Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters

Examiner – by Robert Sobel

Following the destruction left by Hurricane Sandy, millions of New Yorkers have been left without a roof over their head and food in their stomach. Despite the efforts by many to donate food and water, their donations aren’t all being accepted.

New York City was one of the hardest hit areas during Hurricane Sandy, and the effort to get the city back on track has been nonstop. Despite his full attention being put on the clean up effort, Mayor Michael Bloomberg is continuing his previous ban on all food donations to homeless shelters for victims of the hurricane. According to MSM Now, Bloomberg is banning the food “because the city can’t properly assess salt, fat and fiber in donated food and thereby ensure starving people are getting the optimal levels of nutrition.”

This isn’t the first time that Mayor Bloomberg has been in the hot seat following the hurricane. At the end of October, the mayor planned to continue the NYC Marathon even though the city had been devastated by the storm. After backlash from residents, Bloomberg decided to cancel the race to concentrate on aftermath of the storm.

45 thoughts on “Bloomberg bans food donations to homeless shelters

  1. Is this guy delusional? What the hell is he thinking? Lets take away his food for a couple of weeks and see how fast he changes his mind. Nutritional content? How about idiot elitist content?

    1. Add no power/ heat/ water, to the no food… let HIM be cold, and see how he feels about having some hot canned soup.

    2. If this is true, or if it isn`t what ever – like I allways have said “where are the sharp shooters taking them out, and why are the people agreeing with this BS !! Why are they not just takeing over bloomburg and any other law maker punk. WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON BESIDES A BUNCH OF CRY ASSES!!!!! THERE ARE MORE OF US THEN THERE ARE OF THEM. PEOPLE -JOIN UP AND GET TOGETHER – EVEN IF YA DO NOT LIKE EACH OTHER AND FIGHT AND BACK UP EACH OTHER FOR A COMMON CAUSE. THEY ARE NOT THE FRIENDS YOU DUMD ASSES THINK THEY ARE AND THEY NEVER HAVE BEEN BLOOMBURG AND THE ONES THAT ARE THE PROUD F`N LEO`S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      1. HAhahaha,…..

        Hey Diggerdan,

        How do you spell “Insane”?

        I spell it, “B-L-O-O-M-B-E-R-G”.

        JD – US Marines – So,.. Sheeple,… hows that gov’t plan working out for you??

        1. HAW HAW HAW Yea you got me there buddy. HAHAHA. Damn good to have ya back JD. By the way they did that MK-ULTRA to me in the 60`s so I cannot say how that govt. plan is workin` out for me, but they know that I am not their friend!————–P.S. JD hahaha Yes they have been known to say that I was insane – but at least not criminaly insane like they are , ya know, LOL

    1. F. him – untill the sheeple does something besides cry about it is the day he is taken out. Just where are all these hard core sharp shooters old vet? I think that they are a bunch of f`n pussies that like to brag about being a shart shooter but when it comes down to business they are no where to be found.Everyone likes to cry about everything that they have lost and how cold and hungry they are but look at who theye put up with. . Bloomberg is a punk and every one who supported the snot is crying about it now! Sharp shooter where are you – are you chicken shit or what!!!

      1. Digger…makes me wonder old pal…..makes me wonder………too many Patriots/Talkers…talk lots of hollow shit.

        1. Yea, I know oldvet. It kind of bothers me too. I rilled a few fethers in the past and all it got me was a long time in prison. Now I just spread the word and keep the good old faith. I wake a lot of people up though, how ever there is a lot of people who thought that I have died back in the early 70`s and they still think that to this day. It is what they call being incognito I guess – very low keyed-, but with people over a big area. And that is why I would like to include those here with us but that is OK. Getting old ya know but I am not willing to give up!!!! – LIKE I ALWAYS SAY ‘ GOOD THINGS NEVER CHANGE BECAUSE WE WERE MEANT TO BE’ and that rings true to me now like it did when I was a kid – only now I am a lot more experienced and a lot more wise – or so they say!!! for many years I have tried to get something going and I am still trying. Much like Henry is. I do have a few very loyal good people but never enough. I would realy like to have a get to gether with us true ones ya know oldvet sometime. That would be like a dream come true I think!———P.S. oldvet – I know you voted and you got your canning results and I know it was what you voted for- the best damned canned food on the planet – YOU GOT SOME POSSITIVE RESULTS, better than any politition can ever give you. Stand tall oldvet and keep the faith – like I need to tell you that, eh oldvet. We are some of the best that ever was.

