Silent Killer: Russian Super Rifle VSK-94 Up Close


The ability to shoot in all weather conditions, as far and as accurately as possible has always been a major challenge to sniper gun designers, and this is where Russian master armorers have always shined.

Meet their latest creation – the top-of-the-line VSK-94 silenced sniper rifle — developed by the Tula-based Instrument Design Bureau, most famous for its high-performance GSh-series aircraft cannons, as well as for antitank missile systems and other excellent weapons.  

VSK-94 silenced sniper rifleThe VSK-94 is actually an attempt to create a less expensive rival to their special purpose VSS Vintorez 9mm silenced super-rifle.

The conduct of urban combat operations requires more compact, easily concealed sniping weapons and the VSK-94 fits the bill just perfectly.

It is light and, unlike its prototype, it sports a more rigid and convenient plastic buttstock and an altered iron sight with settings graduated to a range of up to 400 m.

One important component of the sniper complex is the optical sights – the daytime PKS-07 the nighttime PKN-03M, which offer the latest achievements in this field, giving the rifle an edge over its closes competitor – the US-made S-16 Grendel 7.62x39mm unit.

With a comparable effective range, the S-16 is 100 mm longer and 1.6 kg heavier.

The VSK-94 rifle is a simple and reliable gas-operated weapon. It has a long service life (at least 6,000 shots), irrespective of the types of cartridges fired.

The relatively low cost of the VSK-94, with its superior qualities, is also important.

The VSK-94 sniper complex came along at the right time and is now a weapon of choice for Special Ops troops both in Russia and abroad.

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2 thoughts on “Silent Killer: Russian Super Rifle VSK-94 Up Close

  1. I’m sorry, but looking at the pictures, it looks like a hunk of Russian junk. I am not saying it is a bad rifle, just that first impression is not good.

  2. they arent trying to sell it to the public, they dont care how it looks.
    i bet it’s very light, if it’s acurate then it does the required job.
    and i bet it’s cheap to mass-produce.

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