Operation Icarus continues, banking systems taken down, Chase Bank ATMs not dispensing cash

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The hacktivist collective Anonymous vowed to wreak havoc on “banking and other financial institutions” this week and quite possibly may already have as it has been reported by hundreds that Chase Bank ATMs are still not dispensing cash at this time and haven’t since Friday night.  

chase bank down

Now countless customers have taken to social media to hammer the banking cartel, who still is not letting account holders access their funds.

Additionally it was reported that credit cards are “double charging.”

Moreover, customer service workers and some tellers were reported to have left their posts.


As of 8 a.m. EST ATMs are still reported to be down.

Additionally due to problems in Kenya, Chase Bank customers withdrew $1.6 billion K Sh over the past three days causing yet even more turmoil for the brand.

Fortune reported:

Members of the secretive collective on Tuesday successfully hacked the Bank of Greece, an unidentified official at the bank told Reuters. According to the official, the hackers were able to take down the Bank of Greece website, but it only “lasted for a few minutes.” The bank’s security systems prevented any data leaks, the official toldReuters.

Still, it was an ominous threat that could have an impact on banks across the world. Indeed, an apparent Anonymous member said in a video posted to YouTube that members of the hacking collective have decided to attack “central bank sites across the world.” While the video didn’t say which bank websites would be attacked, it was noted that the campaign would last 30 days.

Anonymous said in their latest video to “expect us.”

Should cardholders be worried?


11 thoughts on “Operation Icarus continues, banking systems taken down, Chase Bank ATMs not dispensing cash

    1. Anonymous We are “Legion”
      That Could have an impact on banks?
      I mean really, who does this hurt?
      Article about ice agent from NYC who committed suicide and left a suicide note

  1. Let’s get this party started then, dammit! What, you guys just puttin’ a chip on your shoulder? I don’t see any major disruptions, can’t we, at least, see something that let’s us know your not just expelling hot air?

    Cash machine/Visa still works, dammit! Don’t roar like a lion then sit in the corner and emit a silent, but deadly, fart.

    Well, it looks like were gonna have to just burn ’em to the ground.

  2. Good news, you can’t even buy gas in town right now, I love it! Boy oh boy, are people ever bitchin’ :lol:! FU! Goddammit, I’m tired of it and I ain’t puttin’ up with no more, dammit! I officially declare, “#uck you and the horse you rode in on!!! I don’t know who’s F”N with me today, they always remain “behind the curtain.”

    I’m not implying anything towards you Henry, I got some F’N joos that snuck in a backdoor.

  3. Well, dammit, after everyone twisted the sweat from their towels, magically, your bank account reappears. Voila! Now, for my next trick, keep your eye on my hands! (as I molest your daughter in the restroom) Sickos, worst than attending your 1st “Boy Scout Jamboree”.

    “Yep, we’ll rub sticks together, don’t cha know! We’ll teach ya how to “bed down” in the wilderness, fight off the pedophiles, which we represent as “ScoutMasters”. Yes, see my fedora, you know I’m officially living in my mom’s basement, “sweatin’ to the oldies”, dreaming about next year’s jamboree!

    “Take two sticks, some dry grass, pile it into a workable fire heap, then get your bic lighter out scouts! There, that’s your lesson for today. Tomorrow, we’ll discuss strategies to approach a woman!”

    Remember the scouts oath? What was it?

  4. Yep, supposedly at the theater that I work at, customers were showing that they were double charged when they were not. All of them were Chase customers and when we called Chase, they said that it was happening everywhere but that they were trying to resolve the issue.

  5. Do you really think it’s a coincidence that “Anonymous” decided to attack the banks just as they’re all crashing anyway?

    The gig is up. The fraud we know as “banking” is over, the economy has ground to a halt, and they’re going to blame it all on this “cyber-attack”
    This “attack” is your tax dollars at work.

    Get ready for it. “Anonymous” is the cyber version of “Al-Qaeda”, and you’ll never see another dime from the banks.

  6. yeah but will they only take gentile money and not joo money with computers it can be done just saying,they’ll rob MR,Smith but not MR,goldstien, hmmm

  7. They just tipped their hand… again. Now watch what happens when those EBT cards stop working. Take a wild guess as to which bank runs those?

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