Power vertical: MiG-29 rockets skyward on takeoff


A Polish Air Force MiG-29 jet performed a spectacular takeoff at the RIAT airshow in the UK, rocketing vertically seconds after liftoff from the airstrip.

The demonstration of the jet’s power was filmed this weekend at RAF Fairford in Gloucestershire by a London plane spotter who goes by the alias TopFelya online.

Such a maneuver normally requires the pilot to fire afterburners on takeoff to give extra thrust.


One thought on “Power vertical: MiG-29 rockets skyward on takeoff

  1. That’s impressive. A little over thirty yrs. ago I was driving passed the SeaTac airport when I saw an aircraft do a barrel roll not 50 feet off the runway then go vertical just like this and hit the afterburners and went straight up out of sight. That was even more impressive. Must be one hell of a ride to be in the drivers seat.

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