Police respond to mass shooting and bombing at Minnesota hospital

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Multiple people at the Allina Health clinic in Buffalo, Minnesota were shot on Tuesday, according to local media outlets. Multiple law enforcement agencies are responding to the incident.

According to law enforcement dispatch audio, homemade bombs were also detonated inside the building.

One suspect is in custody.

Watch live coverage below:

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2 thoughts on “Police respond to mass shooting and bombing at Minnesota hospital

  1. Why bother to watch a video when they’ll just blame “white supremacists”? I don’t have time to waste on this…. After all, they also blame huge snowfalls on “white supremacists”….

  2. I don’t know how other’s feel, but when I hear of the involvement of “Multiple law enforcement agencies” I get real suspicious that someone is lying. What a coincidence, I’ve heard for some time now that the usual freaks were planning explosive events. I won’t bother to watch the video now. Same old stinky stuff.
    The timing does make sense, they have to rile up the brainless against those nasty gun owning people. You know, the ones responsible for all the useless gun violence.

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