Poultices and Their Applications. Barbara O’Neill

Published on Mar 4, 2015 by Max Bauer

Learn the simple but effective remedies of poultices made from such household items as potato, onion, charcoal and rags.

7 thoughts on “Poultices and Their Applications. Barbara O’Neill

  1. I’ve been watching this series of videos, and I can tell you from experience of working with some of the top naturopathic doctor’s in the world this information is a complete waste of time.

    1. I can appreciate that the poultice remedies may not work for everyone all the time however if you are referring to errors in her physiology lectures please provide corrected information. Thank you

      1. Hi Mary, my comment was not meant to be insulting, but in the interest of saving time (and I hate typing) look into the work of Dr. Peter Glidden. I was the part time host of his radio show on GCN, and in the last 6 years of working with him I’ve seen people overcome lupus, arthritis, diabetes and too many other chronic issues to mention. if you would like to learn more, you can contact me at mgpower@cable-lynx.net and I’d be happy to have a phone conversation about our methods.

        1. Sir, I am not insulted as the work you criticized is not mine. You stated ‘this information is a complete waste of time.’ Since you have not presented evidence that her physiology lectures were in err it would seem you dropped in here solely to promote a commercial

  2. Mary,
    Thanks so much for presenting this lady Barbara O’Neil. I have never heard of her. I’ve been diving into all of her video’s non-stop!! This has been a blessing to me in so many ways.
    For one, I am an RN and believe me they do not teach that Florence Nightingale was concerned about nutrition and that she balked at Louis Pastuer about his statement on germs. That was so enjoyable to here.
    Barbara O’Neil presentations have given me the confidence to turn my life around. Thank You ever so much!!!

    1. You are welcome. I was an RN. Once I realized what mediSIN is really all about well, let’s just say you can’t go home again. I am glad you have found her information useful. I hope you will pass it on to others especially your patients.

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