off to see this. I went into combat with a puke like Brisa wanting to “reason” their way out of fighting. He almost got my azz greased & couple of others got injured.

          When it comes time to do battle with these criminals, WE must be more ruthless than they, the criminals, are. Some of us WILL loose our humanity. A price for FREEDOM I will gladly endure in this life, short or long. Carpetbagging freeloaders with “can’t we all just get along” attitudes only clog the treads of the wheels of Freedom & Liberty.

          1. Hi Bentspear,

            Yeah,… I understand,.. diaper-wearers like Brisa are part of the reason this country IS a toilet now.

            I will give Brisa one point of credit, his/her (??) comment caused me to stop and think for moment about what would be the difference if both Traitors and Patriots used violence?

            It only took me a couple of seconds to deduce the above distinction,.. but it was useful to do, as I had never addressed that specific point before.

            Anyway,.. as for the use of “ruthlessness” when the shtf,….

            My attitude: Give the enemy no quarter,… bar none.

            Expect they will be viewing us the same way.

            Good luck Bentspear,.. I think the times that will test the souls of Patriots is almost upon us.

            JD – US Marines – Give Traitors No Quarter!

    2. Hi Brisa,

      Who said “violence” was the answer???

      Certainly not me, but since you brought it up, lets define when it is used:

      The Oppressor/Thief: Violence is used by thieves, liars, cheats and pyschos for reasons that may make sense only to their irrational minds, and their debased sense of ethics, morals and values. Typically used by the corrupt and immoral to steal that which does not belong to them, and or to force upon their victims, “choices” not of their decision.

      The Victim/Patriot: Violence is also used by the oppressed, the victimized, the innocent and the righteous when they are NOT ALLOWED to redress their greavances any other way! That is when the oppressors, the thieves, the liars, the cheats REFUSE to stop oppressing, REFUSE to stop stealing, REFUSE to stop cheating, and REFUSE to stop lying. The victim uses violence for self-defense and the preservation of that which is rightfully theirs.

      When all avenues of non-violence have been exhausted, and your life, the life of your family, neighbors, friends, and your country are on the line,… then they, the oppressors, liars, thieves and cheats are TELLING you,.. if you wish to stop them,… you will NEED to do so by the only option left, direct confrontation.

      It is by the actions of the immoral, the irrational, the dishonest, and the brutal that the response of violence becomes an inevitable one.

      The ONLY reason you can even sit here right now and say that “violence is not the answer”,.. is because there were people who FOUGHT for the right to speak freely,.. and even that is now under open and blantant attack by the PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge).

      It always amazes me how some people who REFUSE to fight, are the ones who typically make the most use of the rights that were fought for by others.

      Only you can decide if you fit into that group or not, and what it is you are willing to fight for.

      JD – US Marines – If you are not willing to fight for your own preservation, for your family or country,.. then there is nothing left to say.

      1. In a dream world of astral ascension and the Kaliyuga and the coming 4D…5D transformation where we all group hug and wish think away chem trails……..yeah violence doesn’t work there!!

        BUT here in the real world where people live and die everyday from war,…tyranny,…oppression…or just fuggin bad karma,….wishing and hoping for peace and harmony and the age of Aquarius aint gonna dayum happen!!

        You can hope, love and wish all day long that that wigger wont rape you wife and daughter….or you can grow some DAMN BALLS,…be a man and make friggin sure it dont happen…
        How? you say. Kill the bastard!!

        Human beings were created as a special life form…that much is true,…its also true that we were not created as mere door mats for whatever/whoever entity or human being who decides to shit upon us. Stand up, quit all the karma commy BS and grow balls and get yer dayum hands dirty…….

        KILL the BASTARDS.

        JD,…in your earlier responses to my post above,..you are correct my friend…….for all we need and desire at this point is Brave and Honourable Leadership………the ranks of the Warriors are legion…

        Sorry if my comment made you think I thought or considered the obtuse to be the fact

        1. I just watched some Charlie Manson about what he thought about Obama and he said -” Obama was a slave to wall street. ” Yes oldvet, I agree with ya and also with Charlie, but ” they should have wall street pigs taken out along with Obama! It would not hurt this country one bit “- as Charlie also said.

  5. I’d like nothing better than not to ever have to pull a trigger on a human again. Duty, Honor, Country. Simple words to some, some of the most difficult to actually LIVE daily by for those that know the true meaning. Those three words are covered in the Oath of Office that everyone takes when entering public office or Military Service. No “Blind Patriotism” here.

    If some think this criminal cartel that O-bummer is forming isn’t a threat to individual Freedoms & Liberties, then the Death Panel option of Obamacare is for you.

    1. Hi Bentspear,

      In reference to the above article, and your comment,… agreed.

      Normally when a President gets,… and I use the term loosely,…”re-elected”,…. (Uh-hhmmm….)

      Its because his cabinet help him to that success, and would usually be retained as part of their “reward”.

      Not this time!

      With so many rats jumping ship so quickly, or simply getting squeezed out (say,.. like Patraeus…),.. this tells me one thing:

      The people leaving were necassary to create the framework needed for the next phase of country destruction,… and now,.. Ocrapo is bringing in his henchmen for the killing stroke,… the final phase of the overt overthrow of America, the economic and financial collapse of the US,.. and the impoversment and imprisonment of large segments of the American population, AFTER,.. they have let the riots run out of control for a little while,.. and the stupid sheeple BEG the government for Maritial Law,.. and to take away guns from EVERYBODY,.. except the feds of course.

      Yeah,… I can see this ambush from a mile away.

      Pass the word on to your fellow Patriots,.. the time is almost at hand when Ocrapo is going to take this whole communist crusade to its,.. final solution.

      JD – US Marines – Trying to warn all Americans – we are near zero hour.

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