Police allegedly hold woman in labor at gunpoint for speeding to hospital

Police car photoKIRO 7

Ben and Rachel Kohnen were racing to the hospital in the middle of the night because Rachel had gone into labor, according to FOX 43. The couple claims they were going about 30 miles over the speed limit. When a police car turned on its lights to pull them over, they admit they kept going.

Rachel was terrified of having the baby in the car. She tried calling 911 to explain the situation, but she was having contractions and was so upset that the 911 operator may not have been able to understand her.  

Police set up tire spikes at the Fort Dodge city limits. The Kohnen’s car hit all four spikes and their tires immediately went flat. Police ordered the couple out of the car and onto the ground, where they were held at gunpoint.

Eventually, police realized that the couple was having a medical emergency. The Kohnens were rushed to the hospital where an hour later, Rachel gave birth to a nearly 10-pound baby girl named Hazel.

Mom and baby are doing fine. However, the proud parents may still face criminal charges.

The police chief, Tom Ritts, said that it is up to the County Attorney to file charges, but none had been filed yet. Ritts advised those in similar situations to call ahead for emergency assistance.


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