Police invade Texas woman’s home for warrantless 3AM ‘welfare check’

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PFLUGERVILLE, TX — A woman has filed a formal complaint after police entered and searched her home — without consent or a warrant — all to conduct a so-called “welfare check” on her absent roommate.

The incident occurred in the early morning hours of August 2nd, 2015, as Tori Thayer was home alone sleeping a few hours before her shift began at a local restaurant.  Around 3:00 a.m., Ms. Thayer heard noises at the front door and thought someone was breaking in.  

“I was ready to run for my life and throw something at them,” Ms. Thayer later recalled to FOX 7 News, speaking about the unknown intruders.  As it turned out, the strange men were four deputies from the Travis County Sheriff’s Department.  They began to demand information and whereabouts of her roommate, Carly Christine.

“She’s not here; she’s not in my house!” Ms. Thayer told them as she began recording the aggressive encounter.  “Where’s your warrant?  Gentlemen, can you provide me a warrant right now?”

Police ignored her requests for a warrant, as they obviously did not have one.  They barked questioned at her, as deputies helped themselves to a search of the home.

“They acted as if I wasn’t even talking, they kept asking me where she was and I had already had complied and told them everything I knew, at that point I was done.” Ms. Thayer told FOX 7.  “I couldn’t do anything and they just wouldn’t listen.”

Ms. Thayer insisted that her roommate had not been home in several days and that the police should immediately leave.  That’s when police grabbed Ms. Thayer and shoved her to the floor.

“Stop! Stop!  You guys can’t handle me like this!  This is against the law!” Ms. Thayer could be heard saying, as the video went dark.

Watch the raw cell-phone video here:

After Ms. Thayer was on the floor, handcuffed and humiliated, police finally gave the first explanation of why they had forced their way into her house.

“She [Ms. Christine] told a relative she was going to kill herself,” a deputy said in the recording.

“Why couldn’t you guys just tell me that from the get-go?” Ms. Thayer asked, while face-down on the floor.

Despite searching the home finding no one else, deputies remained in the home and continued to ask Ms. Thayer the same questions over and over, regarding the whereabouts of her roommate:  “Where is she?”

“I do not have any more information for you all,” Thayer insisted.  “If I did, I would cooperate.  I do not have anymore information!  Beating it out of me, throwing me to the ground, putting your knee in my chest, handcuffing me — none of this s–t will work,” she said.  “Please leave!  I have to work in an hour.”

Deputies continued the interrogation, and ignored her requests to leave.

“So… which room is hers?” the cops quizzed.  “Where does she sleep when she’s here?!”

Ms. Thayer filed a complaint and accused the four deputies of breaking and entering, as well as physical and verbal abuse.


9 thoughts on “Police invade Texas woman’s home for warrantless 3AM ‘welfare check’

    1. There is a huge pool of low I.Q. thugs that salivate at becoming a pig. Working (if you call it that) for 20 years then retiring. Killing some of these low lives will just open slots for other low lives to fill. The targets should be those training these pigs and t.h.e.y. (t=the h=hebrews e=enslaving y=you) are israelis following the directives of judaism. Other targets are those that wrote the tests that winnow out empathy, compassion and thoughtfulness and look for high aggression, lack of empathy and an inability to apply logic to actions. As well as the politicians that sponsored the bills that forced the use of those tests and trainers.

  1. Get a lawyer. File suit. Include in the requests for judgement that all of these men are fired and charged with assault and B&E. Add a few hundred $K to teach the local police and taxpayers not to allow this type of behavior.

  2. Breaking and entering, assault and battery, false arrest, etc., etc., these gestapo thugalicious bastards are worse than any “gang” or “terrorists” on the face of God’s green (well, once green) Earth!

  3. “Stop! Stop! You guys can’t handle me like this! This is against the law!” Ms. Thayer could be heard saying, as the video went dark.”

    You’re breaking the law. STOP RESISTING!

    Another clueless on enlightened.

    “She [Ms. Christine] told a relative she was going to kill herself,” a deputy said in the recording.”

    “That’s OUR job,” he concluded.

  4. An officer that is truly concerned about a potential suicidal person would knock on the door at 3AM and explain politely on the door step that “So and So” is reported by relatives to have talked about suicide, and because we just got the call we needed to move right away to at least make sure she is OK. Explain POLITELY we’re here to help if we can, and request that the home owner check on the “So and so”, and please let us know if everything is OK, as her relatives were very concerned. If not there ask where she might be, or likely to go because we need to follow up on this. Give business cards to the home owner and ask them to please give a call of the “So and So’s ” well being.

    All this could be done without entering a home. It does two things. It shows you are concerned and care about the population you SERVE, and are more likely to get cooperation especially if there is no threats of dragging someone off to jail or mental ward. In other words be a concerned human being for your fellow man, and not some government GOON.

    What they did was a horror!!! They need to be fired immediately, and then charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Home Invasion , aggravated assault, and a whole bunch of other things I haven’t thought of yet. In other words through the book at those cops.

    This sort of thing is happening more an more. I’d predict at some point it will culminate into this sort of behavior being widely treated as Home INVASION ,and the people are going to start stacking them up like cord wood. Right now it hasn’t sunk in to the population that we lost the constitution and we are now under occupation by a government as wicked and tyrannical as the one we started to shoot out of the colonies in 1775 and they need to be dealt with.

  5. For a welfare check? Yet illegal immigrants steal our money, take our jobs and are given government appointed offices and people still think we have a law and are not occupied by a foreign power? Come on, people. WAKE THE HELL UP!!! It’s right in front of your face! It’s way past time to fight back!

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