Paul Walker: 2 Explosions Seen On Newly Released Surveillance Video Footage Of Crash?

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Update: Prison Planet has just released the first video below: Was Paul Walker murdered by a drone strike? A drone strike would certainly explain the 2nd explosion as seen in the 2nd video below.

Conspiracy theorists are debating whether or not the surveillance camera footage below which shows Paul Walker’s car striking a tree proves a conspiracy or an accident. What stands out to some is that there appear to be two explosions in this footage. There appears to be an explosion at the moment of impact and a 2nd explosion a few moments later. You can clearly tell that this footage is sped up by the speed of the cars that go by after the explosion; how much time between the two? The event takes place on the far right hand side of the screen. Does a 1st then 2nd explosion prove foul play or a conspiracy?

4 thoughts on “Paul Walker: 2 Explosions Seen On Newly Released Surveillance Video Footage Of Crash?

  1. Is the corporate mafia now using drones to send the mafia message? Jesus H Christ, what next? Don’t pay the vigorish, get the drone up the ass?

  2. I agree somewhat. This seems to be more like the MSM trying to use his death to discredit conspiracy theorists and the Fast and Furious thing was always a joke in relation to the scandal. But as I said, the whole incident just seems not right for some reason. Too much like Hastings death, but at the same time, I don’t know where they are getting this “drone strike” footage from. I don’t see anything in that video showing a drone. I think that is way over the top.

    As I said, the whole thing just seems odd, yet overblown and is basically being used as a distraction by the MSM to keep our focus off of something. This usually means the government has too much heat on them or is trying to hide something and needs a good story like this to blow the flames onto someone else (no pun intended).

  3. Searching for a “conspiracy” here seiously takes away from the credibility of those trying to spread the truth. People should just concentrate on the things that can be proved, such as the mountains of evidece of 9/11 etc. Stop dreaming crap up it makes us look like idiots. that person who might have been interested now is not.

  4. It does seem like the car detonated in an odd fashion. Seen a few car wrecks. Never seen one detonate a 150′ diameter. Hell iv seen a semi with fuel not detonate like this car did.
    BUT at the end of the day who cares about an actor or a car crash?

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