10 thoughts on “Obama Signs Executive Order On Ukraine, Declaring Russia A Threat to National Security

  1. My Fellow Patriots:

    The PIC’s (Pyschos-In-Charge), the Corporate Mafia, the Internatioanl Bankster, etc,.. have made it clear,.. they are going to push this Ukrainian issue to one of two outcomes:

    1) Drive up the price of Natural Gas,.. and other energy related commodities (This may be their whole intent,.. but my intuition tells me its more than that…)

    2) Actual Confrontation.

    This current action by this Enemy-Force-In-Occupation, and the annoucement by Il-Duce(bag), is pushing the ante higher (increasing the potential for military confrontation) is as predictable as the morning low-tide,… and its ensuing stench.

    Stand by for more of this,.. and Russian responses that will also rachet up tensions.

    JD – US Marines – These f’n pyschos may actually be trying to start WW3, using the Ukraine as the crucible.

    1. JD … I’ve been hearing rumblings in the background about this Ukraine issue being tied into some sort of a world currency reset. Whatya think?
      . . .

      1. Perhaps after the War, when everyone will be too weak and expended to resist. The missing piece in this puzzle that isn’t mentioned is China. They have already stated their support for Russia’s occupation of Crimea.

        Based on the USA past history, a World War will be necessary to explain an eminent economic crash. If the Central Banks were eliminated, there would be no need or means to finance a war.

  2. Just take care of your local traitors, drug traffickers, communists and shit stirrers. Have faith that the Military will arrest anyone giving illegal orders and the bankers and politicians are a whole lot easier to arrest in their posh fraudulently funded McMansions than a whole lot of angry, well armed Americans with nothing else to lose. Mass citizens arresting traitors and bankers and we should just put all the stupid Obama Fanboys and Lesbians in Fema Camps so they can “feel” safe sheltering in place.

  3. Russia is a threat to national security? Well then…that explains the Russian troops roaming our country. Uh, yeah, as said previously…check the mirror Jack!

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