Ontario’s ‘top doctor’ says double-vaxxed people should stay away from triple-vaxxed relatives

True North – by Cosmin Dzsurdzsa

Ontario’s Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Kieran Moore wants double-vaccinated Canadians to stay away from elderly family members who have received their third COVID-19 booster shot.

Moore made the comments during Friday afternoon’s COVID-19 briefing alongside Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

A reporter asked Moore, “as a twice-vaccinated person with no symptoms of COVID-19, should I feel safe or feel it’s worth the risk to see a grandparent who has had three vaccine shots over the holidays?”

“I personally would advise you to avoid social contact with anyone older even with two doses,” Moore answered. “If you are going to interact I would do it outdoors with masking and distancing in place. I hope the weather stays reasonable across Ontario to enable that.”

During the press conference, the Ontario government announced a new spate of strict COVID-19 measures.

The new lockdown-like restrictions include an indoor gathering capacity limit of 10 people, with 25 people outdoors. Restaurants, grocery stores, retailers and personal care services are being ordered to reduce their capacity limit to 50%.

Restaurants and bars are being told to shut their doors by 11 p.m. Takeout and delivery services are exempt.

Food and drink services have been suspended at sporting events, cinemas, casinos, theatres and concerts. Additionally, dancing has been prohibited except for professionals or workers.

Alcohol sales are being stopped at 10 p.m.

Moore is well-known for his severe opinions about avoiding COVID transmission. In October, as kids were preparing to get ready for Halloween, he advised them to wear masks while outside and “not to yell” while trick or treating in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

“They’ll have masks on  – it’s just not to yell too exuberantly, I think the purpose of that comment was not to aerosolize and it’s just a risk reduction strategy,” said Dr. Moore in response to a question from a reporter.

“Clearly you have to make your presence known when you get your treat and you have to be able to knock as well as ask for the treat. We just ask not with a high volume that can potentially aerosolize. It’s an abundance of caution.”

True North

7 thoughts on “Ontario’s ‘top doctor’ says double-vaxxed people should stay away from triple-vaxxed relatives

  1. But what if I’ve had 7 doses? Does that mean I should abstain from contact with those who have had 8 or more? Asking for a friend

    I think Ray Charles is starting to see through this B.S. and he’s dead.

    Oh, and blind, too.

      1. Haha! He must be SO bloated from the saline! He deserves his discomfort. One more shot and he can qualify as his own ocean 🙂

  2. I ordered takeaway food tonight at my local takeaway (my once-in-a-blue-moon-sunday treat). Being someone with common sense still intact I drove down there, walked right in without a slave muzzle as usual, paid for my food, said thanks & all the other usual niceties & walked out to go home. EVERYONE else including the staff & other customers had their slave muzzles firmly in place. The staff were as friendly as usual & nothing more than usual was said. End result = I got my food as per usual. Interactions with staff was as per usual bar the fact they were communicating through their slave muzzles. All the slave-muzzled other customers just sat their watching as a free sovereign individual went about normal business WITHOUT a slave muzzle & WITHOUT dobbing themselves in via programmed self-scanning of QR codes, etc. Nobody caught “covid”. Nobody got sick or died from a “disease” that has NEVER been isolated. This scenario will repeat ad infinitum because free sovereign individuals continue to practice common sense & the dumb stupid masses continue to be duh masses (dumb asses). End of story.

    1. Great story, Ally!
      I love how you articulate your defiance! Here’s how my day went. I’m the only one in my family defying the mandates. Had to be chauffeur today, waiting in the parking lot at Wal-Mart. Had December 15 broadcast saved, so I spent the time with you guys doing my best to ignore all the maggot-faced, (the blue masks look a lot like a maggot, the way they unfold over the face) morbidly obese creatures all muzzled up, etc., ready for the slaughter. I was wishing I had a megaphone to blast Henry’s voice from my tablet, throughout the parking lot.

      I want to contribute to all the hard work here at the Trenches. I bought a gift card today at a different store. I needed to get the hell out of there quick, not realizing the cashier was supposed to activate it! Hopefully, in the near future, I will get it done in time for Christmas.

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