Ocean Grove, New Jersey, Buildings On Fire

ABC News 7

The fire broke out at 5:15 a.m. Seven total structures were involved.

It appears to have started in the Warrington Rest Home on Lake Avenue, a former hotel that was more recently used by the state for housing. That structure was recently vacated by the state, the residents moved out, and it was under renovation.  

The fire then spread over a vacant lot, the site of the Park View Inn on Seaview Avenue, another former hotel dating to the turn of the century that was recently demolished. It then spread to the La Pierre Condominiums at 16 Lake Ave. All occupants were safely evacuated.

In the other direction, the fire spread to three homes. Two of them appear to have burned down. Unknown how many people were left homeless in those three houses and in the condo complex.

No injuries are reported.


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