Possible Coup In Egypt As Country Prepares For Epic Unrest

Before It’s News – Mort Amsel

Troop reinforcements and armour have been brought to army bases near cities ahead of protests this weekend aimed at forcing the Islamist president out, security officials have said.

Clashes between supporters and opponents of President Mohammed Morsi erupted, killing at least one person in the coastal city of Mansoura.  

The troop movements accompanied speculation over the army’s role in the crisis leading up to Sunday’s protests. Islamists accuse activists of paving the way for a coup, a charge that the opposition vehemently denies.

Just 2 years from the ‘revolution’ that brough Mubarak down, Egypt is on the verge of an even more tense situation.  This time its sectarian in nature.  The military is still holding the trump card.  Clashes between Morsi opponenets and supporters have been occuring daily with several dead and hundreds injured in street clashes involving rock throwing and police.  Yesterday, 2 people were killed and over 200 wounded north of Cairo in clashes.

I think a coup is definately a possibility and will for all intents and purposes follow what Mubarak did.  It will be secular, it will be a military dictatorship like they had in Greece from 1967-1974 and it will likely be pro-Israel peace although you never really can tell.  Remember Egypt and Syria use to be one country, the United Arab Republic. Seeing as how Morsi cut ties with Assad, maybe a military regime would do the opposite seeing as how the morsi opposition is anti-salafist, anti-jihad and so forth. Thoughts? -Mort


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