Patients say sedative known as ‘booty juice’ injected against their will

Apr 19, 2018
A growing number of children and teenagers admitted voluntarily to North Texas for-profit psychiatric hospitals told WFAA that they’ve been injected with powerful sedative drugs without their parents’ knowledge.

6 thoughts on “Patients say sedative known as ‘booty juice’ injected against their will

  1. the poison shot cannot be pushed, consent is the only way ..
    as anyone’s consent , removes their liabilities …different situation in this video..but same RIGHTS being violated

  2. Yeah, and the longer they keep ’em the more money they make. And the more they poison them, the more they show themselves to comply with the control-machine. Ninth circle has an extra huge cavern for these child-abusers, and it’s extra, steamin’ hot there, with demons that perpetually poke red-hot swords into those who reside there.


  3. Unfortunately galen, like all religion-based ideas, that’s just wishful thinking to pacify the masses. I know you know it’s really us that have to do the pokin’ (and smashin’ & slashin’ & hangin’ & shootin’)! It’s a good image to imagine though 😉

    1. Ally, think metaphor. Or, art serving reality. I do know hell is here and now. As is heaven and everything in between.


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