People Are 3D-Printing What Appears To Be Fully-Functional RPG-Like Launchers

Zero Hedge – by Tyler Durden

In just a decade, 3D-printed guns have come a long way from the single-shot “The Liberator” pistol published online for the world to download in 2013 by Cody Wilson’s Defense Distributed to a fully functional 3D-printable semiautomatic pistol carbine entirely printed at home to what now appears to be a rocket launcher-like device.

Journalist Jake Hanrahan reports Deterrence Dispensed, an online group that promotes and distributes open-source 3D-printed firearm blueprints, has developed what appears to be a recoilless launcher.

Hanrahan said it’s a “66mm recoilless launcher with shoulder rest attachments, allowing it to convert to a mortar on the go.”

Hanrahan shows another video as the recoilless launcher is propped up on what appears to be a bipod serving as a mortar.

He said Deterrence Dispensed called the device “The CANzerfaust.” They’re claiming the recoilless launcher only launches “drink cans…”

Last year, the online group of 3D-printed firearms enthusiasts developed a fully functional 3D-printable semiautomatic pistol caliber carbine for $350, including the printer’s cost.

YouTubers have taken 3D-printed firearms to the shooting ranges to test their durability. Surprisingly, these unserialized weapons worked pretty well.

One of the creators of Deterrence Dispensed, known as JStark, mysterious died of a heart attack after police raided his home in Germany last fall.

The Biden administration and the ATF are panicking about “ghost guns,” or in their eyes, 80% lower receivers. They’re likely to announce regulation on 80% lowers in the coming weeks, if not months. As for 3D-printing weapons at home, that’s going to be a challenge for the ATF to regulate.

2 thoughts on “People Are 3D-Printing What Appears To Be Fully-Functional RPG-Like Launchers

  1. Ha ha
    3D printing is a horse that left the barn a long time ago
    Can’t regulate what you don’t know exists
    And fckem even if they think they can
    Just print more
    Their fear is palatable

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