Pelosi: Why Yes–We’re Looking At Ways To Impeach Trump

TownHall – by Matt Vespa

Yesterday, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) held a prebuttal conference in the First Amendment Lounge of the National Press Club. At the presser, Pelosi was asked about impeaching Donald Trump, which is something that the progressive base of the Democratic Party is clamoring for Congress to do. With a solid Republican majority, that’s not going to happen.  

Pelosi added that she got grief from the Left for not impeaching George W. Bush over the Iraq War after the 2006 midterms, where the Democrats regained control of Congress. In fact, she said she never recovered with more progressive voters because of that, says that women who represents the progressive mecca of the country—San Francisco—and keeps getting re-elected with 70+ percent of the vote. She said that she and members of Congress were still unconvinced by the Bush administration’s case for war. Speaking about the run up to the Iraq War she said, “Perhaps misrepresenting the American people could be cause for impeachment. If so, there’s plenty of grounds right now with the current President, but it just isn’t the case.”

She still contends that there doesn’t appear to be a case for impeachment right now, reiterating statements she made earlier this month about the matter, but added, “That doesn’t mean nobody is listening to cases that are being made in a very scientific, methodical way as to whether there are grounds for impeachment.”

Still, it looks like finding for way to impeach the president is a top goal for the Left. Rep. Keith Ellison (D-MI), who ran to be the next chair for the Democratic National Committee, said it was on the table. In January, the Washington Free Beacon obtained a memo from Clintonite David Brock, which stated he would use his PAC—American Bridge—to set things in motion for Trump’s impeachment. Brock hosted a meeting of over 100 top Democratic donors during inauguration weekend.

The Trump White House faces perpetual war over the next three years, but I think we all knew that.

6 thoughts on “Pelosi: Why Yes–We’re Looking At Ways To Impeach Trump

  1. Chump just ripped the evil commie jewb#tch.

    Not that he’s any better… but someone needed to scold her.

    Bad lib… bad, bad, BAD LIBTARD!

    Now go play on the freeway.

  2. I hope they do impeach him. That’s not because I like the Democrats any better than Trump or the Republicans, but because chaos and disunity in the evil federal government can only be a good thing. It prevents those bastards from focusing as much on harming the country.

    Both sides of that squabble deserve each other. Let them fight each other, and hopefully neither side will win.

  3. I say impeach Pelosi, Waters and Johnson for being the three stupidest people in the entire country.

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