Ontario Premier Orders GiveSendGo To Freeze Funds For Anti-Mandate Protesters

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Less than a week after GoFundMe, at the behest of the Mayor of Ottawa and Justin Trudeau, summarily closed their fundraiser which had exceeded $10 million, Ontario’s Premier, Doug Ford, has issued an order that essentially freezes any funds that have been raised thus far from the alternate crowdsourcing site ‘GiveSendGo’. 

As April McAbee reports via CitizenStringer.com, the order specifically states that the fundraising platform Give Send Go is prohibited from doing anything with the funds.

Statement from the Office of the Premier of Ontario

“Today, the Attorney General brought an application in the Superior Court of Justice for an order pursuant to section 490.8 of the Criminal Code prohibiting any person from disposing of, or otherwise dealing with, in any manner whatsoever, any and all monetary donations made through the Freedom Convoy 2022 and Adopt-a-Trucker campaign pages on the GiveSendGo online fundraising platform.

This afternoon, the order was issued. It binds any and all parties with possession or control over these donations.”

Ivana Yelich

Executive Director of Media Relations Office of the Premier of Ontario

According to Katie Simpson, a CBC correspondent, “a spokesperson for the Premier’s office says this essentially means the funds are frozen for now.”

And the Americans are coming…

Give Send Go has yet to make a statement on the order.

In a statement on Twitter, GiveSendGo wrote in an apparent response to the court order:

“Know this! Canada has absolutely ZERO jurisdiction over how we manage our funds here at GiveSendGo.”

It adds:

“All funds for EVERY campaign on GiveSendGo flow directly to the recipients of those campaigns, not least of which is The Freedom Convoy campaign.”

John Carpay, president of the legal group Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, which is providing legal help to the Freedom Convoy organizers, told The Epoch Times that their lawyers are looking into the issue.

In a statement on Monday when the company agreed to host the fundraiser, the platform stated, “GiveSendGo stands for hope and freedom. We recognize the freedoms we have are God-given, not authorized by governments, but rather freedoms that ought to be protected by our governments.”

The GiveSendGo fundraiser had raised almost 8.5 million dollars at the time the order was issued.

Just as Mark Jeftovic exclaimed last week, this proves bitcoin’s use-case, and just as we anticipated, it looks like a crypto-based crowd-funding platform Tallycoin remains as a method for Canadian truckers re-route their donations to help support the people on the front lines of the protest.

Anybody interested in the new platform can donate as little as a single Satoshi (presently, about 2,400 satoshis make up $1), and the fundraiser has a target of 2,100,000,000, and has raise 1.594 billion Sats so far (around $700,000).

The fundraiser on Tallycoin has the following message affixed to it:

“The Canadian Bitcoin community would like to have a second financial access point for #FreedomConvoy2022. Legacy financial infrastructure can sometimes be politicized and clamped down upon, whereas Bitcoin is a truly censorship resistant method of communicating value. Don’t allow your voices to be silenced, and don’t allow your financial sovereignty to be trampled upon.

Love, unity and freedom – let’s raise some hard money for hard workers!”

As Jeftovic explainedneedless to say Bitcoin fixes this.

Today it is GoFundMe. In the future, when central banks roll out Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs), it’ll be all economic activity that falls within the purview of national and Supra-national government and bureaucracy.

When those days arrive, everybody who will be reliant on government economic entitlements will be enduring a type of neo-Fuedalism: veritably digital slavery.

…Donating to #FreedomConvoy? Listening to Joe Rogan Experience? Those aren’t approved activities. That’ll cost you some demerits.


6 thoughts on “Ontario Premier Orders GiveSendGo To Freeze Funds For Anti-Mandate Protesters

    1. That’s the issue with alternative media…it’s nearly all controlled opposition. I have never listened to Rogan, and stopped listening to AJ when he said ‘the Arabs control Hollywood’ (one of the stupidest things I ever heard!). Thank God for Henry and FTTWR!

  1. In the beginning, JCFCF seemed to be aiding Canadians in need of legal help to have their fines dropped, or to get their jobs back. Now, I’m beginning to see that it is keeping the lawyers employed (no vax mandates for them!) as everyone else whose lives have been attacked, scramble to get back on their feet! Now, they are capitalizing on the truckers! In an AM800 (radio station) article, I just now read that an Ontario court order was successful at freezing the givesendgo funds. More lawyers are getting rich on the desparation of, not only the people fighting for their lives, but the truckers, who drove across the country to help save them!

  2. Has no authority to order any company to do this
    And they should have told him so
    Now they are traitors too
    And should feel the pain of a traitor

  3. All it takes is one small word spoken very confidently & ALL the BS starts ending quickly… “NO!”

    Anyone who tries to “order” another human being to do anything deserves to be at the very least kerb-stomped with prejudice so that no more orders can ever be uttered again! Yes, that’s anger & yes, that’s righteous!

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