After Two Years Of Destroying MI Economy With Tyrannical COVID Lockdowns and Restrictions…Gov Whitmer Tells Canadian Leaders To Shut Down Trucker Protest At Ambassador Bridge to Save Economy

100% Fed Up – by Patty McMurray

One of the busiest international borders, carrying approximately $3.2 million in trade per day, is still partially shut down by the Canadian Trucker Freedom Convoy as the brave truckers continue their fight for freedom from COVID restrictions and mandates.

Michigan’s unpopular Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer is now reaching her iron fist across the US border into Canada as she attempts to force her will on the peaceful Canadian truckers and their supporters.

The woman who intentionally placed COVID-positive patients into nursing homes and assisted living centers with some of the most vulnerable citizens in her state while destroying the livelihoods of millions of Michigan, including tens of thousands of business owners with her draconian, unscientific lockdowns, is now telling Canadian officials how to deal with peaceful protesters who are simply demanding freedom from COVID mandates and restrictions in Canada.

For over two years, Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer allowed the economy in Michigan to be destroyed as a result of her draconian lockdowns.

Michigan is currently #6 in the nation for citizens fleeing the state for a better life. And now, only nine months out from the 2022 midterm elections, when Democrat Governor Gretchen Whitmer will likely be replaced by one of several competent Republican gubernatorial candidates, Whitmer has suddenly taken a keen interest in Michigan’s economy.

Moments ago, the lockdown queen issued a statement to Canada’s local, provincial, and national government officials, demanding they deal with the protesters. “My message is simple,” she says. “Reopen the traffic on the bridge.”

Of course, anyone who’s been watching the brilliant plan by truckers to restore their freedoms as one province after another caves and removes COVID restrictions and mandates can see that Whitmer’s demand is as ridiculous as her “fix the damn roads” exclamation.

Whitmer’s demands will likely get a similar response to requests made of truckers and their supporters by Canadian officials and law enforcement to shut it down…


For the fourth day, the Ambassador Bridge continues to be barricaded by Canadian truckers, blocking off traffic from Detroit into Windsor, Ontario.

The Blue Water Bridge, a twin-span border crossing, backs up for miles as all traffic into Canada is redirected there. Earlier today, the backups were reported to be more than 10 miles long.

Watch the videos showing the major Bue Water Bridge backup.

Auto manufacturing plants are being forced to shut down assembly line plants over the shutdown of the Ambassador Bridge and backup at alternative border crossings.

The rest is here:100% Fed Up

10 thoughts on “After Two Years Of Destroying MI Economy With Tyrannical COVID Lockdowns and Restrictions…Gov Whitmer Tells Canadian Leaders To Shut Down Trucker Protest At Ambassador Bridge to Save Economy

  1. She’s scared
    And doesn’t want it spilling over into her State
    Too late bitch !
    Just shutting down a bridge doesn’t stop a protest developing on this side
    And from what I’ve seen in Detroit
    It’s already started

    Just stay in your walled “compound” that our tax dollars paid for , now you get to feel what it’s like to not be free , like we’ve all felt for the past few decades and especially the last 2 years

  2. We already know there are no democrats. No republicans. No elections. Each and every one of those American truckers should know the Bill of Rights by now, but they don’t, because they all work for the unlawful US Corporation! Their licenses mean far more to them than the freedom they claim to be for! The true American truckers stayed home. They don’t believe in licenses. No one is going to use their vehicles to crash through the walls of her ivory tower to drag her out by the hair for a speedy trial in a proper common law court and a quick and lawful penalty for her crimes. Oh well. Here come the horns. Let’s see who honks the loudest, keeps their country the cleanest and who shuts the border down the longest, as they flaunt their f**k Trudeau and GO TRUMP flags. Amazon got rich on all that crap! Notice that not one of those trucks has a Bill of Rights sign or flag.

    1. Good analogy. The truth can be a son of a bitch for sure. All this shit has been orchestrated to move the core off point but it is not working. Any time you use the apparatus of the corruption and rot, it is plain to see and stinks like the shit it is.
      And as for your other comment, they’ll try to steal as much money as they can while throwing this bullshit out there.
      If we simply enforce our absolute superior law of December 15, 1791, all of this shit goes away as the next natural consequence. It is what has to be destroyed if freedom and liberty is to prevail.
      Makes me sick watching this stuff as it is as plain to me as a stop sign on the corner. It is what it is and it isn’t here to help us, it is here to confuse, and as I began, takes us off point. We can’t allow that to happen.