  2. ABC affiliate out of NYC ran this story, too. I feel for the Patriotic New Yorkers who have to tolerate this insane icon.

    Might work to a advantage when the starving turn cannibal and eat the elitists. Then the cannibals get that brain wasting disease & NYPD can try to improve their target skills, get over-run & there’ll be a new Zombie flick to watch.

  3. Wow! Sandy victims will be forced to go to the prison for food and shelter if they can’t get help at the homeless shelters. One wonders if they’ll be allowed to come and go on with their lives on a daily basis, or will the doors be locked behind them. This is just wrong what he’s doing … just wrong!!

  4. How is PEE-WEE STILL ALIVE!!!??? Quick! Someone cut off his little PEE-WEE!!

    Let’s see, FEMA (Fully Eroding Management Agency) and National Guard (UN troops mixed with what’s left of our own troops) both close their centers because of bad weather and now Bloominidiot won’t allow food donations to the poor. Wow. What a sick joke. This is sickening on an all new level.


    I hope these stupid sheeple will get up off their couch from their reality TV and do something constructive for once, rather than waiting pointlessly for Big Brother to turn the electricity back on, while they starve and freeze to death. I also really hope these people are starting to help each other and not relying on Big Brother. The best thing for them to do is survive and storm all 11 of Bloomberg’s houses and take shelter there and then storm Mayor Bloomidiot’s office and kick him out the window to see if pigs can fly.

  5. Henry, the original story has been “updated” to say he did this in March. Not sure what’s up. Pot stirring of some sort.

    1. He did start it in March. He’s been Enforcing it during Sandy. It’s an issue here. However, finding a local article that I could share was tough. There are stories that go much more in depth about current donations of food (such as pots of Homemade,Old Family Recipe, Soups from religious groups and families) being REFUSED.
      I guess you could say there’s some pot stirring going on. LOL

        1. Grandma’s Chicken Soup?!?! That’s Nor’eastern penicillin (or is that the Matso Balls). It cures ALL. LOL
          They’ve turned down others, but the synagogue made it “online.” Hmmm, imagine that.

    2. Pointing out that in March Bloomberg “Outlawed the food donations to homeless shelters because the city can’t assess their salt, fat and fiber content” is stirring the pot?
      This is his belief but what of it? They are trying to kill those last sparks of empathy humans feel for each other. Homeless are an easy target, and now there are more homeless, so what, who cares, as long as they are fed a vegetarian diet, we all feel better, right? Look at everything happening around us.
      Sandy in NY, in California it is Bill 37 going down, there is Benghazi, Petraeus resigning, Fort Hood Jihad is “Work place violence”, Parish Louisiana, the drought, paying farmers not to grow food, food land for “bio fuel”, shutting down oil drilling, DHS, taxes, regulations , executive orders.
      Everybody went into overdrive over Chernobyl but Fukushima is a big yawn? They declare radiation is safe instead.
      Is that any different than controlling the food donations for the homeless, and thus not giving them enough? Who cares?
      The noose is tightening around our necks..
      The Emperor has no clothes, but he has you convinced he does.

  6. Pee wee needs to have his personal chef cook for all the people since
    he is worried about food quality. This little man is extremely scarey and
    borderline insane, NYC, you better wake up.

    1. somebody needs to take pee wee out! LAND OF THE FREE – “HOME OF THE BRAVE ” Just guess who is talkin` and takin` advantage of that!!!, Pee wee typs maay be ???????????????

