Occupy Wall Street Movement – Time for a Counter Attack

Mayors in cities across the nation are ordering crackdowns on the Occupy protesters.  One talking head in the mainstream media said, “The Oakland police are working to keep people off of the public grounds.” We need to look at this situation.  Under our Constitution we are all supposed to be equal.  This means the dirtiest, stinkiest protester is supposed to have every right and consideration that George Soros does.  But what we see occurring is the officials, who are supposed to represent all of us equally, are sending street thugs to abuse the 99% majority of us in enforcing the dictates of the 1%.

The propagandists are citing as cause for the actions against the protesters, health and security issues.  They say crime has gone up 10% in and around the protest zones.  Could it be that crime is rising naturally as a result of a million more citizens running out of unemployment benefits?

I believe the traitors working in the local governments have been ordered by the corporate elite to have the protesters off of the streets by Black Friday as they are not going to allow the 1st Amendment rights of the people to interfere with their Christmas commerce in any way.  If we could get the American people of the American race to act in unison for our mutual benefit, we would boycott Black Friday.  I guarantee you this one act would snap these bastards back into reality.

We will win this fight through our numbers.  Our numbers are our greatest weapon and we have yet to use it to its full effect.

So what else in going on while the treasonous police attack their own people?  Well Newsweek is reporting that 1,500 millionaires paid no taxes last year.  Zero, zilch, nada.  One half of the top 1% received tax breaks and subsidies to the tune of $30 billion.  Where is law enforcement on this shit?  Well they are out in the streets beating on poor people.

Law enforcement reading this article, you had better think about what you are doing because you are among the 99%.  What do you think, the elite are going to just take what we have, and leave you alone because you are the police?  Look what has happened in other countries like Greece.  When they take your jobs, unemployment, and pensions and you go out into the streets to protest, the elite will send the military to beat on your asses for a while.  How are you going to like that?

To all the Occupy protesters, get out the petitions.   Recall the mayors of New York, Oakland, Denver, Portland, and any other city wherein the establishment sides with the 1% against the 99%.  These bastards have nothing but contempt for you.  Why would you hesitate in taking their jobs away?  These mayors are members of the Executive Branch of their city governments and are violating the Separation of Powers clause in issuing eviction orders, which are supposed to be issued through the Judicial Branch of government, hence the courts.  These mayors are acting as executive dictators and should not be tolerated.

As for you people who are in the 99% and are saying you want the protests to stop because they are inconveniencing your Christmas shopping, I say, Tough shit.  You do not have a clue.  You are nothing short of a bunch of moronic retards.  Keep helping the 1% who are trying to destroy you and you will find out what it is like to live on the street.

I swear, the whole 99% of us should be boycotting Christmas shopping.  In fact we should be spending Christmas Day shutting down every sea port in this country.  And if these bastards want to make a fight of it, we must show them that we can swing a billy club, wield a knife, or shoot a gun as is necessary to protect ourselves from them.

We are the many, they are the few.  99% vs 1%.  It is not even a fight but we have to assert ourselves.  If we back off one inch they will use that momentum to set the cause back six months.  This cannot be allowed.  We are in the right and no amount of propaganda can change that fact.  And oh yes, the propaganda against the protests is being turned up from both the phony left and the phony right as in the final analyses they are all members of the 1%.

We are going to take our Republic back and we are going to prosper once again under our Constitution.  Don’t get mad, get even.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

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