  3. Someone posted a cartoon image on social media today depicting a rear end view of the judge at his desk with his dress pulled up. Garter belt, fish net stockings and purple spiked heels. Trudeau is begging it to issue another injunction against the evil horde of perverted truckers.

    Henry, the proof is in the pudding regarding how the fundraiser panned out. You got me back on point real quick. I should have known better with everything you have taught me over the past 3 years. Oh well, Maybe it helped get anyone else here who may have started veering off course, back on track and back on point.

    I’m always trying to think of creative ways to fight. I live at the border. I should invest everything I’ve got in printing out copies of the American Bill of Rights to hand out to the truckers and the demonstrators. I could use my son’s megaphone and blast your broadcast out into the air, but who would hear it over the horns? I can’t afford the printing costs. Here’s what I will do. I have all kinds of paper. I will make hand crafted cards with written on them. I will hand those out instead!

  4. I made 40 business card sized cards. On one side is Bill of Rights,1791
    Patriot Broadcast

    On the reverse side, The ABSOLUTE supreme, superior Law of We, the People!

    I’m headed into town, now, to seek out the parked trucks. It’s raining out there today. Let’s see what happens!

  5. Mission Accomplished. The first person I met was a man from Palestine. We had a heart to heart chat. He got the first half of the pile of my cards to distribute. What a beautiful moment that was! The next to receive a small stack of my cards were 2 beautiful blonde haired Canadian ladies wearing touques! We had fun with the f-bombs. They know! Finally, I made my way to a small crowd at the food tent. 2 cards to hand out, and just as I was handing out the last one, here’s the propaganda camera! I said, where are you from? ABC News. I let him have it. I went up one side and down the other. He smiled at me and said people call us lying SOBs all the time. I told him, how can you smile at the people and lie right to our faces? GTF OUTTA HERE! I wish I would have been on the ball and said covid has never been isolated as anything other than BULLSHIT! GTF OUT OF MY COUNTRY! I wish I could have taken that camera and shoved it up his ass. I wish I would have remembered to say WTF do you never mention the BILL OF RIGHTS? My adrenaline was spiked to the max. I’m kicking myself for missing that golden opportunity. Anyway, lots of card stock to get the good of, so I will be making a new stack of cards to hand out over the weekend.
    The cops were blocking our side streets. One group was equipped with a big brown paddy wagon. Lots of police presence there. By the way, I didn’t have my seat belt on, and I was not afraid! Hahaha

    1. That’s awesome Diana! Wish I could have been there, especially to talk with someone from Palestine…and you of course.. Good luck this weekend, I’m envious!
      My dad’s gone a long time now. He was from Thorold. Many of my cousins were from St. Catherines. They worked at the car plants in CA, I think Chevy and or Ford. My mom left the cornfields of Sask. at 16, all alone, she wanted to be a hairstylist and worked in Toronto, then met my dad and moved south of the border to upstate NY. I miss them so badly, the old school ones, from Saskatchewan, moved east. Then they fell like dominos. Only the new school cousins left, and I wouldn’t know how to contact any. I’m the only yank out of the whole clan.
      Well anyway, put on your “running shoes”, have a can of “pop” and get to ‘er eh?
      Trying to do my part too with letters to editor , beating back the Cali-commies. Killing me inside to watch lots of younger people dying or f’d up from these voodoo juice mandates, and we will win, fight from the heart, the pen or the sword bitches, take your pick..We’ll be “christian”…till we ain’t. Attitude thanks to Henry!

      1. Bob M , Thank you! Reading your story gives that human touch which I have so badly missed over these past 2 years, back.

    2. Listening to today’s program, I realize that the Palestinian immigrant man who received my cards today, might have a hard time understanding the immigrant part of the broadcast, today. As a Canadian who understands how the US Corporation has abused his people so badly, this cold, hard dose of truth, has me sucking up my own naivety. AGAIN! Anyway, I don’t mind sharing my part. There is more than enough of the richness of the land I live on, to grow the vegetables and share the bounty that I alone, can not use, and every year, there is always a surplus from the harvest. By my impression of this man, he did well here, and he is also more than willing to share, as well. I felt it in the conversation we had.

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