Police Beat Up 15-Year-Old

Brutality-CopBlockCop Block – by Ryan DeSantis 

Well, I was walking through a haunted house when someone pushed me; thinking it was part of the haunted house, I kept walking and almost immediately it happened again, but this time I knew it was not friendly. It was a big jacked security guard and he said, “Come on faggot, do something,” so I did. I unleashed on the security guard, breaking his nose and turning it into a water fall. After the commotion someone grabbed my arm; I looked and it was a cop (this cop was older, NOT a member of Cheektowaga Police). The cop walked us outside and separated us while he found the owner. When the owner came out, the security guard told them I was destroying the haunted house props and that was why he attacked me. While the owner was checking out the damage that didn’t exist, the Cheektowaga cops showed up because it was their district/area or whatever. The second the cop got out of his car and he threw me against the car, hit me in the stomach, and told me he was sick of, “f#@king punks like you.” At this time, the owner had come back out saying I was not destroying anything, I was defending myself and he had been having issues with his security staff picking fights since the haunted house opened.  

Well, the Cheektowaga cop didn’t like that; he threw me in the back of the car and off we went to the station. Being that I was fifteen, I had to wait for my parents to come get me while being held in a back room with the arresting officer. I was still had cuffed but around a metal pole attached to the wall like you’d find in a handicap bathroom stall. After sitting there swapping trash talk for about 45 minutes, the cop asked me if I was ready to settle down and said he would uncuff me; though there was a little trash talk, I made no threats nor in any way acted violent. The cop undid one cuff and barely had the second off when he yelled, “RESISTING ARREST!” and threw me to the ground as six, maybe more, other officers ran in and dog-piled me, punching me, elbowing me, and kicking me all in the process swelling one of my eyes shut.

Finally after about two hours in that back room, they released me to my parents with a court date a few days later. My parents had been waiting for almost those whole 2 hours during which the police were very rude to them. When we went to Buffalo later that week for my court date, there was no court date for me and no record of my arrest; they had me talk to some case worker or something who told me it’s unfortunate, but these things happen all the time. Apparently Buffalo/Cheektowaga, NY police beat up 15-year-old kids regularly and it’s just “unfortunate” and there’s “nothing much” they can do about it.

Ryan DeSantis


3 thoughts on “Police Beat Up 15-Year-Old

  1. He should get a gun and learn to use it
    so he can be ready for the storm that’s coming.

    At the very least, he’s learned what the cops really are.


  2. Trust me when I say, this has been going on with many police departments for years. I was assaulted by them when I was younger. Most do not want to believe it, but that is nothing new. It appears most do not want to believe they have been lied to their whole life either.

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