Mike Huckabee Damns the Poor

The sleazy, treasonous, puss gutted, two bit, Zionist shill, Mike Huckabee stepped up front and center on Fox News Live yesterday, calling for new welfare reform.   The treacherous little monster, talking out of both sides of his mouth, indicated once again that those receiving government assistance needed to be put to task, for their own good of course.

What you will never hear the dirt bag Huckabee talk about are the corporate parasites, who are literally stealing the wealth of our nation, while Huckabee diverts attention away from their crimes in blaming the results thereof on the victims.

Huckabee said there are those committing fraud to obtain entitlement benefits and examples need to be made through prosecution.  Hey Mike, you treasonous piece of shit, how about we the American nationals make some examples of you and your treacherous international Zionist cohorts who have stolen $46 trillion from us?

You won’t hear Huckabee talking about the fact that the international bankers bankrupted our nation through international racketeering.  Nooo.  He has reformed Jesus’ message on the mound from “Feed the poor” to “Screw the poor, we need more for war.”

Tell me Mike, do you really think there would be so many people on welfare if we had our 46 trillion stolen dollars back?  And what about you, Mikey, how much do you make a year paying no taxes through your 501 (c) 3 government controlled church status?

The international corporations based in the United States exist and thrive on US government contracts, which are the corporate welfare that represents the true theft.  You know, the criminals that sell we the people $200 hammers and $700 coffee pots through the corrupt purchasing agents within this corrupt government.  And even the entitlement monies that Mikey is so concerned about are being stolen 95 cents on the dollar by his corporate cohorts.

How about we make some examples there, Mikey?  Oh, but wait, that is the ruling class.  We can only make examples of the peasants.  The scum bag that steals a billion can’t be touched, while the poor man who embezzles a hundred dollars from his stolen estate is enslaved for ten years in a corporate Wackenhut facility, which Mikey probably owns stock in.

Be advised, Mike Huckabee, your name is high on the list of traitors against our Republic and you are going to answer for your crimes.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

17 thoughts on “Mike Huckabee Damns the Poor

  1. This piece of garbage is why Fox News is becoming unbearable to a majority of the public. He has been cutting down the welfare recipients since he has started to wear his tidy whities. Bitch slap this clown down to his knees and make him flip burgers in the camps.

  2. I wonder where all that anger comes from in Mr. Bee, directed towards those of us simply old enough to be the demographic to be battered about on the sea-of-insolvency?

    – At the age of 49, I was diagnosed as having been genetically epileptic (obviously since birth), and in 2010 I inadvertently drove off a 200 foot cliff at 70 mph. Since I had been “disabled” my entire life, but was unaware of my status, prior to the diagnosis and accident, I managed to carve out a thirty-five year career around the world, and presumably “saved” the government from having to care for me in an immediate sense for over forty years.

    – Now, after three and a half decades of being forced to pay into an organization in which I’m supposed to have a “contractual arrangement”, after an entire career of not being asked to participate, but being forced to participate in SS, should I not expect the promised return on my “investment”?

    – Yet, folks like Mr. Bee use phrases like “trough” to describe the flow of money from which my “forced investment” is derived…as though we forced customers of the Ponzi scheme had any choice? Some of us…some who knew the SS scheme was/is corrupt, and were smart enough to go out and “invest” in private pension and disability policies in order to guard against the defaulting federal government…even those of us smart enough to do that are going to get screwed out of our private investment, just as much as those getting screwed out of their government”investments”…?

    – Their derogatory use of phrases such as “trough” make it appear that those of us who want what was taken from us, and promised to us, are somehow “pigs” and is a bit biased. I want what was owed me, after having taken my money for decades against my will…just as I want the private protection I purchased, to protect me from the fraudulent government promises that are going to be be stolen from me. But then the government will simply allow the private firm to collapse and my investment will no longer exist, thus I will no longer have a place at the “trough”.

    – The anger is very misplaced. It should be directed at the thieves who have stolen all of our investments, and people should be using their incredible intellect to suggest ways to ease our way out of the fascist ponzi schemes they illuminate so well…without defaulting on the poor souls who paid into, and now expect to receive the benefit of their forced plan.

    – Especially those of us who will never be able to work again outside the home, and appropriately expect and deserve to be cared for in their disabled, aging years. We paid for it, let the politicians figure out how to clean up after all the corrupt mis-management.


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves-The Life of an Insane Family

  3. Mr. Huckabee, My dear fellow ”christian””

    Perhaps you need more data. Perhaps you could get the churches to help those in need, as your Savior directed. Perhaps you could start some industry so we who would work will have a job. Perhaps you can use your influence (? or are you mind-controlled like half of America?) to GET INDUSTRY created…..

      1. Agree. Zioturd at his finest. A Treasonous SOB that changes his colors faster than a Chameleon. Listed in the top 100 on the Traitor List.

        1. A Zioturd is a good description of that lizard. He needs to be flushed down the toilet along with the others like that snake. We do not need those that are like that. Actualy – pig fodder would not be out of line for that one!

          1. I wouldn’t abuse my hogs with such fodder. After his expiration date, go to the garbage dump like the rest. Maggots got to eat too.

          2. Yes, you are right BentSpear. I would not want my pigs sick either. The maggots, crows, ravens and vultures need to eat too. And the rats also – they are good for target practice.

          3. I know this POS by reputation only.

            That, and the skullcap, is all I need to know.

            Creak, creak, creak, creak………….

            Will someone PLEASE oil those trapdoor hinges?

  4. Every time I see Huckaweed’s face, all I can picture is that moment on TV when he was running for president in 2008 and Chuck Norris comes up and endorses him on stage and says that we all should vote for him for president and that there is no one who had more stamina to do the job than him. From that point on, I hated Chuck Norris and felt betrayed by a guy I once looked up to. So sad. I guess his Indian sixth sense is no match for the Zionist witchcraft. Typical. Now every time I see Chuck Norris, I just shake my head and look at him in disgust.

    1. Never liked Chuck. The best movie I ever saw him in was the one where Bruce Lee kills him at the end, “Return of the Dragon”.

      1. You know, I have always been told about that movie and surprisingly, it was the only Chuck Norris/Bruce Lee movie that I have not seen, yet. I’m sure I will see it some time.

        1. He had a studio here back in the sixties, in either Hermosa or Manhattan Beach, I can’t remember which. A friend who grew up across the street from me trained under him, and eventually reached black belt.

          1. He probably learned how to give everyone the Chuck Norris eye stare.

            Remember: Chuck Norris doesn’t read books. The words read for Chuck Norris.

            lol I still love the Chuck Norris jokes, though.

  5. More brave Americans need to step up and expose those who have sold their souls to the Koch brothers. Mike Huckabee, supposed Christian pastor, is particularly stomach turning. But the shocking thing is how many red state viewers gobble this poison up like some greasy chicken fried steak. Never knowing,incapable of understanding, that they are being duped by the devil himself. Arrogantly ignorant and loving it, they find an outlet for their pent up hatred by following Fox News. Which will lead them once again into destruction as did Jefferson Davis.

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