Petitions in Response to Bloomberg Evicting Zuccotti Park

These petitions were sent to us by Angel.  She also reports that the arrests are still going on. NYPD seems to be keeping them out of all parks. They showed up in riot gear to keep them out of Trinity Park (private, but fenced off for renovations) and right now they’ve arrested dozen+ at a park in Tribeca. They’re trying to return to Liberty Park (major gathering @ 11am EST) but are still being kept out (more arrests).  Bloomberg canceled his trip to DC today in order to block the court order at the hearing this afternoon.

Petition 1

Occupy Wall Street is being raided by NYC police, and the 99% movement is asking for everyone’s help. From Occupy Wall Street on Twitter:
1:10am: Raid happening NOW at #libertysq MOBILIZE!
1:43am: Call #nypd at: 646-610-5000 and respectfully demand 1st amendment rights!!
1:47am: The whole world is watching! Watch here:
2:15am: If you can’t make it to #libertysq, #occupy Foley Square! See you there!
I just called the number above, and it’s pretty busy. Good! it’s really important that people keep calling. Here are some other numbers.
NYC Mayor: 212-639-9675
NY Governor: 518-474-8390
NYPD 1st Precinct: 212-334-0611
NYPD 5th Precinct: 212-334-0711
NYPD 6th Precinct: 212-741-4811
NYPD 7th Precinct: 212-477-7311
NYPD 9th Precinct: 212-477-7811
If you personally know any New York political leaders, please call them and ask them to take a stand against this outrage.
The people united will never be defeated.

Petition 2

Last night after midnight, the 99% protesting at lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park were forcefully evicted.

Tents and warm clothes and laptops were destroyed or confiscated. The camp was cleared out and at least 70 citizen protesters were arrested. Reporters were kept away. And when a group of protesters locked arms in non-violent exercise of their First Amendment rights, tear gas was used to remove them.

It’s time for us to make a forceful statement:

Protests can be shut down. But you cannot evict an idea whose time has come.

Sign our petition right now.

Last night’s eviction was the latest in a pattern of forceful evictions of peaceful protesters in the last few days. Austin. Portland. Oakland.

The 99% movement has changed the direction of the public dialogue in America.

It has captured the imagination of millions of Americans. It has given voice to everyone who believes that when wealth and power are so heavily concentrated in the hands of the few, you have a Democracy in name only.

That view is only spreading and getting stronger.

Whatever happens, we’ll keep demanding an economy and a democracy that truly reflect the needs and hopes of the 99% — workers, students, retirees, mothers, fathers, kids, decent Americans everywhere. Enough is Enough!
Sign our petition: “You cannot evict an idea whose time has come.”

Breaking update: A group of protesters have taken a new park in Manhattan at the corner of Canal St and 6th Ave. If you’re in New York, please join us there as soon as you can. Map here.

0 thoughts on “Petitions in Response to Bloomberg Evicting Zuccotti Park

  1. I signed both petitions.

    Occupy needs to start targeting the politicians , it is time their messages are taken seriously. They need a better direction before ppl start getting burned out by them. Make sense?

    1. I believe the change in direction being proposed is clear and you, my friend, are being led down the garden path. This new direction is what is being pushed in the mainstream propaganda. They are saying the protesters need to remove themselves from the streets and start latching onto politicians.
      You see, the strength of the movement lies in the fact that there is no command structure to attack or corrupt. The movement represents a freedom liberation army of individuals. When the movement is addressed every single participant must be addressed. If this movement changes and adopts leadership from either the false left or false right, it will be hijacked, just like the grassroots Tea Party movement was.
      The mainstream propagandists are trying to put forth the notion that the movement is on the ropes. Bullshit. The movement is growing exponentially every day and it is our enemies who are on the ropes and have their propagandists. both from the phony left and the phony right, all but begging the protesters to change their direction and structure.
      Stay strong and let both the neo-cons and the social communists know that they are our sworn enemies and that we will never join with them as it is our intent to drive them out of our country.
      Tune into The Word From the Trenches today at noon Pacific time where I will be presenting the logical solution to the attack on the protesters at Zuccotti Park.

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