  7. He is so worried about them eating unhealthy, that he will let them starve to death first? Dictatorship at its finest.

  8. Don’t worry about it. God severely punishes those who harm the sick and weak. When Bloomberg falls it is going to be epic. The next big hurricane may take out his entire family.

  9. Explain to me how a person would allow a mayor to tell them what or what not to eat?
    try that here in S.C. and the fool would be laughed outta town……we are a bit “rebellious” here dont ya know.

    but c’mon?……….a friggin food monitor?………..and people put up with that?

  10. What a controlling idiot! WHO CARES? Those people are hungry. I’m betting that the salt content in a sandwich is less dangerous than something from a dumpster! Bloomberg needs to be voted out. We can no longer tolerate community and political leaders that have no idea what COMPASSION AND EMPATHY are!

  11. I’ve often thought as I collect my “cans” of food for homeless people that canned beans, canned soup, etc. is possibly closer to poison than food; but unfortunately packaged and canned food is more acceptable to food banks and shelters than fresh food. For this reason many churches have now opened up their grounds as public gardens that grow fresh, organic vegetables. This is a great idea! Also, we really need to start thinking of people with auto-immune diseases who cannot tolerate peanuts, gluten, and dairy. It’s hard to imagine that foods can kill people but they do. My daughter has celiac disease and I’ve begged her to store powdered gluten free food–it could be a matter of life and death for her. Gone are the days when any old thing will do in terms of foods. I guess I’m lucky because I still love plain old things from a can and I can tolerate them.

    1. Hi Kapoore. I hear you. My son & I are gluten & dairy intolerant and know for a fact that we couldn’t survive long on govt. food handouts in an emergency, so we store some GF foods. (Want a challenge? Try finding GF, organic, non-GMO foods to store). When we were first diagnosed, I cleaned out my entire pantry. And guess what. I couldn’t find a food bank or shelter in my area that would accept (canned, boxed) food donations from individuals.

        1. What it came down to was learning how to preserve my own food. I now dehydrate things like carrots, peas, corn, onions, garlic, bell peppers, ginger, herbs, spices, sliced fruits, etc. Some are from my garden, some purchased in season. Also stored big bags of rice which I can use for curries or hand grind to make flour. Organic nuts in bulk for nut butters, milk or flour etc. I’m still learning. Any suggestions welcome!

  12. banning (downsizing) sodas, banning homelessness, banning food unless government controlled.

    meanwhile, the hungry are dumpster diving for food. wouldn’t want the nutritionally starved populace to be fatter and more nutritionally starved than they already are would we?

    make no mistake, they know exactly what their doing.

  13. Always remember, Government always serves itself, trust in government is trust in the devil. You would be better off on your own in the wilderness than with any government help. Wild edibles and a little survival knowledge will keep you healthy wealthy and wise. (wealth not counted in FERNs)
    Geronimo lived in the wilderness for years on little more than pine needles and nuts while avoiding the US Army.
    Notice that the shelter holds only about 8000 people? Obviously there are many more people aware that the government is of no help and are helping themselves, because there are surely a lot more than 8000 people who are ‘homeless’.

  14. Bloomberg needs to be put in the shelter/prison.
    What a sick S.O.B.
    Where do these morons come from?
    Can Bill Gates prevent this guy from breeding?

  15. Wow, that is just horribly…. sad. People are suffering, eating out of garage bins and he won’t allow food in because of the nutritional factor? He has lost his mind. When I was in Oklahoma and an ice storm hit, we had no power for 15 days. During the worst stretch I fed my wife and 2 year old son oatmeal everyday until it ran out (5 days), I went 2 days without eating. I can’t imagine my son crying for food and Bloomass denying emergency assistance. I know exactly what I would do to thank the bastard first hand.

    1. Your statement “He has lost his mind” is incorrect

      Bloominidiot could not conceivably lose what he never had to begin with.

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