On the proper response to Connecticut tyranny going operational. “Put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry!”

Sipsey Street Irregulars – by Mike

The night is gathering gloomily, the day is closing fast —
The tempest flaps his raven wing in loud and angry blast;
The thunder clouds are driving athwart the lurid sky —
But “put your trust in God, my boys, and keep your powder dry.”
— “Oliver’s Advice,” a poem by William Blacker, 1834.  


I was taken to task by several readers for my violation of Godwin’s Law in my letter to Darth Vance yesterday. My reply? “You know, if you don’t ACT like a Nazi, you won’t be mistaken for one.” The Connecticut situation, and especially Vance’s “un-American” and “I am the master” comments, have raised people’s hackles like nothing I’ve seen in a while. Everyone is trying to figure out how they can help.

I have been overwhelmed by emails offering military help for Connecticut should it come to guns. These emails also ask for any contacts I have in that state so they can coordinate with them ahead of time. Aside from the OPSEC considerations this raises for those Three Percenters behind enemy lines, I am unconvinced that this is the proper course for folks living outside that state.

My thoughts on the subject are contained in the email response below to one such patriot petitioner.

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Subject: Re: The Connecticut situation


While the dedication is admirable, I disagree with the OPLAN. I will be writing of this later today, but as my friend Bob Wright once told an FBI SAC in Albuquerque NM when he asked Bob if he would take his men out of state to the site of another potential Waco: “Why would I want to do that? There’s plenty of you federal sonsabitches around here.”

It is my belief that once initiated anywhere, including — especially — CT, the state trying to disarm its population would find itself in deep excrement instantly and would call for federal assistance. This would turn a nominally local beef (which actually it never was except in the same way that Lexington and Concord was a “local beef” in that it started in a locality first and immediately spread to other states) into a national one.

With the intervention of the feds in CT, the civil war becomes national and you — and the citizens of CT — are much better served by operating in your own AOs which you know and tying down federal resources there. Hypothetically, since the tyrants have taken the first shots they have relieved you of the moral responsibility for their deaths in legitimate self-defense, using 4th Generation Warfare tactics according to Three Percent rules — targeting warmakers and decision takers only, no OKCs, no terroristic “collateral damage” of anyone other than legitimate targets. A successful appeal by CT state authorities to the Feds would actually DECREASE the federal resources available to them by starting trouble in all the states — a national civil war. That is what is on the line in CT.

Bob’s statement to the FBI was wise. Actually, traveling to the scene of conflict in another state would expose those who wish to help to defeat in detail by means of the tried-and-true LEO tactic of the traffic stop, one car or caravan at a time.

Stay strong, in your own AO, and get ready for the fight. If it comes to CT, it will come to you. Trust me. Be careful playing with hypotheticals and OPLANS that can be used against you by the inevitable informers and agents provocateurs, and simply increase your readiness to respond locally to a national fight for liberty initiated by the tyrants.

“Trust in the Lord, and keep your powder dry.”



In addition to this, there has been much breast-beating on the discussion boards and blogs, similar to this comment (never accepted) on a post of mine regarding New York’s tyranny.

“4GW means that not only the “only ones”, but their families are at risk if cold should turn to hot.”

No. No. NO. NO! How many times do I have to say it? From the 4GW link cited above:

However, a 4GW civil war waged by men and women who are loyal to the Founders’ concepts would not fight an unrestrained Al Qaeda campaign but one specifically targeted to spare civilians and to target the war decision makers. The next American civil war will either successfully break new ground in 4GW tactics and techniques or it will descend into a welter of blood and massacre. Governments have a tendency to do that when they’re losing. The 4GW warriors who claim to represent the Founders’ Republic will have to require of themselves far more discipline and intelligence — no Fort Sumters and no Oklahoma City bombings.

Moral legitimacy is everything — from refusal to fire the first shots to thoughtful rules of engagement tailored to American circumstances. If all you do is become the monster you claim to fight, you’ve lost before you’ve begun.

Be smart. Be prepared. Train harder. See to your logistics — and to your own AO. Put your trust in God, my boys (and girls), and keep your powder dry. Keep your wits, and your restraint about you. It will pay off in the end, should this tyrannical power grab come to guns, Lord forbid.





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