Psychotic Land ~ Conflict America – 2

Olive Diesel

Our beloved “homeland”? The word “homeland” is now synonymous with messed up beyond all recognition Mossad / NSA Democratic CointelPro 2014 Psychosisville…

Ask yourself or anyone else, “are organized stalkers violating the 1st and 8th amendments of the US Constitution a symptom of a healthy country with a healthy population and healthy economy – or not”? Before you wonder whether or not this article is “antisemitic”, ask yourself how you would feel towards the Mossad after they infected you with Morgellons Disease?  

One of the morning “talk show news” had an episode on women in tech companies asking their male bosses for raises “because they are women and therefore deserve raises”… This is AIPAC/Jewish CointelPro pit the males against the females “TV”… Nowhere did anyone say, “Take an online PERL and/or Unix Scripting course and ask for a merit raise. The TV program promoted raises based solely on male/female conflict. The men who drew more pay were portrayed as villains rather than as men who understood batch processing, C++, PERL, etc. The goal is the conflict, the weakening of men, not the female pay scales… Women in tech climb via the same tech skill sets men climb by. Two sets of rules are violating the rights of the guy who lives in night school.

America has a bloodless coup de tat’ underway via the Israeli Mossad and via the NSA Crime Syndicate. To write such is considered “anti-Semitic” but to ignore it out of “P.C.” is anti-Christian… The same ruse is used by the Mossad-oriented media regarding homosexuals – if one speaks out against tort actions bankrupting churches; one is labeled a “gay basher”. But the gay torts and lawsuit awards are a war on Christianity. “God loves us, too” (as in the Pentecostals just cut us a check for $6 million after they sold their church to a strip mall developer)…

The NSA/Mossad Democratic Complex’s war on free speech online is now taking down more webpages per day than the number of new pages than were once going up per day. Truth is being scoured off of the Internet, often by the likes of Dianne and Richard Feinstein. The movie about them and how they became so rich keeps getting erased from YouTube. Videos about women raped in the military and Veterans screwed out of their rights are censored off of YouTube often within minutes after being re-posted.

Sites like and routinely publish Jewish content but refuse content with a Christian vantage point; they also favor females over males. But it is only racism and sexism when Gentiles do it. When Rob Kall at opednews dumps 25 writers from his site he claims it is a “new direction”, etc. 75-80% of those dumped are male Gentile Christians. When accused of writer dumping every two-four years pre-election, he started dumping writers midway between elections. But the non-dumped are primarily Jewish females.

Some Christian Journalists are so fed up with Google, YouTube, OpEdNews, etc., they have started putting a “J” in front of the name (Joogle, JooTube, etc.). If the Jewish content on the web were censored the way Christian writers are censored, the inverse (public cries of foul) would occur. But nobody has the guts to call the Jews on their censorship of the Internet’s Christian morality and the causes of Christians in web media. Like TV and Newspapers, it must be Jewish or down it comes…

When the servile Christians in America (96% of the populace) see blatant anti-Christian cartoons, movies, websites, foreign and domestic policy in America – it is met with more servileness. Nobody wants to upset the Jewish applecart, lest the poor, pathetic Jews scream “anti semitic”. Look at the art work at the top of both Psychotic Land ~ Conflict America articles. The hands of the NSA, Mossad and in some cases FBI (CointelPro) is either backing the war against an entity or is supporting some overblown “rights” argument. Gay Rights in some part is just a pseudonym for the war on churches. Denying Veterans rights makes the strongest group in America weaker. The entirety of the psychotic national moral fiber is classic CointelPro Neuveau Millennium Edition.

Who profits most from the war(s) between the U.S. and the Arabs, America or the Israelis? The world itself is teetering on the brink of impending mass extinction events via Uranium and Bees, either could wipe us out for good and both are a perfect storm for human extinction… Hollywood’s answer? “Make more baby”! Hollywood and the NSA/Mossad psychotic complex are distractions from all of the real, core issues. Gotta make that last dollar for the multinationals just before extinction starts in full gear…

When I signed up to write articles at Opednews, I did not know what NWO was, did not know who Alex Jones was, and had no idea what Judaism was. The first of many times Rob Kall accused me of antisemitism, I had no clue what prompted him to make the accusation (I had submitted an op ed with links to In 20-20 hindsight, I was smeared with the catch-all label, “anti-semite” because my frame of reference in life was Catholic Irish and I did not know (fully understand) what NWO and prison planet. Looking back on it, my overall impression of Rob Kall and his inner circle of cronies is that they are Jewish Supremacists that throw the label anti-Semite around a bit too loosely… This article would not exist had not the Mossad/NSA infected me with Morgellons Disease and Campylobactyr jejune. To all the Jews who did not infect me with diseases, shalom. To those who ruined my kidneys, etc., rot in hell. Since you are so enamored with “race”, Black Irish Catholics are servile to none. But the NSA has studied people like me enough to know stalking us, etc., does not breed servileness.

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