OR Gov. Kitzhaber Refuses State Obamacare Questions, Dispatches Police At Media

Published on Nov 13, 2013 by LaughingAtLiberals

It is now illegal to question the government.

“Is Cover Oregon an advertising campaign, or an actual program?” asks the videographer, while being shoved around by Governor John Kitzhaber’s security detail. “What do you think of the fact that Cover Oregon has spent more money on advertising and billboards than actually helping people get health care?” the video man continues. Governor Kitzhaber has no answers for these and other questions, as his signature state run Obamacare program and website have failed to sign up one single person, more than a month after it supposedly was open.

Just moments before, another video man was confronted by one of the Governor’s security guys and told to stay back because the law is “Me telling you to stay where you’re at”, then asks the video man if he has a gun:

Shortly after this, several Portland police cruisers and officers with bullet proof vests arrive on scene, and begin pointing at the 2 videographers from across the parking lot:

An obvious ploy to intimidate and silence the independent media.

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